Volume 2, Number 11 -- March 21, 2006
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A suite of products that migrates mainframe applications to Windows, Linux, or Unix.

· Graphical Look
· Browser Access
· NO need to redevelop
· Legacy Data Interoperability
· Customized, Real Time Reporting

California Software will soon be releasing the INFINITE zSeries suite of products for mainframe migration. Look for more details soon. In the meantime, check out


The Mainframe Workforce: A Leading Indicator for the Mainframe
by Dan Burger

Think about the IBM mainframe computing environment over the past couple of decades. If you don't think this star has lost some of its shine, you have to snap out of your reverie. The advent of distributed computing three decades ago and the Internet a decade ago changed the landscape. For the mainframe, it's been no glitz, no glamour, and a little glory as the mainframe has persisted. Still, it is not surprising that people still whisper: What is the future of the mainframe? READ MORE >


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Lift and Shift . . .
your mainframe and proprietary COBOL applications to Linux . . .
and dramatically lower your hardware and software costs, while increasing your agility.

Eliminate the cost and risks of a rewrite by reusing and integrating your existing COBOL applications with Web services, XML and J2EE.

Develop, extend and deploy your applications with Micro Focus Server Express and Enterprise Server.

Learn more at:


Top Mainframe Stories and Vendor Announcements

(zJournal) Hewitt Associates was one of the first companies to put the new System z9 mainframes into production. Less than 48 hours after it arrived, it joined the Parallel Sysplex cluster the company has. In this report, the manager of computer resource management at Hewitt gives his first impressions including an analysis of the relative CPU per I/O performance for all major CPU-consuming programs, using SMF 30 subtype 4 data. READ MORE >


(Enterprise Systems) Not so long ago in human years (maybe an epoch or two in the time warp of computer advancements), a popular data center strategy was to surround the mainframe with applications optimized to run on minicomputers in order to reduce mainframe workloads so the big iron could be put to better use on bigger problems. The new strategy is just the opposite. Bring on the new workloads and put the mainframe in the center of a distributed environment. READ MORE >


(ComputerWire) The cost-cutting campaign at Unisys continues as the company announced plans to sell its investments in a Japanese hardware and software distributor. Unisys hopes to pocket $350 million on the deal. READ MORE >


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SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 empowers businesses to leverage Linux and open source by delivering a scalable, high-performance foundation for secure enterprise computing.

· Built for reliability, it offers comprehensive functionality to power today’s networks and meet user demands.
· SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server also supports a broad range of hardware platforms and leading software applications.

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Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

March 27-29 -- Orlando, Florida - The Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services Best Practices conference is designed for organizations looking for ways to create an architecture for interoperability across disparate systems. It will focus on the key steps for implementation, the role of Web services, new models for building applications, and return on investment. Discounts on registration costs are in effect until January 27. LEARN MORE >


April 7-11 -- Chattanooga, Tennessee - The WAVV user group annual conference offers more than 100 educational sessions focusing on the use of VSE, VM, and Linux on IBM mainframe computers. The event also includes a vendor exposition. LEARN MORE >


May 7-11 -- Tampa, Florida - The IDUG 2006 North American Conference is an educational forum for database users across all platforms. The educational program consists of 11 technical tracks, each focused on a particular facet of DB2 usage. IDUG, the International DB2 Users Group, manages several DB2 technology conferences each year. The North American conference is the largest. A vendor expo is included in the event. LEARN MORE >


May 23-25 -- Secaucus, New Jersey - The Enterprise Information World conference will feature educational sessions on topics such as building and managing enterprise information management teams, increasing return on investment by cost effectively meeting regulatory compliance requirements, collaboration technologies and efficiencies, and the intersection of records management and security. LEARN MORE >


June 12-16 -- Atlanta, Georgia - The Transaction & Messaging Technical Conference features the most current information on the CICS TS V3.1 and WebSphere MQ family of products including tips, techniques, and business integration solutions. The agenda includes hundreds of sessions, a product expo, and certification testing. LEARN MORE >


Editors: Dan Burger, Timothy Prickett Morgan, and Hesh Wiener
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Delroy
Advertising Sales Representative: Kim Reed
Contact the Editors: If you have an inside story relating to mainframes, send
Timothy Prickett Morgan or Hesh Wiener a message through our contacts page.


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