Volume 3, Number 12 -- April 3, 2007
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IBM Replies To Platform: No More Compatibles
by Hesh Wiener

The legal dispute between IBM and Platform Solutions, which offers IBM mainframe-compatible servers, moved to a new stage on March 8. The battle began on November 29, when IBM sought to block the use of its software on Platform machines, largely on the basis of patent infringement and breach of contract claims. Platform responded on January 29, asking the court to compel IBM to license its software for the platform. Platform also alleged IBM's restrictive behavior was a breach of antitrust laws. Now IBM has not only responded to Platform's countersuit, but also significantly broadened its legal case. READ MORE >


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Top Mainframe Stories from Around the Web

(Enterprise Systems) Specialized mainframe engines have been quite helpful to the mainframe platform. In general, they handle system I/O and other processing, which allows other engines to dedicate their remaining (and more expensive) MIPS capacity to real data processing. In particular, they allow mainframes to run workloads based on applications that otherwise would not run natively on z/OS. The most recent specialty engine, zIIP, has been available for almost a year, but up to this point its impact has been minimal. READ MORE >


(SearchDataCenter) When analysts at Gartner suggest that mainframe shops migrate to "more modern application platforms" because they believe the skilled labor will become more difficult to find and more expensive to hire in the future, not everyone nods their heads in agreement and makes plans to pull the plug. Take a closer look at what's going on with COBOL programming, factor in Linux and Java, and consider that it takes fewer people to manage a mainframe system than ever before. READ MORE >


(Viador) A J2EE-based business intelligence tool for database reporting and OLAP analysis has been added to the line of native z/OS products produced by this vendor. It provides reporting capabilities from any supported Web browser with access to a variety of relational data sources including DB2. Features include a zero-footprint DHTML interface, open APIs, and a JSR168-compliant portlet to integrate with industry standard portals, such as WebSphere Portal. READ MORE >


(IBM) If your storage management plans seem to be plagued by some sort of voodoo curse, you might find to key to regaining control in two Redbooks just added to the Big Blue Resource Library. The first takes a look at tape virtualization for the System z environment with an emphasis on self-managing capabilities. It includes functions such as control of physical volume pooling, cache management, dual copy, dual copy across a grid network, and copy mode control. The second Redbook puts its focus on automated tape storage and backup via attachment of the IBM 3584 Tape Library. It includes a description of the planning, implementation, and migration tasks. READ MORE >


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Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

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April 23-27 -- Orlando, Florida - IBM system management products are the highlight of the Automated Operations Technical Council conference, where sessions are presented by representatives from IBM software development teams and their customers. The focus is on the mainframe environment, but extends out into the enterprise. The AOTC is a closed conference, with attendance by invitation only. Contact your IBM field representative for more details and an opportunity to attend. LEARN MORE >


May 6-10 -- San Jose, California - The International DB2 Users Group conference, known as IDUG 2007 North America, offers training and education on topics that include including DB2 for Linux, Unix, Windows; DB2 for z/OS; Informix; Java; Websphere; and XML. LEARN MORE >


May 18-22 -- Green Bay, Wisconsin - The WAVV Conference for users of the VSE, VM, and Linux operating systems, will include session topics such as z/VSE Version 4 features and benefits, SOA and interoperability, new workloads for the System z9 Business Class server, and integration of z/VSE processes into distributed environments. The event will be held at the Regency Suites Hotel. LEARN MORE >

Editors: Dan Burger, Timothy Prickett Morgan, and Hesh Wiener
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Delroy
Advertising Sales Representative: Kim Reed
Contact the Editors: If you have an inside story relating to mainframes, send
Timothy Prickett Morgan or Hesh Wiener a message through our contacts page.


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IBM Replies To Platform: No More Compatibles

Top Mainframe Stories From Around the Web

Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

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