Volume 4, Number 18 -- May 6, 2008
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Micro Focus to Acquire NetManage for $73.3 Million in Cash
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

In these times of tight credit, cash is without a doubt king. Or at least a knight, considering how inflation is affecting the cost of the consumables we all buy to live. Nothing demonstrates the power of cash more than the contrast between Rocket Software's failed $69 million attempt to acquire host connectivity and application modernization software maker NetManage, which was launched in December 2007 and withdrawn in March because Rocket Software could not raise the capital it needed, and an a $73.3 million all-cash deal announced last Thursday by COBOL and application modernization tool maker Micro Focus International. READ MORE >


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Top Mainframe Stories from Around the Web

(CNET) Steve Mills, senior vice president of the IBM Software Group, has this to say about cloud (aka on demand) computing: "The cloud as some amorphous concept that meets all needs and requirements is science fiction." You may wonder whether he knows IBM is a supplier to the cloud vendors. He knows it. And if you'd like to get him talking on the topic of multitenancy (multiple customers on a single machine with a single application instance), just click here. READ MORE >


(Information Week) Allstate is a nine-mainframe insurance company with a modernization program in its third year. Its claims processing applications are being revamped to include business processes and are being linked to its customer information management and other systems in its infrastructure. The vice president of technology solutions says information silos are shrinking and the total number of IT vendors is, too. READ MORE >


(ZDNet) Mainframe security can be a dangerous illusion. There's a growing awareness that although outside threats, like those that badger PC environments, are miniscule, mainframes are vulnerable to insiders--trusted staff with the knowledge and skills to be a serious threat. READ MORE >


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Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

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May 18-22 -- Orlando, Florida -- Users of IBM's Tivoli Maximo and Netcool software have their own conference dedicated to integrating the silo environments that are prevalent in many data centers and improving service management. Included in the event will be presentations by more than 100 customers and business partners and one-on-one meetings with IBM executives, industry experts and analysts. LEARN MORE >


June 4-6 -- Chicago, Illinois - The IBM Energy Efficiency Initiative takes center stage at the "See Blue, Think Green Technical Conference that brings together technical experts and business leaders. Sessions will concentrate on best practices in energy efficiency, innovative power and cooling technologies, and eco-friendly asset disposal services. There will also be technical sessions and hands on labs featuring IBM's most recent System announcements (including Power Systems, Mainframe Systems, Storage System, and Modular Systems) to present platform-specific topics. LEARN MORE >


August 10-15 -- San Jose, California - Service oriented architectures and the "SOA journey" as well as server virtualization and the benefits that big iron provides in terms of efficiency and reducing energy consumption are the key topics that will be discussed at the next SHARE user group meeting and expo, held in the heart of Silicon Valley. LEARN MORE >

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Micro Focus to Acquire NetManage for $73.3 Million in Cash

Top Mainframe Stories From Around the Web

Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

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Micro Focus to Acquire NetManage for $73.3 Million in Cash

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Operations Manager 2007 Goes Cross-Platform, Hooks Into Tivoli, OpenView

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Message for Windows XP Fans Seeking to Save OS: Get Over It

Beta of BizTalk Server R3 Expected Later This Year

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Sun Books a Small Loss on a Tiny Revenue Decline, Cuts Jobs

Solaris 10 5/08 Supports Legacy Containers, Xeon Features

Sun Taps Splain to Run Microelectronics, Buys Montalvo Carcass

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Vision Moves Product and Business Plans Forward

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