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Oracle Buys Tangosol for Data Caching

Published: March 27, 2007

by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Software giant Oracle last week continued to acquire technologies to build out its arsenal of grid and memory-resident caching technologies, buying privately held Tangosol, a provider of data grid caching software, for an undisclosed sum.

Tangosol's Coherence Data Grid software is used in clustered server environments to get the data sets that servers need as they run applications closer to the servers that need them, therefore improving the transaction processing throughput of the aggregate servers because the latency in data retrieval is reduced. Tangosol has billed this as "extreme transaction processing," in fact, and the company has sold some 1,500 licenses of the Coherence Data Grid product to more than 100 customers, mostly to big financial services, telecommunications, and travel and logistics firms where the slowness of systems can cost them money and customers.

Oracle plans to add the Coherence Data Grid functionality into its Fusion middleware stack, much as it has done with the memory-resident database technology that it got through its June 2005 acquisition of TimesTen. The Tangosol software will be used to boost the performance of clustered Oracle 10g databases and provide distributed caching functionality to the TimesTen product.

Oracle expects the Tangosol deal to close in April.


Oracle Acquires TimesTen for Real-Time Database

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