News While It's Still Hot

August 22, 2007: The X Factor: Economic Recession is the IT Innovator's Ally

August 16, 2007: Sun, IBM Ink Solaris Distribution Agreement for Servers

August 16, 2007: HP's Sales and Earnings Rocket Upward in Fiscal Q3

August 16, 2007: VMware's IPO: Converting Virtual Machines into Real Money

August 16, 2007: Citrix Buys Virtualization Challenger XenSource for $500 Million

August 13, 2007: Intel Cranks Out Two More Quads, AMD Sets Barcelona Date

August 7, 2007: Sun Polishes Up Sparc T2 Multithreaded Chips

August 7, 2007: Dell Partners with Red Hat to Push JBoss Middleware

August 6, 2007: AMD Gooses Dual-Core Opteron Speeds, Cuts Prices

August 3, 2007: Mainframe Vendor BluePhoenix Ready to Purchase ASNA

July 30, 2007: Sun Exceeds Margin Goals in Q4 on Flat Sales

July 25, 2007: HP Sells Heat Modeling Service to Cool Data Centers

July 24, 2007: Intel Sets Up 'Tigerton' Xeon MPs Against Future Opterons

July 24, 2007: VMware Puts Virtualization to the Test with VMmark Benchmark

July 23, 2007: HP Buys System Management Tool Maker Opsware for $1.6 Billion

July 19, 2007: IBM Creates New Power, SMB Server Divisions

July 18, 2007: IBM Turns In Its Best Second Quarter in Six Years

July 18, 2007: Sun Says File Systems Are An Important Differentiator

July 17, 2007: Intel Certifies Solaris on Its Carrier-Grade Servers

July 16, 2007: IBM Buys HA and Data Replication Software Maker DataMirror

July 16, 2007: NEC, Stratus Flesh Out Fault Tolerant Server Lines

July 11, 2007: Oracle Says 11g Database Is Better, Cheaper, and Faster

July 10, 2007: Dell to Improve Support for Small Businesses with Vostro Line

June 27, 2007: Top 500 Supers: Moore's Law Is Alive and Well

June 27, 2007: Red Hat Starts Fiscal 2008 with Modest Profit, Big Revenue Growth

June 26, 2007: Sun Gets Serious (Finally) About Supercomputing

June 21, 2007: The AS/400 at 19: Predicting the Future--Or Not

June 20, 2007: HP Promotes Transitive Tool to Port Solaris Apps to Integrity Servers

June 14, 2007: Intel Bangs the Itanium Drum, Draws Out Roadmap

June 13, 2007: Vision Solutions Acquires HA Rival Lakeview Technology

June 13, 2007: IBM Rejiggers BladeCenter for SMBs

June 6, 2007: Sun Broadens Its Blade Server Lineup

June 6, 2007: HP Tweaks Home-Grown Virtualization for Integrity Servers

June 1, 2007: Project Indiana to Create an OpenSolaris Distro

May 31, 2007: Red Hat Puts Out Fedora 7 Community Release

May 30, 2007: HP Pursues Telcos with New Entry NonStop Server

May 30, 2007: Novell Posts Another Loss in the Second Quarter

May 29, 2007: The Market for Servers in Europe Is Hot

May 23, 2007: Virtualization, Consolidation Drive Server Sales in Q1

May 22, 2007: IBM Opens Up Beta for Future AIX 6

May 22, 2007: Initial Power6 Servers Show Respectable Performance Gains

May 21, 2007: IBM Launches First Power6-Based Server

May 21, 2007: Red Hat, IBM Commit to Better Mainframe Linux

May 16, 2007: HP Turns in a Solid Fiscal 2007 Second Quarter

May 15, 2007: Sun Inks Deal with ARM for Chip Intellectual Property

May 15, 2007: PlateSpin Improves Virtual Server Replication with PowerConvert 6.6

May 10, 2007: IBM Sees Green in Going Green in Data Centers

May 10, 2007: Red Hat to Push Desktop Linux with Intel Partnership

May 9, 2007: IBM Lengthens and Broadens AIX Support on Power Iron

May 9, 2007: Aldon Acquired by Marlin Equity Partners

May 9, 2007: Workstation 6 Previews VMware's Future Server Virtualization

May 8, 2007: Sun Backs QuickTransit for Sparc to X64 Migration

May 2, 2007: Sun Boots Solaris 10 on "Rock" Sparc Processors

April 26, 2007: Strong Office 2007 Sales Push Microsoft to Record Profit

April 26, 2007: MySQL Database Getting Closer Ties to the System i

April 26, 2007: Sun's X64-Based Streaming Server Runs on Linux

April 25, 2007: Computer Trade Group Alleges Unfair Trading Practices at Sun

April 25, 2007: Sparc Enterprise Line Competes Well with RISC, Itanium Servers

April 24, 2007: Sun Grows Sales and Profits Despite Product Transitions

April 24, 2007: HP Chases Data Warehousing Dollars with Tweaked NonStop Servers

April 23, 2007: FastScale Takes a Different Approach to Virtualization and Provisioning

April 23, 2007: Round Two: Intel's Fortunes Rise, and AMD's Fall

April 19, 2007: Sun, Canonical Integrate Java, GlassFish, and NetBeans into Ubuntu

April 18, 2007: Power6: Later in 2007 Rather than Sooner?

April 17, 2007: Slowing U.S. Sales Hurt IBM's First Quarter

April 17, 2007: Fujitsu, Sun Deliver Joint Sparc Enterprise Server Line

April 17, 2007: Marathon Makes Virtualization Fault Tolerant with v-Available

April 16, 2007: Intel Details Future 45 Nanometer Chip Plans from Beijing

April 16, 2007: Canonical Updates Ubuntu Linux with 7.04 Release

April 16, 2007: Dell, IBM Push Power-Saving Servers

April 11, 2007: Yen Explains Sun's Chip Strategy

April 10, 2007: IBM Goes After Windows with User-Priced System i Servers

April 10, 2007: IBM Upgrades High-End System i5 Servers

April 10, 2007: SGI Taps HPC Veteran for New CEO

April 9, 2007: AMD Dashes Hopes on Revenue Projections for Q1

April 9, 2007: X4 Chipset from IBM Tuned for Tigerton Quad Core Xeon MPs

April 9, 2007: CA Tweaks Job Schedulers, Positions Them as Workload Automation

April 4, 2007: IBM Offers Rebates on System p5 and ISV Software Bundles

April 4, 2007: AMD Pushes Opteron Clocks to 3 GHz, Boasts of Benchmarks

April 3, 2007: Sun Boosts Performance of UltraSparc-IV+ Chips

April 2, 2007: Cornerstones Laid for the Linux Foundation

April 2, 2007: Revenue Up, But Profits Take a Hit at Red Hat in Q4

April 2, 2007: XenSource Extends and Improves Windows Support with 3.2 Release

March 29, 2007: The X Factor: Virtualization Belongs in the System, Not in the Software

March 29, 2007: Intel Shows Off Future Penryn and Nehalem Chip Designs

March 28, 2007: Sun Breaks Sparc Unit Free Again

March 28, 2007: Gartner Says It Was "All Over" the Virtualization Effect

March 28, 2007: HP Does an Athlon-Opteron Tower Server for SMBs, Too

March 28, 2007: Sun Offers First Opteron-Based Netra Server

March 27, 2007: AppManager 7 Reaches Out to Manage Virtual Machines, VOIP

March 27, 2007: IBM to Detail Superfast Optical Chipset

March 27, 2007: Oracle Buys Tangosol for Data Caching

March 27, 2007: Dell Offers Large-Scale Data Center Design Service

March 26, 2007: NEC, Stratus Preview Fault Tolerant Server with Quad Cores

March 26, 2007: Rackable Builds Data Centers in Shipping Containers, Too

March 22, 2007: Oracle Sues SAP Over 'Corporate Theft on a Grand Scale'

March 21, 2007: Supermicro Shows Off Blades, Posts Financials Ahead of IPO

March 21, 2007: Fortran Creator, John Backus, Dies at 82

March 20, 2007: IDC Chops Server Forecasts Thanks to Virtualization, Multicore Chips

March 20, 2007: Gateway Adds Entry Opteron Tower Server, Windows NAS Arrays

March 19, 2007: Sun Taps Linux Guru to Guide Operating System Strategy

March 19, 2007: Qlusters Improves Xen Hypervisor Support for openQRM Tool

March 14, 2007: Red Hat Integrates and Simplifies with RHEL 5

March 14, 2007: The Feeds and Speeds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

March 13, 2007: Oil and Gas Industry Prefers Personal HPC Capacity, Says Microsoft

March 13, 2007: ISVs Preload Applications on the Sun Grid

March 13, 2007: IBM Tweaks Cell Chip, Moves to 65 Nanometer Process

March 12, 2007: Intel Delivers Low-Power, Quad-Core Xeon Chips

March 12, 2007: HP Touts its Prowess in Linux and Open Source

March 12, 2007: Server Makers Have $5 Billion Bumper Crop in Q4 in Europe

March 7, 2007: SCO's Unix Sales Continue to Slide, But Red Ink Is Shallower

March 6, 2007: DB2 for Mainframes Gets Native XML with V9.1 Release

March 6, 2007: Opsware Breaks $100 Million in Sales, Buys OEM Partner iConclude

March 5, 2007: Red Hat Readies RHEL 5 for March 14 Launch

March 5, 2007: HP Unix Behemoth Squeaks By IBM Big Iron on TPC Test

February 28, 2007: The X Factor: How Many Servers, How Much Juice, How Much Money?

February 27, 2007: Midrange Boxes, Big Iron Drive Server Growth in Q4 2006

February 27, 2007: HP Ships Virtual Connect I/O for Blades, Adds Blade Workstation

February 14, 2007: IBM to Ditch SRAM for Embedded DRAM on Power CPUs

February 14, 2007: IBM Adds Faster Midrange Power5+ Server for Linux, AIX

February 12, 2007: Chip Makers Strut Their Stuff at ISSCC

February 12, 2007: IBM Previews Future z/OS, z/VM Mainframe Operating Systems

February 7, 2007: Sun Details Server Chip Roadmaps at Analyst Summit

February 7, 2007: AMD Delivers Faster and Cooler Rev F Opteron Chips

February 6, 2007: HP Puts Solaris on More X64 Servers, Partners for Solaris Emulation

February 6, 2007: IBM Replaces Top X64 Server Exec

February 5, 2007: PA Semi Samples Homegrown Dual-Core Power Chip

February 5, 2007: VMware, XenSource Launch Virtualization Bundles

February 2, 2007: IBM and ISVs Launch VIP Program to Reinvigorate System i5 Sales

February 1, 2007: The X Factor: One Socket to Rule Them All

January 29, 2007: AMD: Native Quad Core Opteron Will Best Intel Quasi Quads

January 29, 2007: Gates, Ballmer Wow NYC with Vista Windows, Office 2007 Shindig

January 29, 2007: IBM Buys Softek to Bolster Data Migration Offerings

January 25, 2007: IBM Sells Printing Division to Ricoh for $725 Million

January 25, 2007: IT Salaries Rise by 5.2 in 2006, Dice Survey Says

January 25, 2007: Microsoft Profit Sinks 28 Percent in Vista's Shadow

January 23, 2007: Sun Profits in Fiscal Q2, Gets $700 Million Equity Injection from KKR

January 23, 2007: HP Creates Unified Software Unit For Servers and Storage

January 22, 2007: Sun, Intel Form Alliance for Xeon Servers and Workstations

January 22, 2007: OSDL and Free Standards Group Merge into the Linux Foundation

January 19, 2007: The X Factor: Solaris Versus Linux Support Pricing

January 18, 2007: IBM Closes Out 2006 With a Strong Fourth Quarter

January 18, 2007: Sun Tapes Out Rock Sparc Chip, Gooses Clocks on Niagara Sparc T1

January 16, 2007: Sun Finally Gets Solaris 10 11/06 Update Out the Door

January 11, 2007: SGI and Microsoft Partner on Windows Supercomputer Clusters

January 10, 2007: HP Readies HP-UX 11i v3 For Launch

January 8, 2007: Intel Delivers More Quad-Core Server and PC Chips

January 8, 2007: U.S. Energy Department Gives Away 95 Million CPU-Hours on Supers

January 3, 2007: Arrow Buys Agilysys' IT Distribution Business for $485 Million

January 2, 2007: OpenVZ Project Supports Virtualized Linux on Sun's Sparc T1 Chips

January 2, 2007: Red Hat Unaffected By Oracle Unbreakable Linux in Fiscal Q3

December 12, 2006: Latest Dispatch from the Unix Server Wars

December 12, 2006: HP Projects Over $100 Billion in Sales in Fiscal 2008

December 12, 2006: IBM, AMD Expect 45-Nanometer Chips in Mid-2008

December 11, 2006: XenSource, Virtual Iron Gun for VMware with Features, Low Prices

December 8, 2006: IBM Sues PSI: You Say Emulate, We Say Litigate

December 5, 2006: Azul Systems Revamps Compute Appliances with 48-Core Vega2 Chip

December 4, 2006: Dell Carves Out Energy-Efficient PowerEdge Server Line

December 4, 2006: IBM Tweaks BladeCenter H Chassis for Telcos

November 30, 2006: Microsoft Completes the "Triple Launch"

November 30, 2006: AMD Creates Two-Socket Athlon FX Variant, Demos Quad-Core Opteron

November 30, 2006: Novell Previews Open Enterprise Server 2, Delays SLES 10 SP1

November 28, 2006: Hitachi Brings BladeSymphony Blade Servers to North America

November 27, 2006: Cray, IBM Win Final Round of Giant DARPA HPCS Program

November 22, 2006: Server Sales Perk Up a Little Bit in the Third Quarter

November 20, 2006: Red Hat Delivers RHEL 5 Beta 2, Pushes Announcement to Early 2007

November 15, 2006: The X Factor: You Can't Steal What's Free, But You Can Pay a Lot for Something That Isn't Worth It

November 14, 2006: AMD-ATI Merger Bears Stream Processor Fruit

November 13, 2006: Cray Announces XT4, XMT Supercomputers

November 7, 2006: Gateway Begins Shipping Opteron-Based Servers

November 6, 2006: Avnet Buys GE's Access Server Distribution Biz for $412.5 Million

November 2, 2006: Thoma Cressey Strikes Again: Buys iTera to Merge with Vision Solutions

November 2, 2006: Microsoft and Novell in Landmark Partnership

October 31, 2006: The X Factor: Form Follows Function

October 30, 2006: Liquid Computing Starts Shipping LiquidIQ Servers

October 26, 2006: Oracle Launches Unbreakable Linux Variant of RHEL

October 26, 2006: Sun Builds on Growth in Fiscal Q1, But Profits Still Elude

October 24, 2006: HP, Intel, and Oracle Gang Up on IBM Mainframes

October 23, 2006: Dell Launches Its First Opteron-Based Servers

October 18, 2006: Novell, IBM Counterpunch Red Hat's Application Stack

October 18, 2006: SGI Comes Out of Bankruptcy, Says It is Lean and Mean

October 17, 2006: Software, Unix and Mainframe Servers Boost IBM's Profits in Q3

October 17, 2006: Sun Adds Rev F Opterons to More Galaxy Servers

October 17, 2006: Sun to Deliver Self-Contained "Blackbox" Data Centers

October 17, 2006: Sun Readies LDom Partitioning for Sparc T1 Servers

October 11, 2006: IBM Uncloaks Power6 Chip Details

October 11, 2006: IBM Brings Blogging and RSS to Lotus Notes/Domino

October 9, 2006: Terra Soft to Build Cell-Based Super Out of PS3 Beta Iron

October 2, 2006: OpenSparc Project Taps Advisory Board, Sees Linux Momentum

October 2, 2006: VMware Extends ESX Server to 64 Bits, Betas New P2V Converter

September 27, 2006: Intel Previews Quad-Core Chips, Talks Up Massively Cored RISC

September 19, 2006: Mandriva's Corporate Server 4.0 Comes to Market

September 19, 2006: U.S. Courts Approve SGI's Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan

September 13, 2006: Sun Beefs Up UltraSparc-IIIi Servers, Kills UltraSparc-IIIi+

September 7, 2006: IBM to Build 1.6 Petaflops Super for Los Alamos Lab

September 7, 2006: Sun and ISVs to Load More Applications onto Grid Utility

August 30, 2006: SPEC Creates New CPU2006 Benchmark Tests

August 30, 2006: Scalent to Support Solaris with Virtual Operating Environment

August 29, 2006: Novell Sees Sales Slip in Q3, Undertakes Stock Option Review

August 23, 2006: The Server Market Struggles for Growth in Q2, Says IDC

August 23, 2006: IBM Finishes Up Power5+ Rollout on System p5 Servers

August 16, 2006: HP Chalks Up Another Decent Thirteen Weeks in Fiscal Q3

August 15, 2006: AMD Unveils Rev F Opterons, Prepares for Quad Cores in Mid-2007

August 15, 2006: Sun Cranks UltraSparc-IV+ Clocks, Tweaks Sun Fire Servers

August 15, 2006: Novell Touts SUSE Linux 10, Says Desktops and Xen Are Ready

August 14, 2006: HP Gives Debian Linux Equal Billing to Red Hat and SUSE

August 14, 2006: SteelEye Provides Clustering for Linux Partitions, WAN Replication

August 14, 2006: Movidis Launches Multicore MIPS-Debian Server

August 12, 2006: The PC at 25: If I Had a Time Machine, I Would Make One Small Change

August 10, 2006: Software Hungry IBM Eats ECM Rival FileNet for $1.6 Billion

August 8, 2006: Can Apple Finally Break Into the Big Time with Core Xserves?

August 4, 2006: IBM Acquires Webify and MRO to Enhance Software, Services Offerings

August 2, 2006: The BSD Unix Projects Keep Humming Along

August 2, 2006: Infor Closes SSA Buy and Acquires Remaining GEAC Bits

August 1, 2006: IBM Broadens Use of Opterons in System x Servers

July 27, 2006: New Vendors Join SOA Collaboration Group

July 27, 2006: The X Factor: High-End Chips Draw Even, Vendors Prepare to Differentiate

July 26, 2006: IBM Creates a Performance-Based Pricing Scheme for Software

July 25, 2006: IBM Rounds Out Big Unix Boxes with Power5+ Chips

July 25, 2006: Sun Sees Sales Accelerate in Fiscal Q4, Still Loses Money

July 24, 2006: The AMD-ATI Acquisition: Integration and Freedom for Customers, IHVs

July 20, 2006: IBM Gets High Security Marks for Mainframe, Unix Virtualization

July 19, 2006: HP Gears Up for Montecito Itanium Shipments

July 18, 2006: Intel Aims Dual-Core Itaniums at RISC, Mainframe Servers

July 18, 2006: IBM Has Its Financial Ups and Downs in Q2

July 17, 2006: Novell Aggressively Launches SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

July 13, 2006: VMware Delivers Eponymous Freebie Hypervisor, Sets Support Prices

July 11, 2006: Sun Fleshes Out Galaxy Opteron Server Line

July 11, 2006: Fabric7 Tweaks Opteron Servers, Adds Windows and Solaris Support

July 5, 2006: IBM's High-End Power5+ Launch Set for July 25

June 28, 2006: Top 500 Supers: Brace Yourself for Petaflops Systems

June 28, 2006: Transitive Emulator Ports Sparc/Solaris Apps to Linux on Xeon, Itanium

June 28, 2006: Red Hat Continues Booming Growth in Fiscal Q1

June 27, 2006: ClearSpeed Ships New Math Accelerator, Inks Deal with IBM

June 26, 2006: Intel Comes Out Swinging with Woodcrest Xeons

June 26, 2006: SGI Launches Entry Woodcrest Xeon, Itanium Linux Supers

June 22, 2006: Novell Taps New CEO, CFO to Lead the Linux Charge

June 20, 2006: HP Opens Up the HP-UX Roadmap

June 16, 2006: Bill Gates Bowing Out

June 16, 2006: Cray Lands $200 Million Linux-Opteron Super Deal with DOE

June 14, 2006: HP Says It Will "Blade Everything" As Next Gen Boxes Launch

June 13, 2006: JBoss Moves Into Systems Management, Delivers Seam 1.0

June 7, 2006: Dell Pre-Announces Generation 9 of PowerEdge Servers

June 7, 2006: Cray Warns Q2 Down Significantly, Affirms Guidance for Year

June 6, 2006: HP Scales Down NonStop Servers to Chase New Customers

June 5, 2006: Red Hat Nixes Database Acquisition Strategy

June 5, 2006: VMware Offers New Packaging and Pricing with ESX Server 3

May 31, 2006: Red Hat Launches Projects for Collaboration, Code Testing

May 30, 2006: Ubuntu to Support Linux on Sparc T1 Chips

May 24, 2006: Server Sales Decline for the Second Straight Quarter

May 23, 2006: Server Makers Dabble in Dempsey Xeons, Wait on Woodcrest

May 23, 2006: IBM to Offer Automatic Power Throttling on Servers

May 23, 2006: IBM Launches New SOA Hardware Appliances

May 18, 2006: Dell Says Uncle, Readies Opteron-Based PowerEdge Servers

May 18, 2006: IBM Buys Rembo for Bare-Metal Server and Desktop Provisioning

May 18, 2006: Sun Gives Developers Free Access to Grid Utility, Other Goodies

May 16, 2006: HP's Revenues Up 5 Percent in Q2, Profits Jump 51 Percent

May 15, 2006: Sun Merges Server Units, Taps Key Exec for Storage

May 15, 2006: Infor to Buy SSA Global for $1.6 Billion

May 11, 2006: Novell Ships Community-Developed SUSE 10.1 Release

May 9, 2006: Azul, Mainsoft Bring .NET Code to Compute Appliances

May 8, 2006: Silicon Graphics Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

May 2, 2006: Sun Previews Next Rev of Solaris 10

April 27, 2006: IBM Debuts System z9 BC 'Baby' Mainframe

April 27, 2006: AttachmateWRQ Pays $495 Million for NetIQ

April 24, 2006: McNealy Hands the Sun Reins to Schwartz

April 24, 2006: Acquisitions Cut Both Ways for Sun in Third Fiscal Quarter

April 24, 2006: Intel Secures the PC with vPro Dual-Core Design

April 19, 2006: AMD's Green Grid Project to Educate IT on Power Issues

April 19, 2006: Sun Broadens Migration Offerings for Solaris Platforms

April 18, 2006: Cost Controls Boost IBM Earnings on Flat Q1 Revenues

April 17, 2006: Oracle's Ellison Ponders Owning a Linux Distro

April 11, 2006: AMD Pushes Single-Core Opteron Clocks to 3 GHz

April 11, 2006: Sun Tapes Out Sparc T2 Chip, Ships T1000 Servers

April 10, 2006: Red Hat Buys JBoss--Your Move, Novell

April 10, 2006: Sun Lays Off Workers in Sparc Server Group

April 3, 2006: Microsoft Gives Away Virtual Server, Supports Linux

April 3, 2006: XenSource Shifts Gears as It Rolls Out XenEnterprise Virtualization

April 3, 2006: OpenVZ Project Gets Migration Feature, Supports Fedora Core 5

April 3, 2006: Virtual Iron Standardizes on Xen, Goes Open Source

March 29, 2006: IBM Hints at Triple Redundancy in Power6

March 29, 2006: IDC Says Ex-Unix Shops Love Windows More Than Linux

March 29, 2006: Big Blue Clarifies Software Pricing for Multicore Machines

March 22, 2006: Sun Grid Compute Utility Opens for Public Business

March 21, 2006: Sun Releases OpenSparc T1 Specs, As Promised

March 20, 2006: HP Announces High-End 'Arches' Chipset for Integrities

March 16, 2006: Sun Reorganizes Sales and Services, Loses Software Chief

March 15, 2006: AMD Says It Can Still Beat Intel Cores with Opterons

March 15, 2006: HP Puts Faster Opterons into ProLiants, Debuts Geode Thin Client

March 14, 2006: Intel Launches Low-Power Xeon LV Chip for Servers

March 14, 2006: Fujitsu Extends Blade Server to Eight-Way SMP

March 7, 2006: Intel Goes After AMD with New Chip Architecture

March 7, 2006: Intel Gearing Up for Battle on the Server Front

March 1, 2006: McNealy PR Stunt Number 105: Merge Solaris and HP-UX

February 22, 2006: The Server Market Begins to Cool in Q4

February 15, 2006: HP's Restructurings Start to Pay Off in Profits in Q1

February 14, 2006: IBM Fleshes Out p5 Line with More Power5+ Processors

February 14, 2006: Sun Publishes Sparc T1 Specs, Picks GPL for License

February 8, 2006: IBM Announces BladeCenter Kickers

February 8, 2006: Sun Establishes OEM Business Unit

February 7, 2006: Power6 Gets Second Silicon, IBM to Crank the Clock

February 6, 2006: Novell, Virtual Iron Embed VFe-Capable Kernel into SLES 9

February 6, 2006: VMware Gives Away Updated GSX Server for Free

February 6, 2006: IBM, Freescale Reunite for the Sake of the Power Processors

January 30, 2006: Sun Debuts New Sparc, Opteron Workstations

January 30, 2006: HP Partners to Create Water Cooling for Server Racks

January 26, 2006: IBM Previews zIIP DB2-Assist Mainframe Engines

January 24, 2006: Sun's Acquisitions Boost Revenues, But Profits Still Elude

January 24, 2006: IBM Revamps Entry xSeries Servers

January 18, 2006: Software and Services Sales Soften at Big Blue in Q4

January 18, 2006: IBM Reshuffles Systems and Technology Executives

January 18, 2006: A Little More Insight into IBM's Server Sales in Q4 and 2005

January 12, 2006: HP Eager to Sell Dual-Core Servers, Unfazed By Dell Rumors

January 12, 2006: Novell Releases SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SP3

January 10, 2006: Sun, Oracle Renew Their Vows, Chase Market Share

January 3, 2006: Fix for WMF Flaw Due January 10, Microsoft Says

December 14, 2005: IBM Promotes Red Hat, Novell to Top Partner Status

December 6, 2005: Sun Finally Announces Niagara-Based Sparc Servers

December 6, 2005: Sun to Take New T1 Sparc Chip Open Source

November 30, 2005: Sun to Integrate and Open Source Its Software Stack

November 29, 2005: HP Debuts Utility Computing Services

November 28, 2005: Sun Broadens Storage Utility Offerings

November 28, 2005: Cray's CTO Plans Its Future Converged Iron

November 28, 2005: Novell Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

November 25, 2005: Midrange Unix Servers: HP and Sun Need to Catch IBM

November 23, 2005: Server Sales Skyrocket in Q3--But Can It Last?

November 21, 2005: The Linux-Windows Warriors Get Better Weapons

November 21, 2005: Liquid Computing Jumps into the Servers with a Big Splash

November 17, 2005: The Fast400 Saga Ends: IBM and Stracka Settle Lawsuit

November 17, 2005: HP's Q4 Sales Grow, Profits Hit by Restructuring

November 14, 2005: Linux Clusters Continue to Expand in Top 500 Supers Ranking

November 14, 2005: SGI Previews Next-Generation, Blade-Style Altix Supers

November 14, 2005: Sun Makes Niagara Teaser Announcement, Servers Imminent

November 7, 2005: Fabric7 Creates Flexible Opteron Server for Linux, Windows

November 7, 2005: Sun Moves Up Niagara Sparc Server Announcement

November 2, 2005: Novell Names President, Cuts 10 Percent of Workforce

November 2, 2005: Wyse Takes Software-Oriented Thin Client Strategy to the Market

November 1, 2005: Intel Begins "Paxville" Xeon MP Shipments, Adds Goodies

November 1, 2005: Sun Continues to Transition Products and Lose Money

November 1, 2005: HP Delivers Unix-Itanium Blade Server

November 1, 2005: Dell Trumpets Its PowerEdge-SQL Server 2005 Combo

October 24, 2005: PA Semi Divulges Its Power Processor Aspirations

October 19, 2005: Fujitsu-Siemens Finally Opts for Opteron in Servers

October 19, 2005: Black Duck Offers Free Software IP Scanning Until 2006

October 19, 2005: VMware's Revenue Growth Slows as VM Player Debuts

October 18, 2005: Sun Puts UltraSparc-IV+ Chips in Its Big Boxes

October 17, 2005: IBM's Q3 Profits Whacked By $9.5 Billion Profit Repatriation

October 17, 2005: Three Mandriva 2006 Linux Editions Come to Market

October 17, 2005: VMware Boosts VM Scalability with ESX Server 3

October 12, 2005: IBM, Novell Offer Chassis-Level Linux Pricing on Blades

October 10, 2005: Intel Begins Dual-Core Xeon Server Chip Rollout

October 10, 2005: Server Makers Are Ready and Sorta Eager for Dual-Core Xeons

October 4, 2005: IBM Uses Quad-Core Package to Boost Power5+ Performance

September 27, 2005: AMD Cranks Up Dual-Core Opteron Clocks

September 27, 2005: Dell Starts Peddling Dual-Core Paxville Xeon DPs in PowerEdges

September 27, 2005: Big Blue Updates Entry xSeries Servers

September 21, 2005: Microsoft Reorganizes Ahead of Allchin's Retirement in 2006

September 20, 2005: UltraSparc-IV+ Chips Give Sun's Midrange Servers Twice the Oomph

September 15, 2005: Egenera Gets $300 Million Reseller Deal with Fujitsu-Siemens

September 12, 2005: Sun Launches the First Three "Galaxy" Opteron Servers

September 12, 2005: HP Rolls Out Improved Virtualization for Integrity Servers

September 12, 2005: Sybase Launches Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 Database

September 12, 2005: Lew Platt, Former HP Chairman and CEO, Dies

September 7, 2005: Parallels Joins the PC and Server Virtualization Fray

September 7, 2005: Novell to Set SUSE Linux 10.0 Loose in October

September 6, 2005: IBM, Gateway Launch New X64 Servers

September 6, 2005: IT Pundits Espouse Linux Benefits Including and Beyond TCO

August 30, 2005: IDC Concurs that Q2 Was Pretty Good for Servers

August 25, 2005: Gartner Says Server Market Warmed Up Some More in Q2

August 25, 2005: Intel Fleshes Out Server Chip Plans for Post-NetBurst Era

August 16, 2005: Windows 2000 Worm Wreaks Havoc

August 16, 2005: HP's Sales Up 10 Percent as Repatriation Taxes Whack Profits

August 15, 2005: Novell Opens Up Development for SUSE Linux

August 15, 2005: Intel Moves Paxville MP Chip Ahead into 2005, Adds DP Variant

August 15, 2005: VMware, Sun Microsystems Partner on Server Partitioning

August 8, 2005: Server Makers Push Linux As Linux Pulls Them

August 8, 2005: Scalix Releases Free E-mail/Calendaring Community Edition

August 8, 2005: VMware Opens Up ESX Server Code to Partners

August 8, 2005: Opsware Creates Uber Shell for System Admins

July 29, 2005: Dell Unveils Migration Program for Exchange 5.5 Users

July 28, 2005: Intel Names Server Platforms, Adds Chips to Roadmap

July 19, 2005: Hurd on the Street: HP Cuts 14,500 Jobs in Reorganization

July 18, 2005: IBM Profits Up Some as Sales Decline Some in Q2

July 18, 2005: Intel Cranks Up the Clocks on Madison Itaniums

July 14, 2005: Sun Firms Up Its Sparc Chip Plans

July 13, 2005: OpenLogic Delivers BlueGlue 3.2 Open Source Stack

July 12, 2005: Dell Debuts First Dual-Core PowerEdge Server

July 12, 2005: IBM Chills Out Server Racks with Heat Exchanger

July 11, 2005: New SGI Linux Server, Storage Chase Entry HPC Customers

July 11, 2005: IBM Launches Dual-Core PowerPC 970MP Chip

July 7, 2005: Linux Runtime, ZFS File System Still Coming for Solaris 10

July 7, 2005: IBM Appoints New Head of iSeries Sales

July 7, 2005: Intel Previews Dual-Core Montecito Itanium Performance

July 6, 2005: HP Ramps Up OpenVMS on Integrity Servers

July 6, 2005: We Work for the Internet

July 5, 2005: Top HP Server Exec Jumps Ship to Dell

July 5, 2005: Acer Readies Dual-Core Opteron Tower Server

July 5, 2005: Dell Adds McData Switches to Blade Servers

June 28, 2005: AMD Sues Intel for Antitrust Violations

June 27, 2005: Sun Takes Java App Server Open Source

June 27, 2005: AMD Readies Socket 939 Opteron, Debuts Top-End Athlon 64

June 27, 2005: Sun Gets First Dibs on New Opterons for Entry Workstation

June 22, 2005: Top 500 Supers List Dominated By Exotic Clusters

June 22, 2005: SCO OpenServer 6 Launches with Unix SVR5 Kernel

June 15, 2005: Mandriva Accelerates Linux Desktop Push with Lycoris Buy

June 15, 2005: Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM Show Off Unix Server Performance

June 14, 2005: OpenSolaris Community Opens for Business

June 14, 2005: IBM's iSeries Rejuvenation Efforts Begin to Bear Fruit

June 9, 2005: Oracle Acquires TimesTen for Real-Time Database

June 8, 2005: Apple: Unix for People, Unix for the Masses

June 7, 2005: VMware Wants VMs to Be Modern Shrink Wrap for Software

June 2, 2005: Sun Microsystems Buys StorageTek for $4.1 Billion

June 1, 2005: NonStop Fault Tolerant Servers Jump to Itanium

May 31, 2005: HP Delivers the Last of the PA-RISC Processors

May 25, 2005: Server Market Is Solid in Q1, Says Gartner

May 25, 2005: AMD Publishes Pacifica Virtualization Spec

May 24, 2005: Gartner Says Database Market Continued Its Recovery in 2004

May 23, 2005: Apple Said to Be Considering a Switch to X86 from Power

May 23, 2005: Two Top Intel Execs Jump Ship

May 17, 2005: Fujitsu Bumps Up the Clocks on PrimePower Servers

May 17, 2005: HP Pulls Off a Respectable Second Fiscal Quarter

May 5, 2005: IBM to Cut Up to 13,000 Employees, Mostly in Europe

May 3, 2005: Solaris 10 Tops 1.3 Million Downloads, Gets Oracle 10g Support

May 3, 2005: Sun Plugs the Grid Some More, Adds Some Features

May 3, 2005: Sun Expands N1 Systems Management Programs

May 2, 2005: Sun Steps on Leveraged Buyout Rumors

April 26, 2005: Microsoft Working on New Virtualization Technologies for Longhorn

April 25, 2005: 64-Bit Windows Goes Mainstream at WinHEC 2005

April 21, 2005: AMD Rolls Out Dual-Core Opterons Early

April 21, 2005: Server Vendors Gear Up for Dual-Core Opterons

April 21, 2005: Sun Puts JES Release 3 Middleware Out and Through the Paces

April 19, 2005: Unisys Delivers Clustering Solution for Windows

April 19, 2005: VMware Sales Double As It Plots Future Virtualization

April 14, 2005: IBM Comes Up Short in Q1 After March Fall Off

April 13, 2005: HP to Super-Size Superdome with Arches Chipset

April 13, 2005: Apple Goes 64-Bit with Tiger Release of OS X

April 12, 2005: IBM Beefs Up iSeries Disk Arrays, I/O Options

April 12, 2005: IBM Offers HMC-Less iSeries Linux Partitioning

April 11, 2005: VMware Workstation 5 Adds Features for Team Programming

April 5, 2005: Fujitsu Chases $2 Billion with PrimeQuest Itanium Boxes

April 5, 2005: NEC Strengthens Ties to Sun, But Is Still Tight with HP

April 4, 2005: OpenSolaris Community Picks Board, Gets to Work

March 29, 2005: Intel Finally Gets 64-Bit Xeon MPs Out the Door

March 29, 2005: HP Picks NCR CEO as its Next CEO

March 23, 2005: Dell Gets First Jump on Potomac/Cranford Xeon MPs

March 23, 2005: Altiris Buys Pedestal Software for $65 Million

March 22, 2005: VMware Bundles Freebie Software on IBM's Blades

March 22, 2005: Merrill Lynch Says Server Market Could Slow in 2005 and 2006

March 8, 2005: Oracle Rains on SAP's Retek Parade

March 2, 2005: Intel Maps Out Its Server Roadmap

March 2, 2005: Intel Goes Whole Hog for Multicore Chips

March 2, 2005: Intel Stands By Itanium, Positions It Against IBM's Power

February 25, 2005: Big Blue Pumps Big Bucks into the iSeries

February 24, 2005: Mandrakesoft Buys Rival Linux Distro, Conectiva

February 24, 2005: Gartner Gives 2004 Server Report Cards

February 22, 2005: IBM Plans X3 "Hurricane" Chipset for Xeon Servers

February 22, 2005: Sun Launches Faster UltraSparc-IV Jaguars After All

February 16, 2005: Sun, AMD Talk Up the Opteron Future

February 16, 2005: Everybody Loves Xen

February 15, 2005: Linux Gets Down to Business, and This Is Good

February 15, 2005: Novell Creates Project Hula Open Source Collaboration Server

February 14, 2005: Intel, AMD Launch New X86 Chips

February 14, 2005: HP Rolls Out New Opteron, Xeon Servers

February 14, 2005: IBM Launches Faster "Irwindale" Xeon Servers

February 14, 2005: Intel Talks Up Future Dual-Core Chips

February 9, 2005: Fiorina Quits HP As Board Questions Her Execution

February 8, 2005: IBM Divulges Details on Future "Cell" Processors

February 8, 2005: IBM Rolls Out Compact, Two-Core p5 Unix/Linux Server

February 2, 2005: Unisys Certifies SUSE Linux, Sells Support Alongside Novell

February 1, 2005: Sun Aspires to Be the General Electric of the Grid Era

February 1, 2005: Sun Boosts Entry Servers, Sits Tight with UltraSparc-IV, Opteron Boxes

February 1, 2005: Sun Tweaks JES, Creating Suites and Raising Prices

January 31, 2005: SGI Partners to Launch 'Bright' Linux Clusters

January 27, 2005: Infor Solutions Buys MAPICS, Takes It Private

January 26, 2005: OpenSolaris Backed by Sun's Solaris Patents

January 25, 2005: HP Board to Clip Fiorina's Wings, or Force Her to Delegate?

January 25, 2005: IBM Buys Application Service Provider Corio

January 24, 2005: IBM Launches Skinnier, 2-Way OpenPower Linux Server

January 24, 2005: Sun Starts to Roll Out OpenSolaris

January 24, 2005: OSDL Denies "Operation Open Gates" Linux Rewrite

January 18, 2005: IBM Ends 2004 with Most Profitable Quarter in Its History

January 17, 2005: HP Boosts Integrities with Madison 9Ms, Other Stuff

January 17, 2005: OpenVMS 8.2 Ships on HP Integrity Servers

January 13, 2005: Investors Back New Open-Source Server Virtualization Company

January 13, 2005: Sun Eeks Out Profit in Q2, Even As Revenue Declines

January 13, 2005: IBM to Promote the iSeries During the NFL Playoffs

January 13, 2005: Will IT Vendors Set Up a Patent Trust?

January 11, 2005: Why Do Rack Servers Persist When Blade Servers Are Better?

January 10, 2005: HP Preps Server Announcements for January 18

January 10, 2005: Sun To Boost UltraSparc-IV Clock Speeds in Early February

January 4, 2005: Borman Out, Shearer In as iSeries General Manager

January 4, 2005: Oracle, Unisys Optimize 10g for ES7000-Windows Combo

January 3, 2005: RLX Exits Blade Server Biz, Focuses on Software

January 3, 2005: Linux Platform Ecosystem to Grow to $36 Billion by 2008

December 13, 2004: PeopleSoft Relents, Agrees to Oracle Acquisition

December 8, 2004: HP Says It Considered Break Up Several Times

December 8, 2004: Bull Clinches Tera10 Supercomputer Deal for French Nukes

December 7, 2004: Crazy Idea Number 527: Should IBM Buy Apple?

December 6, 2004: IBM Promotes the i5 on Prime-Time Television

December 2, 2004: HP Bites the Bullet, Cuts TruCluster from Future HP-UX

December 2, 2004: IDC Makes Its IT Prognostications for 2005

December 1, 2004: IBM Sets Up Community for Power Chips

November 30, 2004: Sybase, IBM Team to Bring ASE to Power-Linux

November 29, 2004: IBM, Sony, and Toshiba Lift Curtain on Cell Chip

November 23, 2004: IBM's p5 595 Tops the TPC-C Charts

November 18, 2004: Linux Core Consortium: Déjà Vu All Over Again

November 16, 2004: HP Finishes Fiscal 2004, Brings Fiscal 2006 Cuts Forward

November 16, 2004: High-End Blade Server Maker Egenera Backs Solaris 10

November 16, 2004: Pogo Linux to Ship First Commercial 8-Way Opteron Server

November 16, 2004: Appro Preps XtremeBlades for First Quarter, Supports Solaris 10

November 16, 2004: RLX Debuts New Xeon-64 Blades, Rack-Based Servers

November 15, 2004: Sun to Take On Linux with Free and Open Solaris

November 15, 2004: Dell Back Into Blades, Partners with Microsoft for Windows Management

November 15, 2004: VMware Cuts GSX Server Prices

November 9, 2004: Intel Pushes Out Dual-Core Itaniums, Or Does It?

November 9, 2004: Linux, X86 Clusters Take Over Top 500 Supercomputer Ranking

November 8, 2004: Intel Boosts Itanium 2 Chip Performance Modestly

November 8, 2004: HP Refreshes Entry Integrity Line with New Itaniums

November 8, 2004: Big Blue Commercializes Blue Gene/L Linux Supercomputer

November 8, 2004: Server Makers Tout Their HPC Clusters at SC2004

November 8, 2004: Unisys Adds New Itaniums, Tweaks ES7000 Server Line

November 4, 2004: Cray Takes Big Writeoffs, Cuts Revenue Projections for 2004

November 3, 2004: IBM's eServer p5s Rock the TPC-C Benchmark

November 2, 2004: Solaris 10 to Launch on November 15

November 1, 2004: Faster Itanium 2 Due Next Week

October 26, 2004: PKWARE Launches PKZIP Server and SecureZIP Server Products

October 15, 2004: IBM Completes i5 Squadrons with 64-Way Model 595

October 15, 2004: IBM Launches 64-Way Power5 Unix Servers

October 14, 2004: Sun Makes Quarterly Revenue Increase Twice in a Row

October 12, 2004: Sun Lifts Curtain on UltraSparc-IV+ Processors

October 8, 2004: IBM Cranks the Clock on Power, Xeon Blade Servers

October 8, 2004: TopSpin Pushes Utility Computing with Grid Switch Bundle

October 8, 2004: Unisys Cuts Payroll By 4%, Gets Big IRS Rebate

October 6, 2004: IBM Talks Up WebSphere 6, Due in Two Months

October 5, 2004: IBM Drops eServer Power5 Clock Speed, Prices to Chase Sun

September 30, 2004: IBM Blue Gene/L Tops Supercomputer Performance Charts

September 30, 2004: Unisys Upgrades Clearpath Dorado Mainframes

September 29, 2004: HP Sets Up Blade Server Division, Readies Opteron Blades

September 29, 2004: HP Goes Modular with Utility Computing

September 28, 2004: Azul's Network-Attached Processing to Shake Up Server Market

September 27, 2004: HP Deep Sixes Itanium Workstations

September 21, 2004: Sun to Stake Claim on Financial Services

September 21, 2004: Sun Debuts Next Batch of Kit as Solaris 10 Looms Large

September 20, 2004: VMware Launches ACE to Lock Down PCs and Laptops

September 13, 2004: IBM Launches Linux-Only Power5 Box with Big Price Cuts

September 13, 2004: NEC Delivers Four-Way Fault Tolerant Windows Server

September 2, 2004: IBM, Intel Open Up BladeCenter with Royalty-Free Specs

September 1, 2004: Merrill Lynch Calls for HP Breakup--Again

August 31, 2004: Forrester Says IT Budgets Will Be Up 7% in 2005

August 30, 2004: SMP-Capable OpenBSD 3.6 Set for November

August 26, 2004: Newisys Readies Chipset for Big Opteron Iron

August 16, 2004: HP Backcasts HP-UX 11i v2 from Itanium to PA-RISC

August 16, 2004: HP to Bring Virtualization on Par with IBM with HP-UX 11i v2

August 12, 2004: Heads Will Roll At HP Over Declining Server and Storage Sales

August 4, 2004: Novell Takes On Red Hat with SuSE Enterprise Server 9

August 3, 2004: Sun Considers Buying Novell--and a Lot of Other Companies

August 3, 2004: Unisys Finally Does Linux as Well as Windows

August 2, 2004: Intel Launches 64-Bit Xeons For Servers

August 2, 2004: HP, IBM Roll Out Nocona Servers

July 28, 2004: IBM Shuffles Top Execs to Face Challenges

July 28, 2004: Microsoft Delays Windows Server 2003 SP1 and 64-bit Versions

July 26, 2004: Sun Debuts Opteron Servers and Workstations for Solaris and Linux

July 21, 2004: Schwartz Blurts Out Solaris Is Possible for Itanium, Power

July 20, 2004: Sun Profits Nicely in Q4, Thanks to Microsoft Settlement

July 15, 2004: IBM Boosts Earnings As Sales Come In a Bit Shy

July 15, 2004: Sun Reveals Details on APL Partnership with Fujitsu

July 14, 2004: Intel Cranks Up Earnings in Q2, Boosted By Flash

July 13, 2004: IBM Launches Power5-Based eServer p5 Unix Boxes

July 12, 2004: Dubious Achievement: iSeries Gets Some Attention From Hackers

June 30, 2004: Sun to Buy Supercomputer-Maker Cray?

June 30, 2004: Bull Beefs Up NovaScale Itanium Servers

June 28, 2004: Fujitsu, Microsoft Stress Collaboration on Itanium Servers

June 28, 2004: Nocona, Intel's First 64-Bit Xeon, Debuts for Workstations

June 22, 2004: Top 500 Supers List Dominated by Teraflops-Class Machines

June 17, 2004: Unisys Keeps Pushing ES7000 Performance Up, Cost Down

June 14, 2004: AMD Cops to Dual-Core Chip Plans

June 14, 2004: InfiniBand Backers Take Protocol Stack Open Source

June 14, 2004: HP Talks Up Its Blade Server Prowess, Doubles Density

June 8, 2004: NEC Launches Two-Way Itanium Blade Server

June 8, 2004: Microsoft, SAP Considered Mega Merger

June 8, 2004: Dell Begrudgingly Launches Four-Way Itanium Box

June 1, 2004: Sun Throws in with Fujitsu For Future Joint Sparc Platform

June 1, 2004: Microsoft Extends Product Support to At Least a Decade

May 17, 2004: Red Hat Puts Out Update 2 for Enterprise Linux 3

May 17, 2004: IBM Gives Away Power Tools for Linux

May 12, 2004: Intel Server Chip GM Moves to CEO Post at Cadence

May 12, 2004: Sun Says Performance Is Driving UltraSparc-IV Sales

May 12, 2004: Tongues Wag About Future eServer p5 Announcements

May 10, 2004: Intel Moves Up Dual-Core Xeons to Blunt Opteron Attack

May 6, 2004: HP Completes Merger of Services, Server Units

May 6, 2004: IBM Executives Do the Shuffle as Sales Chief Departs

April 28, 2004: Virtualization Engine: A Lot of IBM Talk, but Good Technology

April 28, 2004: IBM Launches Express Bundles to Push iSeries Sales

April 26, 2004: HP Begins Shipments of Blade PCs

April 20, 2004: Sun Integrates Channels, Takes Tighter Control

April 20, 2004: Sun Reports $760 Million Loss, Shakes Up Executive Leadership

April 20, 2004: Grid Engine Creator Leaves Sun for Carolina

April 19, 2004: VMware to Support Partitions on 64-Bit Opterons, Xeons

April 19, 2004: HP Launches Four-Way ProLiant with Opterons

April 19, 2004: Solaris X86 Pricing Attacks Linux, Windows

April 13, 2004: Two More Peppier Itaniums for Two-Way Servers

April 12, 2004: Sun Pulls the Plug on Future Millennium, Gemini Chips

April 7, 2004: New IBM zSeries 890 Midrange Mainframe Has Java Engines

April 7, 2004: Oracle to Bundle 10g Database on Dell Servers

April 2, 2004: Sun Settles Microsoft Lawsuits, Inks Collaboration Agreement

April 2, 2004: Sun Lays Off 3,300 As Fiscal Q3 Falls Short

April 2, 2004: Sun Selling Windows? Stranger Things Could Yet Happen

March 31, 2004: IBM to Take Its Power Chips Out Onto the Open Road

March 30, 2004: Bill Gates Talks Up Next 'Holy Grails' of Computing

March 29, 2004: Unisys Rolls Out New Mainframes, Plans JBoss Support

March 29, 2004: FlashMob Experimental Supercomputer to Debut April 3

March 29, 2004: VIA Debuts Tiny C3-Based Nano-ITX System Boards

March 25, 2004: SUNY Buffalo Builds 1.3 Teraflops Blade Super

March 24, 2004: HP to Lead With Novell's SuSE Linux on Desktops, Servers

March 23, 2004: The First Steps Toward Open Source Insurance Taken

March 23, 2004: Novell Launches Linux 2.6 Kernel in SuSE 9.1

March 22, 2004: HP Tweaks Smart Office SMB Initiative

March 16, 2004: Big Blue Debuts Opteron-Based Workstation

March 16, 2004: Dell Pushes Prescott P4s into Entry PowerEdges

March 15, 2004: IBM Chases Entry Customers with xSeries 206, 306

March 15, 2004: Tsunami Debuts HiveCreator Clustering for Linux

March 10, 2004: SGI Extends Linux to 256 Processors on Altix Supers

March 10, 2004: Stratus Debuts First Fault-Tolerant Linux Server

March 2, 2004: Intel Cranks Up Xeon Clocks, Caches

March 2, 2004: Sun Chases HP-UX Installed Base with HP Away Campaign

February 26, 2004: Cray Buys Opteron-Linux HPC Upstart OctigaBay for $115 Million

February 25, 2004: HP to Put Opteron Chips Inside ProLiant Servers

February 24, 2004: IBM Cuts pSeries Tags as It Rolls Out 1.9 GHz Power4+

February 23, 2004: HP Opteron Server Expected Tomorrow

February 23, 2004: VMware Tweaks GSX Server with Version 3

February 19, 2004: Brace Yourself: Major Intel Architectural Shifts Ahead

February 18, 2004: Intel Draws More Lines on Xeon, Itanium Roadmaps

February 18, 2004: Server Makers Swear Fealty to Intel's Xeon, Itanium Plans

February 17, 2004: Intel Bites the Bullet: Xeon Gets 64-Bit Support

February 17, 2004: AMD Keeps the Heat on Intel with Low-Power Opterons

February 11, 2004: HP Says It Will Hit High End of Estimates in Q1

February 10, 2004: Sun Rolls Out Dual-Core UltraSparc-IV Chip

February 10, 2004: Sun Offers First Opteron Server, Two-Way Xeon Blade

February 9, 2004: HP Revamps Unix Server Line With PA-8800s

February 9, 2004: HP Debuts Skinny Itanium Boxes, Talks Up OpenVMS and NonStop

February 4, 2004: Gartner Says Server Market Closed 2003 with a Bang

February 4, 2004: Fujitsu Siemens Puts Pentium M in Blade Servers

February 3, 2004: HP Readies Dual-Core Chips for Integrity Servers

February 3, 2004: Solaris on X86: Going for the Gold

February 2, 2004: Intel Aims for Desktop with Prescott, But Hits Servers, Too

January 27, 2004: Is HP Inching Towards Opteron Machines?

January 27, 2004: Sun Mulls its Options As It Readies Opteron Boxes

January 27, 2004: IBM Boosts Power4+ Chips for pSeries 655 Midrange Line

January 22, 2004: HP Takes Away $75 Million in Biz From Sun With Linux

January 21, 2004: Novell's Messman Commits to Not Mess Up Open Source

January 21, 2004: IBM to Pump Up Linux on Power Processors

January 15, 2004: IBM Ends 2003 Upbeat, Sounds Optimistic About 2004

January 15, 2004: Sun Looks to Future Revenue Growth, Profits After Down Q2

January 15, 2004: Java Tools Consortium: Just What We Needed?

January 13, 2004: Intel Previews Xeon, Itanium Roadmaps

January 13, 2004: Intel to Remove Xeon's Advantages to Push Itanium

January 13, 2004: IBM Taps TopSpin for InfiniBand Gear for eServers

January 12, 2004: HP Girding Its ProLiant Loins for Battle in 2004

January 12, 2004: SGI Targets Midrange HPC With Linux-Based Altix 350s

January 12, 2004: Cray to Attack HPC Space with Red Storm, X1 Kickers

January 7, 2004: IBM Launches Two New Four-Way Servers

January 7, 2004: Apple Launches G5 Server, RAID Storage

January 7, 2004: HP Breaks Through $2 Per TPM Floor with ML350 Server

January 5, 2004: Transmeta Debuts Denser, Faster Crusoe Processors

January 5, 2004: Dell Offers Zero Percent Financing to Boost Gadget Sales

January 2, 2004: VMware Forgoes IPO to Become EMC Subsidiary

December 17, 2003: IBM Grants Harvard Servers, Software for Grid

December 16, 2003: Fujitsu Siemens Announces Itanium 2 Server

December 15, 2003: Sun, Sybase Team Up on Solaris for X86

December 11, 2003: Red Hat, IBM Hook Up on Linux V3 for eServers

December 11, 2003: Sun Boosts CPU Speeds on V1280 Midrange Box

December 10, 2003: HP Wins $50 Million IRS Contract for Servers, Storage

December 9, 2003: Oracle, HP Show Killer Cluster Performance and Value

December 9, 2003: HP to Merge Server, Services Units?

December 5, 2003: Disk Array Sales Firming Up, Says IDC

December 4, 2003: Gartner Says Server Sales Up a Tiny Bit in Q3

December 4, 2003: HP Launches Blade PC, Other Adaptive Enterprise Gizmos

December 3, 2003: Sun Continues Low-End, High-Volume Product Push

December 3, 2003: Sun Wants to Get Into the Zone with Future Partitions

December 3, 2003: HP to Resell RadiSys Carrier-Grade Servers to Telcos, ISPs

November 18, 2003: Sun Aspires to Have a Bigger HPC Business

November 18, 2003: Gateway Opts for SuSE Linux on Servers

November 17, 2003: Sun, AMD Alliance Targets Entry and Midrange Servers

November 17, 2003: Top 500 Supercomputer Ranking Gets Top Heavy

November 14, 2003: Intel Talks Up HPC Prowess With Big Itanium Win

November 14, 2003: IBM Shows Off Its Future Blue Gene/L Supercomputer

November 14, 2003: Cisco Says Wireless LANs Make Workers More Productive

November 13, 2003: Gartner Says IT to Recover, But Massive Consolidation Looms

November 11, 2003: IBM Announces PowerPC 970 Blade Server

November 11, 2003: Stratus Offers "Free" Upgrades to ftServer Customers

November 10, 2003: Sun Boosts Performance, Cuts Tags on Workstations

November 10, 2003: Sun Rolls Out More Tweaks to Solaris 10

November 10, 2003: VMware Rolls Out VMotion, VirtualCenter Add-Ons to Partitions

November 10, 2003: HP Loses Another Two Top Executives

August 20, 2003: HP Promises Q4 Profit, Explains Q3 Miss

August 19, 2003: IBM Talks Power5 at Hot Chips Conference

August 18, 2003: Sun Shows Off 'Gemini' Sparcs at Hot Chips Conference

August 13, 2003: The IT Fab Four Love Linux, Says DH Brown Study

August 11, 2003: Sun Keeps the Heat on Dell, Others with Entry Servers

August 11, 2003: Full Crypto Enhances Sales Prospects for zSeries 990s

August 11, 2003: IBM Tries to Warm Dell's Customers as It Ices Dell

August 8, 2003: Fujitsu Reshuffles North American IT Units

August 8, 2003: Dell Gets Whopper Linux Cluster Deal from NCSA

August 7, 2003: SCO Gives UnixWare an OpenServer Runtime

August 7, 2003: VIA Shows Off K8T800 Opteron Chipset

August 6, 2003: HP Improves Blade Server Processors, Switch Backplane

August 5, 2003: SCO Responds to Red Hat Suit, Releases IP Indemnity Pricing

August 5, 2003: HP Launches Linux Wares at LinuxWorld

August 4, 2003: Red Hat vs SCO: Prelude to a Class Action Suit?

August 1, 2003: Sun Adds 1.05 GHz UltraSparc-IIIs to V480s

July 31, 2003: IBM Debuts eServers Based on AMD Opterons

July 31, 2003: Sun Updates Solaris 9 with Gnome, 16 TB File System

July 31, 2003: IBM Serves Up 'Blue Ice' Packaging for Linux Across eServers

July 31, 2003: HP Rolls Out 32-Way GS1280 EV7 AlphaServer

July 31, 2003: HP's 64-Way Superdome-Unix Combo Tops TPC-C Test

July 29, 2003: Opsware Readies Data Center Intelligence for System 4.0

July 28, 2003: Sun Inks Deal with Tech Data to Push Entry Servers

July 28, 2003: Unisys Unveils Revamped MCP-Based ClearPath Libra Mainframes

July 22, 2003: Sun Ekes Out Small Profit in Fiscal Q4

July 21, 2003: Dell Kills Eight-Way Xeon Plans, Debuts Puppy Intel Server

July 15, 2003: Intel Ups Cache on Xeon DP Processors

July 15, 2003: Microtel Sells SuSE Linux-Based PCs Via Wal-Mart Online

July 14, 2003: SGI Debuts Onyx Visualization Server, Tezro Workstations

July 14, 2003: Unisys Puts Sun's JVM On Its ES7000 Wintel Servers

July 10, 2003: IBM Gives Software Discounts to Spur zSeries Mainframe Upgrades

July 9, 2003: Cray, IBM, Sun Split Phase Two of $146 Million DARPA Super Deal

July 8, 2003: Sun Nixes Unified Sun-Fujitsu-Siemens Sparc Hardware Platform

July 7, 2003: Intel Counts on Third Time Charms, Performance with Madison

July 7, 2003: Intel Cranks the Clock on 32-Bit Xeon MPs

July 7, 2003: HP Debuts Integrity Itanium Boxes, ProLiant Gets New Xeons

July 7, 2003: Dell Starts Out Small with Madison Itanium Commitments

July 7, 2003: IBM's Summit-II xSeries Supports Madisons, Fast Gallatins

July 7, 2003: Unisys Adds New Intel Chips to ES7000 Wintel Servers

July 7, 2003: SGI's Altix Ready to Rock with Madison Itaniums

July 1, 2003: VMware Gets Into Utility Computing with Control Center

June 30, 2003: IBM Regains Top Spot on TPC-C Test With Power4+

June 25, 2003: HP Signs OEM, Support Deal With SuSE for Linux

June 25, 2003: Dell Pushes In Alongside IBM in Saudi Aramco Linux Cluster

June 25, 2003: Cray Subcontracts SuSE for "Red Storm" Linux Super Cluster

June 24, 2003: IBM Shows Off AMD-Based eServer at ClusterWorld

June 24, 2003: IBM Debuts Power4+ Workstation

June 23, 2003: Intel Readies HPC Variant of Madison Itanium 2

June 23, 2003: Lintel Iron Makes Headway in the Top 500 Super Rankings

June 17, 2003: Intel Sells a Million Enterprise Chipsets, Reveals Roadmaps

June 17, 2003: Farmers Gets First "T-Rex" zSeries 990 Mainframe

June 16, 2003: SCO Seeks Injunction to Stop AIX Sales, Linux Could Be Next

June 12, 2003: Looks Like "Madison" Itanium 2 in Late June, Early July

June 12, 2003: IBM Readies New RISC-Unix Workstation

June 10, 2003: Unisys Says Don't Build or Process Without IT Blueprints

June 9, 2003: HP Offers Incentives to Move HP-UX Kit

June 9, 2003: HP, JDE Team Up to Push Apps on Wintel Iron

June 6, 2003: Server Market Share Size Definitely Matters for IBM and HP

June 6, 2003: IBM Delivers First Phase of 120 Teraflops Super for Weather Forecasting

June 5, 2003: Sun's Future Sparc Chips Slip into the Future a Bit

June 3, 2003: PeopleSoft Pays $1.7 Billion to Buy Rival J.D. Edwards

June 3, 2003: Sun Cuts V480, V880 Prices By Up to 25 Percent

June 2, 2003: IBM to Build Telecom-Compliant BladeCenter Blade Servers

June 2, 2003: HP, Opsware Ally to Chase Their Own Utility Computing Dreams

May 28, 2003: IBM Debuts Entry pSeries 615 Server with Power4+ Chip

May 28, 2003: IBM Slashes Prices on Old pSeries Kit

May 28, 2003: Fujitsu Siemens Rolls Sparc64 V Chips Into Entry, Midrange Servers

May 28, 2003: HP, VMware Forge Closer Ties to Push Server Virtualization

May 27, 2003: Sun Kicks Out Updated Sun Cluster Middleware

May 22, 2003: Rant: Offshoring in the Offing

May 22, 2003: HP Retakes Top Spot on OLTP Test with Windows on Superdome

May 21, 2003: IBM Puts BladeCenters in Preconfigured Clusters

May 19, 2003: Microsoft Licenses Unix from SCO Group

May 19, 2003: Unisys Beefs Up ClearPath Plus "Dorado" Mainframes

May 19, 2003: Sun Debuts Xeon-Based Two-Way Solaris, Linux Servers

May 19, 2003: HP Rolls Out HP-UX v2 for Itanium Platform

May 15, 2003: SCO Suspends Linux Sales, Warns Linux Shops of Liabilities

May 14, 2003: IBM Acquires Think Dynamics for Policy-Based Utility Provisioning

May 13, 2003: IBM's "T-Rex" to Rule Mainframe Shops Through 2004

May 12, 2003: Intel Says Some "McKinley" Itanium 2 Chips Have Bugs

May 12, 2003: Zander Joins Venture Capitalist Silver Lake Partners

May 9, 2003: IBM Leapfrogs HP Superdome on TPC-C Benchmark for Top Spot

May 7, 2003: ITAA Says Demand for IT Workers at Historic Lows

May 6, 2003: IBM Puts Power4+ Across pSeries, Extends On Demand Features

May 6, 2003: HP Reorganization Consolidates Server, Storage Units

May 6, 2003: HP Outlines Its Future in IT with Adaptive Enterprise Strategy

May 5, 2003: Unisys Bests 16-way IBM xSeries 440 with Aggressive ES7000 Performance, Pricing

May 1, 2003: Palmisano Outlines On Demand for Shareholders, IBM Rolls Out Products

May 1, 2003: Sun Tweaks Solaris 9 With 4/03 Release

April 30, 2003: IBM Launches "Man-O-War" xSeries 450 Itanium Box

April 28, 2003: HP Tops Q1 Worldwide Server Shipments, Dell Tops in US

April 25, 2003: HP Takes TPC-C Lead With 64-Way Superdome Running Windows

April 23, 2003: NEC AzuzA Server Breaks 500,000 TPM Barrier with Windows 2003

April 23, 2003: Sun Talks Up Its HPC Prospects

April 22, 2003: IBM Steals the Show at the AMD Opteron Launch

April 22, 2003: IBM Creates Deep Computing Unit

April 21, 2003: AMD Steps Into the 64-Bit Ring with Opteron

April 21, 2003: Unisys Launches Hybrid Xeon-Itanium-Blade Server

April 21, 2003: Sun Tops 3 TB TPC-H Data Warehousing Test

April 17, 2003: HP, Intel Making Strides With Itanium Ecosystem

April 17, 2003: Red Hat Tests Enterprise Linux ES Pricing With 25 Percent Discount

April 16, 2003: Madison Isn't Here Yet, But HP's Benchmarks on the Chip Are

April 16, 2003: Sun Ekes Out Slim Profit in Fiscal Q3

April 16, 2003: SGI Announces Origin 350 Midrange HPC Server

April 15, 2003: HP-UX Gets Common Criteria Certification, Simpler Security

April 14, 2003: Global Services Saves IBM's Financial Cookies Again

April 14, 2003: Unisys Profiles ES7000 Customers, Hints at Future Servers

April 14, 2003: Microsoft Commits to Windows on 64-Bit AMD Chips

April 9, 2003: IBM Rolls 1.2 GHz Power4+ into p630, Readies Faster Power4+ for p690

April 8, 2003: Sun Debuts "Jalapeno" US-IIIi, Rolls Out 1.2 GHz US-III in Other Servers

April 8, 2003: Sun Rolls Out Infrastructure Services

April 8, 2003: Sun Makes Lots of Software Announcements

April 8, 2003: Dell, Oracle Use and Push Oracle RAC on Linux

April 7, 2003: Unisys Debuts Compact "Dylan" ES7000 Servers

April 7, 2003: Gateway Announces Two New, Dense Xeon DP Servers

April 7, 2003: Red Hat Pushes Content Management, Portal Server Stack

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