Volume 16, Number 17 -- August 2, 2016
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by Chuck Luttor

The average RPG developer can quickly become proficient in replacing RPG database operation codes with their SQL equivalents when undertaking new programming. In each installment of this series, I will visit an op code or set of op codes in order to prove my contention. First up today is CHAIN. READ MORE >

Give Me Fewer (Not More!) Parameters, Please!
by Ted Holt

Today's musings fall into the 'why would anybody want to do that?' category. 'Why would anybody want to be president?' asks Barack Obama. 'Why would anybody steal a groundhog?' asks Rita in Groundhog Day. My question is, 'Why would anybody pass 16,382 parameters to a subprocedure?' There is a better way. READ MORE >

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Rise to the i can . . . can you? challenge at the RPG & DB2 Summit October 4-6 in Chicago.

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New DB2 track features 7.3 enhancements + step-by-step Design/Build/Secure/Tune tips.

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Using Lateral Correlation To Define Expressions In DB2 For i
by Michael Sansoterra

The SQL implementation in DB2 for i is second to none. However, one irritating thing common to various SQL dialects is the need to repeat expressions in query. As SQL matured over the years, techniques such as nested table and common table expressions became available to, among other things, reduce repetitive expressions. This tip illustrates the use of the LATERAL correlation as another way to avoid repetition. READ MORE >

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Senior Technical Editor: Ted Holt
Technical Editor: Joe Hertvik
Contributing Technical Editors: Edwin Earley, Brian Kelly, Michael Sansoterra
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
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The Four Hundred
Surviving A Change Management Migration

Townsend Ponders Future Of DB2 Modernization Tech

At The End Of The Power8 Long Tail

Mad Dog 21/21: Brexit, Pursued By A Bear Market

Systems Monitoring Made Easier, Better, GUI-er

Four Hundred Monitor
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The Platform
Changing the Exascale Efficiency Narrative at Memory Start Point

First, Kill All The Servers

Mesos Reaches Milestone, Adds Native Docker

Google Fosters Another OpenStack Kubernetes Mashup

Intel Broadwell Rollout Complete With Xeon E5 Quads

MIT Research Pushes Latency Limits with Distributed Flash

A Thirst For Petabyte Scale All-Flash Arrays

Are ARM Virtualization Woes Overstated?
Datacenters, Poised To Spend, Take A Breather From Intel

Stacking Up Oracle S7 Against Intel Xeon

Systems Are The Table Stakes For IBM's Evolution

HPC Flows Into Hyperscale With Dell Triton


WorksRight Software
T.L. Ashford
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Give Me Fewer (Not More!) Parameters, Please!

Using Lateral Correlation To Define Expressions In DB2 For i

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