Volume 16, Number 21 -- September 27, 2016
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RPG Talks To Watson
by Paul Tuohy

Yes, RPG can talk to Watson. No special software required, nothing to install, nothing to configure. You just need to be on V7R1, have the ability to use embedded SQL and write just a few lines of code--none of which are complicated. To see how it works, all you have to do is copy/paste the display file and RPG code in this article, compile and call. READ MORE >

A Brief Introduction To The SQL Procedures Language
by Ted Holt

The SQL Procedures Language, or SQL PL, is a proprietary procedural language that IBM designed to work with the DB2 family of database management systems. I believe that it's a good idea for anyone who works with DB2 to learn SQL PL. If you know RPG, CL, or COBOL, you'll find it easy to learn. READ MORE >

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How To Replace MOVE And MOVEL With Subprocedures
by Ted Holt

Google 'what shall we do about' and you'll find a lot of issues that people are concerned about. Now that RPG has gone fully free-form, the question of concern for RPG programmers is 'what shall we do about MOVE and MOVEL?' Faithful reader Mark sent me a solution he used in his shop and gave me permission to pass it along in case it may be of help to you. READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Senior Technical Editor: Ted Holt
Technical Editor: Joe Hertvik
Contributing Technical Editors: Edwin Earley, Brian Kelly, Michael Sansoterra
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
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The Four Hundred
IBM i Finds A Place At Edge Conference

With Avnet Deal, Tech Data Spans From Glass House To Your House

Living With VIOS and Other Tips From A Power Champion

Mad Dog 21/21: From Hegel To Google

IBM Preaches Cognitive, Cloud, And IT Consumption

Four Hundred Monitor
Four Hundred Monitor's
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The Platform
Pushing Database Scalability Up And Out With GPUs

IBM Builds A Bridge Between Private And Public Power Clouds

Baking Specialization into Hardware Cools CPU Concerns

The Three Great Lies of Cloud Computing

Modern Storage Software Erodes Resistant Data Silos

The Server At Peak X86

The Next Wave of Deep Learning Applications

So, You Want to Program Quantum Computers. . .

When Will Containers Be the Total Package for HPC?

Nvidia Pushes Deep Learning Inference With New Pascal GPUs

Deep Learning Architectures Hinge on Hybrid Memory Cube

Surfing On Tech Waves With Supermicro


WorksRight Software
T.L. Ashford

RPG Talks To Watson

A Brief Introduction To The SQL Procedures Language

How To Replace MOVE And MOVEL With Subprocedures

Four Hundred Guru


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