Volume 16, Number 14 -- April 14, 2016
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Top IBM i Stories from Around the Web

(IT Jungle) IBM i 7.3 becomes available tomorrow, April 15. The Technology Refresh, TR4 for i 7.2, is still a month away. This release fits into the long-term strategy of Chief Architect Steve Will by providing more options for those who want to develop on the platform by expanding open source support. Enhancements with the biggest impact are in the category of analytics (database) and security. Both are exclusive to 7.3 and will not be supported on 7.2. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) IBM i customers, at least those that tend to be early adopters of new technology, have asked IBM to bring new analytic functions to the platform. Tomorrow, April 15, DB2 for i takes another step toward the future by adding time-based query capabilities and several new OLAP functions. Here's what's happening. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) Organizations are often reluctant to admit that they have inadequate system security. Quite possibly they may not even realize it. That's not uncommon, particularly in the IBM midrange community, where there's a false sense of security deeply rooted in the conviction that IBM i is inherently secure. Nothing could be further from the truth. Understanding how to manage security on a system is becoming a priority. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) Last week, IBM revealed its Power chip development roadmap that leads more than five years into the future. Absent from the map is the Power8+, which past roadmaps have included. It doesn't much matter for IBM i shops. A 6-core or 12-core Power8 chip packs more punch than they need for their online transaction processing workloads. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) If you haven't heard of WebSockets before today, count on hearing more about them in the future. IBM has adopted WebSockets technology within its HTTP Server, as well as within the Integrated Web Application Server for i, the lightweight Java application runtime based on the Liberty profile of WebSphere. Developers can create WebSockets applications using either Java or Node.js. READ MORE >


(DB2 for i) Mike Cain, a member of the DB2 for i Lab Services team at IBM Rochester, explains how the database enhancements in i 7.3 along with the benefits of data-centric development via SQL, DB2 for i, and IBM i running on Power fit into the pursuit of strategic initiatives involving data security, analyzing data and delivering data to mobile consumers. READ MORE >


(System i Developer) Tim Rowe, IBM i business architect for application development and systems management, predicts open source will energize and strengthen application development on IBM i. It's not just the opportunity to run open source on IBM i. It's also about leveraging the skills of modern developers. READ MORE >


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Grow your knowledge and skills in areas such as Open Source, High Availability, security, DB2, and application development.

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Redbooks, White Papers, and Other OS/400 Resources

(IBM) One of the major database enhancements in IBM 7.3 is the inclusion of temporal support. Temporal support allows SQL programmers to query data as if they were asking questions from a point in the past. An explanation of how to create a system-period temporal table can be found at the IBM Knowledge Center. READ MORE >

(IBM) With new OLAP functionality built into the database with the 7.3 release of IBM i, questions can be asked of the data in real time and no data gets pulled off the system. SQL programmers will write their own queries and get answers to questions like how do our product sales this year compare to the past three years. An example of how to use OLAP specifications can be found in the IBM Knowledge Center. READ MORE >

(IBM) SQL Procedures, Triggers, and Functions on DB2 for i is an updated version of one of the most popular IBM i Redbooks of the past nine years. It includes chapters on data-centric programming, SQL Persistent Stored Modules, and IBM i and DB2 for i Services. READ MORE >

(System i Developer) The IBM iAdvocate Resource repository provides IBM i professionals with data and presentation materials that can be used to communicate the strengths of IBM I as a business application platform to their colleagues and management. It includes a "25 Years of IBM i Innovation" presentation with a companion white paper, plus SAP benchmark results and cost/benefit research. READ MORE >

(IT Jungle) This repository of technical tips and advice related to application and database development, system administration, and more comes from many of brightest minds in the IBM i community including Ted Holt, Mike Sansoterra, Aaron Bartell, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, Paul Tuohy, and others. This is a free resource--no registration necessary--and it's Google searchable. READ MORE >



Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

April 14 -- Webinar - The skills for managing SQL statement performance will be discussed in this online session presented by DB2 for i expert Tom McKinley, a member of the IBM database team. Topics to be covered include the fundamental pieces that make up SQL performance, open data paths, and the coding practices and considerations that can help improve SQL performance. The session begins at noon Central Time. It's free to all COMMON members and members of local user groups that have COMMON memberships and those who work for companies with COMMON corporate memberships. LEARN MORE >


April 14 -- St. Louis, Missouri - Network Deployment and DB2 Enhancements associated with the new IBM i 7.3 will be featured in this remote presentation by IBM i development team members at the regular monthly meeting of the Gateway/400 Group, a System i user group serving the greater St. Louis area. Details of this presentation won't be announced until the i 7.3 official announcement a few days before this meeting. The meeting location is Spazio's restaurant at 12031 Lackland Road. RSVP no later than Monday before the meeting date. The presentation is available via a remote hookup for those who cannot attend. LEARN MORE >


April 14 -- Wauwatosa, Wisconsin - Two sessions by IBM Power Systems Champion Trevor Perry are on the agenda for the monthly meeting of the Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Association. Perry's first presentation topic is modern application architecture techniques and his second presentation will discuss balancing work and spare time. In between the sessions is dinner and networking with the members. This meeting takes place at Mo's Irish Pub located at 10842 West Bluemound Road. LEARN MORE >


April 19 -- Webcast - IBM i Chief Architect Steve Will and IBM i Champion Pete Massiello discuss what's new in IBM i 7.3, the latest version of the operating system. Topics of discussion include conducting accurate analysis of data with new advanced query capabilities; forecasting, defining gaps and building new strategies for business; and enhancing security management. The session begins at 11 a.m. Central Time. Although the presentation is hosted by COMMON, it is available to all IBM i professionals. COMMON membership is not required. LEARN MORE >


April 19 -- Novi, Michigan - A presentation titled "RPG OA to PHP: IBM i Modernization and Mobile Approaches" will be presented at the regularly scheduled local user group meeting of the Southeast Michigan iSeries User Group. Guest speaker is Greg Patterson, a senior sales engineer with BCD Software/Quadrant Software. He will be making a remote presentation, but the local user group will also be having an on-site meeting. Information about how to join the online presentation is available on the SEIMUG website. The session begins at 6 p.m. and the doors open at 5:30. LEARN MORE >


April 19 -- Schaumburg, Illinois - IBM i Chief Architect Steve Will is the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the OMNI User Group. Will's appearance coincides with the announcement of the latest release of IBM i, which is being referred to as iNext until it is released as i 7.3. Expect Will to discuss the new features and functionality and the benefits that will lure IBM i shops to upgrade when 7.3 becomes available. He'll also cover trends and directions in the marketplace, the IBM i Roadmap, and key technologies that are supported by i. The meeting begins at 5 p.m. with registration and networking, followed by dinner at 6, and the presentation at 7. It will take place at IBM's offices located at 10 North Martingale Road. LEARN MORE >


April 19 -- Costa Mesa, California - Discoveries of WebSockets, IBM i, and Watson will be revealed at the regular monthly meeting of the OCEAN User Group. This remote presentation by IBM i Champion Aaron Bartell will include calling on Watson from IBM i using Node.js, how WebSockets work to communicate from browser to IBM i and from IBM i to Watson, and how the Node.js socket.io library makes it simple to do WebSockets. Dinner and networking begins at 5:30 p.m. with the presentation at 6:30. The meeting place is National University located at 3390 Harbor Boulevard. LEARN MORE >


April 19 -- Coppell, Texas - All the newest and best features of RPG will be on the agenda during the monthly meeting of the Metro Midrange Systems Association, a user group for the Dallas and Fort Worth metro areas. Guest speaker Barbara Morris, the lead developer for the RPG compilers in the IBM Toronto Lab, will be doing this presentation remotely. Morris will be explaining the details of topics such as free-form H, F, D, and P specs; new options for XML-INTO that support even more types of XML documents; more support for ALIAS fields in files; and easier to use data structures with I/O opcodes. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. with dinner at 6 and Morris' presentation at 6:45. MMSA meetings are held at the IBM Innovation Center located at 1177 South Belt Line Road. LEARN MORE >


April 19 -- Eden Prairie, Minnesota - Richard Dolewski, a subject matter expert specializing in business resiliency, will be discussing new technologies that support virtualization, agility, and resiliency at the monthly meeting of QUSER, the local user group for IBM midrange professionals in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The presentation will include insights and advice for transitioning from a traditional non-virtualized data center to a secure internally hosted private cloud. The meeting begins at 2 p.m. at the offices of HelpSystems located at 6455 City West Parkway. LEARN MORE >


April 19 -- Nashville, Tennessee - Scott Forstie, the DB2 for i Business Architect, will be reviewing the announcement of a new release of the IBM i operating system during this meeting of the Tennessee IBM Mid-Range User Group. The meeting will be held at Shoney's located at 2645 McGavock Pike. It begins at 5:30 p.m. LEARN MORE >


April 20 -- North Attleboro, Massachusetts - A discussion about DB2 for i, including SQL routines, triggers, functions and procedures will highlight the monthly meeting of the New England Midrange Users Group. Guest speaker is Tom McKinley, a member of the IBM Lab Services Consulting team. The meeting is held at the Ambrosia Tavern located at 116 Elm Street. LEARN MORE >


April 20 -- Westbury, New York - The Long Island Systems Users Group monthly meeting will include two presentations by IBM i PHP expert Mike Pavlak. At 5 p.m., Pavlak will discuss popular tweaks, hacks and just plain good practices the for IBM i PHP community. At 7 p.m., he will explore several examples of how PHP scripts can use the Open Source Toolkit to access RPG business logic. In between the PHP sessions is time for networking, cocktails, and dinner. LISUG meetings are held at the Westbury Manor located at 1100 Jericho Turnpike. LEARN MORE >


April 21 -- Southfield, Michigan - An introduction to IBM cloud hosting will be presented at the regularly scheduled local user group meeting of the Southeast Michigan iSeries User Group. Guest speaker is Guy Cunningham, manager of customer relationships with Connectria--a large IBM i managed service provider. He will be making a remote presentation and the local user group will not be having an on-site meeting. Information about how to join the online presentation is available on the SEIMUG website. The session begins at 6 p.m. LEARN MORE >


April 23 -- Costa Mesa, California - A Node.js Boot Camp introduction for RPG programmers will be presented by IBM i open source expert Aaron Bartell in a multiple-session, one-day combination of lectures and hands-on lab instruction. Topics on the agenda include a new skill as "job insurance," how to obtain and install Node.js, and how Node.js talks to RPG and DB2. OCEAN user group members can register for $50. The cost for non-members is $75. The training takes place at National University located at 3390 Harbor Boulevard. LEARN MORE >


May 15-18 -- New Orleans, Louisiana - The 2016 COMMON Annual Meeting and Exposition is the largest IBM i educational event of the year. It includes in-depth sessions related to IBM i, as well as AIX and Linux. The agenda includes all-day pre-conference workshops, open labs, and a variety of regular-length sessions. The complete session guide is available online. LEARN MORE >


May 25 & 26 -- Markham, Ontario, Canada - The Toronto User Group will host its annual Technical Education Conference. The lineup of educational sessions includes IBM i and RPG application development, performance management, Web and mobile development, modernization, accessing and optimizing data, and system management. The event will be held at the SAVOY Conference Centre in the Monte Carlo Inn located at 7255 Warden Avenue. Early registration discounts are available until April 30. LEARN MORE >


June 8 -- Webcast - Six sessions and two educational tracks are included in this three-hour educational event billed as the i On the Enterprise Virtual Event co-hosted by Profound Logic and ARCAD Software. The guest speaker lineup includes Tim Rowe, Brian May, Floyd Del Muro, Charles Guarino, Alex Roytman, Ray Bernardi. All sessions will focus on sharing knowledge and learning skills to optimize, innovate, and transform IBM i-based enterprises. Topics include: IBM i solutions for enterprise modernization, application user interfaces, modern RPG development, database modernization, DevOps, and strategies for hiring and retaining development talent. LEARN MORE >


June 1-3 -- Austin, Texas A new IBM i-centric event called i Cathalon will take a modernization focus for organizations planning on transforming legacy assets into web, mobile, cloud, and digital content. Backend and front-end architecture, APIs, services, DevOps, and workflow topics are all on the agenda. The event is hosted by CM First Group. An early registration fee discount for one attendee is $149. The discounted fee for a four-person team is $399. LEARN MORE >


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