Volume 16, Number 21 -- June 9, 2016
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Three Amazing Days of
Training, Networking & Technology Insight

Thursday, July 21
IBM i Modernization & Professional Development

Friday, July 22
Educational Sessions & Premier Vendor Expo
Keynote Presentation by IBM Executive Alison Butterill

Evening Reception & Casual Buffet Dinner

Saturday, July 23
Workshops & Hands-On Learning Labs

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Top IBM i Stories from Around the Web

(IT Jungle) Encryption and managed file transfer vendor Linoma Software has been acquired by HelpSystems. Security software and services have been a focal point in HelpSystems' active acquisition activities dating back to the acquisition of PowerTech in 2008. Bringing Linoma into the fold fills a security gap for Help and will introduce Linoma customers to the HelpSystems family of products. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) Does the changing face of the IBM i vendor community mean anything to you? There certainly aren't as many independent software vendors (ISVs) as there used to be. Companies such as HelpSystems, Infor, and Vision Solutions switched into acquisition mode many years ago and others have followed suit. It seems to be a popular method for increasing customers is to go out and buy them. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) Three keys to application development prowess are speed of development, ease of deployment, and ease of maintenance. As IBM i shops look for ways to enhance legacy applications and escape the confines of green screens on immobile work stations, they have choices to make. From the observation deck where Steve Gapp scans the horizon, here's what his business sense tells him. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) Every profession has a professional organization that promotes professionalism. The emphasis is on training, education, and networking with other professionals. In the IBM i community that organization is COMMON. Most people know COMMON because of its conference each spring. But it has a lot more going on besides that. READ MORE >


(CIO) IT organizations are encouraged to develop a "fast" or "second gear" mindset capable of operating at internet speed and being focused on a digital transformation. Carrying out this shift while simultaneously supporting legacy systems that cannot be changed as rapidly is a tall order for many IT organizations. READ MORE >


(Information Week) CIOs are expected to be experts in tech as well as business while leading diverse and complicated initiatives and teams. But they don't have to go it alone. Here are 11 books to help CIOs--and aspiring CIOs--get better at many of the critical facets of their complex jobs. READ MORE >


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Create web and mobile apps on IBM i that deliver the best user interface possible! Using RPG and a popular HTML5 Framework, Valence empowers developers to quickly create stunning applications that run entirely on IBM i.


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New features include a completely redesigned web portal and updated tools that allow developers and super users alike to create highly useful apps with little or no programming. You can produce a fully functional dashboard, inquiry or file maintenance app within minutes of installing Valence!


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Redbooks, White Papers, and Other OS/400 Resources

(UCG Technologies) In the last five years, cybercrime has gone pro. This manual discusses ransomware software that encrypts a user's or a company's files and ransoms those files by forcing payment to regain access. READ MORE >


(HiT Software) This case study features a real world example of making DB2 for i data in multiple countries available for reporting and data warehousing in Atlanta, Georgia. It emphasizes rapid data updates without constraining system resources. READ MORE >


(System i Developer) The IBM iAdvocate Resource repository provides IBM i professionals with data and presentation materials that can be used to communicate the strengths of IBM I as a business application platform to their colleagues and management. It includes a "25 Years of IBM i Innovation" presentation with a companion white paper, plus SAP benchmark results and cost/benefit research. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) This repository of technical tips and advice related to application and database development, system administration, and more comes from many of brightest minds in the IBM i community including Ted Holt, Mike Sansoterra, Aaron Bartell, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, Paul Tuohy, and others. This is a free resource--no registration necessary--and it's Google searchable. READ MORE >



Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

June 15 -- Seekonk, Massachusetts - Guest speaker Carrie Beers will explain how communication styles affect conversations and provide advice on improving your overall communication skills at this meeting of the New England Midrange Users Group. Beers is a leadership and business coach with more than 25 years of experience building leadership teams. The meeting is held at the Ramada Inn located at 940 Fall River Avenue and begins at 5:15 p.m. LEARN MORE >


June 17 -- Coppell, Texas - A one-day workshop on embedding SQL in application programs will be presented by Ted Holt. This workshop is designed for experienced developers who know how to write and compile programs and has a basic knowledge of common SQL statements, in particular SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE. A few of the topics to be covered are: coding SQL statements, embedding SQL is RPG programs, and using SQL to add flexibility to programs. More details are available on the Metro Midrange website. Holt is a prolific author on the topics of IBM i, RPG, and COBOL development, and is the editor of IT Jungle's Four Hundred Guru newsletter. The workshop will be held at the IBM Innovation Center located at 1177 South Belt Line Road. LEARN MORE >


June 20 -- Nashville, Tennessee - Guest speaker Bertie LuRose Magee will share the cool stuff she learned at the recent COMMON Annual Meeting and Expo in New Orleans during the monthly meeting of the Tennessee IBM Mid-Range User Group. Magee was impressed with the latest enhancements added to the IBM i operating system, the Power Systems hardware, and the related software. The meeting will be held at Shoney's located at 2645 McGavock Pike. It begins at 5:30 p.m. LEARN MORE >


June 21 -- Costa Mesa, California - Mark Ruberry, an IBM Client Technical Specialist, will be reviewing the most recent IBM i announcements at the OCEAN User Group meeting this month. Topics of discussion include hardware updates, database enhancements, the new security software known as authority collection, systems management improvements, and licensing changes. The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. and the location is National University located at 3390 Harbor Boulevard. Please register by noon on June 20. LEARN MORE >


June 21 -- Lombard, Illinois - Scott Forstie, the DB2 for i business architect at IBM, will be discussing temporal support for DB2 on i during the monthly meeting of the OMNI User Group. This session will describe the capabilities for comparing current data with data chosen from selected points in the past. The meeting begins at 5 p.m. with registration and networking, followed by dinner at 6, and the business meeting and presentation at 6:45. It will take place at Casey's, which is located at 415 East North Avenue. LEARN MORE >


June 28 -- Virtual Conference - First of all, this all-day, online event is free. It includes seven educational sessions on topics such as RPG Web services, open source development environments, application modernization and system administration. It even includes a vendor expo. This is a COMMON user group event, but membership is not required to attend. LEARN MORE >


July 13 & 14 -- Chicago, Illinois - A two-day technical conference highlighting open source and systems management education is being hosted by the COMMON user group. The sessions schedule and speaker's biographies are available online. LEARN MORE >


July 21 - 23 -- Costa Mesa, California - The annual IBM i Technical Conference hosted by the Ocean User Group of Southern California will be held at National University. This three-day training event includes approximately 40 technical presentations. Thursday is devoted to modernization and personal development sessions and Friday features a variety of session topics including open source development strategies, upgrading to RDi technologies, Web services, mobile development, security, and plenty more. The impressive list of speakers includes Alison Butterill, Carol Woodbury, Dan Cruikshank, Larry Bolhuis, Charles Guarino, Mike Pavlak, Alex Roytman, Brian May, and others. Friday's agenda also includes a vendor expo. The Saturday agenda features four boot camp sessions: DB2 & SQL, security, systems management, and a topic yet to be determined. National University is located at 3390 Harbor Boulevard. LEARN MORE >


October 4-6 -- Lombard, Illinois - The RPG & DB2 Summit is a semi-annual technical conference that focuses exclusively on training IBM i developers and database engineers. It's hosted by the highly regarded subject matter experts Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, and Paul Tuohy and includes a lineup of impressive speakers and sessions. The upcoming Summit will feature in-depth coverage of the top IBM i 7.3 enhancements for DB2 for i, as well as a new hands-on workshop focused on using RPG procedures and service programs to modularize code. The 8-hour workshop is scheduled as an optional pre-conference day, Monday, October 3, and requires a separate registration. A list of conference sessions is available online. LEARN MORE >


October 24 - 26 -- Columbus, Ohio - The COMMON Fall Conference & Expo is set up for three days of education and networking. The majority of sessions will be aimed at the traditional IBM i professionals, but sessions on AIX and Linux will also be on the agenda. In addition to approximately 100 traditional education sessions, there are typically a few one-day workshops offered in advance of the conference and requiring a separate fee. The session agenda has not been finalized at this time. COMMON certification exams are also part of the overall training and education package. LEARN MORE >


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