Volume 15, Number 32 -- September 24, 2015
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IBM Query/400
hasn't been enhanced in 25 years, but
you can change that with Qport Office.
for two concurrent users.

Query/400 is still the first tool many IBM i users
turn to for simple reports. If only it could output to
Microsoft Excel, Access, and Word.

Qport Office is a Windows run-time interface to Query/400
that your users will love.No query modification.
No middleware.

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Top IBM i Stories from Around the Web

(IT Jungle) To RDi or not to RDi, that is the question. IBM released RDi 9.5 last week with features that may help some companies answer the question that asks: Are you ever going to move your application development efforts into the modern world? READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) Apache Spark is the technology of the moment in big data analytics. The open source project implements a framework for running in-memory analytic workloads across a distributed cluster. IBM executives can't say enough good things about Spark. But IBM i executives are mum on the topic. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) The cat's not out of the Power Systems bag, but we can see the bag is about to be brought onto the IBM stage. Hardware news is as serious as a heart attack to Timothy Prickett Morgan, who has a bowl of feeds and speeds for breakfast each morning. Here's his peek into IBM's mixed bag of upcoming announcements. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) IBM pulled the plug on V5R4 standard software maintenance two years ago. As a rule, we don't see PTF patches for an OS that's aged beyond standard software maintenance. Well apparently pigs fly, because those V5R4 PTFs are real. They were put into the HIPER and Security PTF groups. READ MORE >


(MCPress) For some time, IBM's strategic focus has been on five targeted technologies: cloud, analytics, mobile, security, and social. IBM i shops don't necessarily put any of those things on their priority lists. In this interview, Steve Will and Terri Vernig give their reasons why IBM i shops should care. READ MORE >


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Vendor Announcements, Promotions, and Deals

(IT Jungle) IBM i operations that include multiple development teams are under pressure to consolidate. Developers with one-dimensional specialized skills are being asked to do more, especially with the emphasis on mobile application development. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) The collaboration between the Maxava iFoundation and the IBM i community is expanding and showing some impressive results. The most recent round of grant funding benefited 34 organizations, according to according to information from Maxava, the disaster recovery and high availability vendor. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) The cybersecurity research firm Secunia is reporting IBM has serious security problems--the most vulnerable products on the top 20 vulnerability list that Secunia cranks out on a quarterly schedule. Is the methodology flawed or not? READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) CNX will soon introduce a new release of its Valence Web application development framework for IBM i. It will support PHP and include a development framework capable of creating Web-based applications that run on the IBM i. The PHP is not just for the front end. For the first time, the company is allowing users to code business logic using PHP. READ MORE >



Redbooks, White Papers, and Other OS/400 Resources

(BCD) Green screen modernization is about more than giving your legacy applications a pretty face. Download this e-book (no charge) to learn about business reasons for IBM i green-screen modernization. READ MORE >


(Maxava) Unplanned downtime can result in data loss and other business risks. This report examines on-premise and cloud-based disaster recovery and the benefits of each option. READ MORE >


(CCSS) Any IBM i machine or network can underperform, regardless of how well that system or network is managed. This white paper will help you identify the common indicators of poor job performance, the consequences that impact users and IT staff, and the dollar value of unchecked job performance and status issues. READ MORE >


(Botz & Associates) Here's a guide book that presents a sensible business approach to single sign-on for environments with Windows and IBM i (AS/400, iSeries), AIX, Linux, Apache and/or WAS. It includes the pros and cons of four SSO methodologies, how to identify the best SSO implementation--including managed services--for your organization, and insights into which technologies are the key ingredients in SSO. READ MORE >


(Profound Logic) This white paper examines the most common challenges to mobile application development for IBM i shops. The contents include: going mobile with limited staff or budget, choosing hybrid or native development, and easing BYOD development stress. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) Performance enhancing skills are only a click away. This repository of technical tips and advice related to application and database development, system administration, and more comes from many of brightest minds in the IBM i community including Ted Holt, Mike Sansoterra, Aaron Bartell, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, Paul Tuohy, and others. This is a free resource--no registration necessary--and it's Google searchable. READ MORE >


Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

See our full calendar of events at


September 24 -- Webinar - In many IBM i shops, critical business processes still rely on plain-text spool files generated by legacy applications and ERP systems. Meanwhile, users demand more modern, graphical documents, and many IT departments are looking for ways to quickly design professional documents and automate distribution. This online session document modernization tools for automatically transforming and distributing IBM i spool files. It is hosted by Quadrant Software and begins at 11 a.m. Pacific Time. LEARN MORE >


October 1 -- Manchester, New Hampshire - The New Hampshire Midrange User Group (NHMUG) will be hosting a one-day educational seminar focused on Node.js, DB2, and RPG. The agenda includes four sessions: Intro to Node.js; Node.js, DB2 and RPG--Talking together at last; Building Your First App with ExpressJs; and Git on IBM i. Application development expert Aaron Bartell will provide the instruction. This educational opportunity will take place at The Yard Restaurant located at 1211 South Mammoth Road. It begins at 8:30 a.m. LEARN MORE >


October 5-7 -- Fort Lauderdale, Florida - The COMMON 2015 Fall Conference & Expo features two and one-half days of in-depth education on a broad range of relevant IBM i, Linux, and AIX topics. The agenda includes more than 100 sessions including vendor-led sessions on products. Pre-conference workshops are also available. Compared to COMMON's Annual Meeting each spring, this conference is shorter and less expensive. LEARN MORE >


October 5-9 -- Orlando, Florida - The 2015 IBM Systems Technical University event features IBM Power Systems and z Systems. The IBM Power Systems sessions focus on Power8 processor-based systems, software and solutions for IBM i, AIX, and Linux. Technical content, skill-building sessions, and hands-on labs are led by product experts. Topics include: Power8 scale-out and enterprise servers; analytics, cloud and hybrid cloud deployments; NoSQL, CAPI technology, and flash storage; mobile infrastructure; and Linux on Power/KVM implementation and best practices. LEARN MORE >


October 19-22 -- Las Vegas, Nevada - ZendCon 2015 is expanding its IBM i content with more solutions, more sessions, and more tutorials. The session agenda includes Zend Framework ZF2, DB2 Security on IBM i, and a new track designed to help developers and administrators manage PHP and IBM i development. In addition to PHP on IBM i topics, subject matter experts Mike Pavlak, Alan Seiden, Tony Cairns, and Jim Oberholtzer will provide insights into Apache, DB2 and Zend Server. A tutorial day featuring a deep dive of dependency management using Composer and DB2 and SQL for PHP on IBM i will be held on Monday--the day before the conference begins. The event location is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. LEARN MORE >


October 20 -- Costa Mesa, California - Database re-engineering and SQL will be the featured topics at the regular monthly meeting of the OCEAN User Group. There will be two presentations by IBM DB2 for i expert Dan Cruikshank--one at 5 p.m. and one at 7:15. In between is time for dinner and networking. The database re-engineering discussion will include an overview of the IBM re-engineering strategy, reverse engineering an existing database, refactoring data access, and restructuring the tables. The SQL discussion will focus on moving OPNQRYF to SQL using RPG Open Access. The meeting will be held at National University, which is located at 3390 Harbor Boulevard. LEARN MORE >


October 20-22 -- Chicago, Illinois -The RPG & DB2 Summit includes sessions on modern IBM i code, UIs, Web and mobile apps, and new integrations--all using practical, use-it-today tips and techniques based on RPG IV, SQL, DB2 for i, RSE/RDi, Web Services, PHP, CL and more. Get one-on-one advice from top experts such as Jon Paris, Susan Gantner, Paul Tuohy, Scott Klement, Barbara Morris, and Ted Holt in a highly interactive, fun environment. An online agenda of seminars, workshops, and sessions is now available. LEARN MORE >


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