Volume 15, Number 42 -- December 10, 2015
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AS/400 Automation Is Back. . . in Black

According to the 2015 IBM i Marketplace Survey, 50 percent of shops run their IBM i environment unattended. So, what's holding you back?

Lights-out data center operations have been on your wish list for years, but the naysayers and lack of know-how have paralyzed your progress. Don't put off automation any longer.

Find your way to lights-out >


Top IBM i Stories from Around the Web

(IT Jungle) 2015 was a helluva year in the IBM midrange. And there's only a snowball's chance in Phoenix that you recall all the prizes and surprises that came our way. Here's a quick review that brings the blur of activity into focus. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) Mergers and acquisitions continue to ripple through the IBM i ISV community demonstrating that investors want in on the action. One ISV with an M & A history is the application modernization specialist Fresche Legacy. Last week it brought in some fresh cash to help fund its next move. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) Although the details remain intentionally out of sight, evidence that IBM's strategy for reinvigorating the Power Systems platform suggest it's no longer losing ground and perhaps some progress is being achieved. One wish for the new year would be for IBM to actually provide system sales numbers for i. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) New studies indicate a large number of software vendors are struggling to handle the current round of cloud- and mobile-induced IT chaos such as online software delivery, metered usage, and device-agnostic licensing. In one survey, two-thirds of the ISVs reported none of their software is currently accessed via the cloud. READ MORE >


(IBM Systems Magazine) The productivity boost developers get from upgrading to Rational Developer for i (RDi) is one of the most debated issues in the IBM i development community. And that debate usually spills into a discussion on the return on investment when purchasing RDi. Here are legitimate considerations that fit the discussion. READ MORE >


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IBM Security QRadar, IBM i and Townsend Security - Better Together

In just a few minutes you can make IBM Security QRadar instantly recognize IBM i security events and dramatically improve your security.

With real-time monitoring, QRadar DSM integration, high performance, and automatic operation Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar makes a big difference to your security posture.

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Vendor Announcements, Promotions, and Deals

(IT Jungle) What will IBM think of next? In a surprising turn of events, IBM has unlocked the door to easy product access. Believe it or not, IBM i Access Client Solutions software is downloadable with a simple click on the i Access website. Now that iAccess for Windows is no longer supported, this ease of upgrade should be widely appreciated. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) What do you get when you mix PHP, HTML, IBM i, and RPG? If you do it right, you get awards. This development team won two industry awards for its IBM i-based applications that resulted in noteworthy operational efficiencies. It's an application modernization success story. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) IT modernization is one of the top priorities for many IBM i shops. We know there are challenges that shops face that are both technical and business related. Successful projects are surfacing and more are taking shape. To create an accurate record of what's taking shape, we have a survey that's looking for IBM i data. Join in and add your story to what is the basis for a modern make over. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) The IBM i has a reputation for tough as nails security. But it's not a plug-and-play-and-forget-about-it surprise. It takes some skills to make it right. One of the most skilled authorities in the IBM i community is passing out some tips this week. READ MORE >



Redbooks, White Papers, and Other OS/400 Resources

(Profound Logic) Modernization of the IBM i platform is a key topic for many businesses. Companies that run applications on IBM i are researching solutions to modernize their legacy GUIs, RPG code, and databases and create modern apps for desktops and mobile devices. Take this survey to provide insight into what the IBM i community is thinking and doing on this topic. READ MORE >


(System i Developer) Most RPG programmers know some coding shortcuts that help them code faster, Shortcuts are a coder's friend. So a package of shortcuts is a bit like finding a $100 bill under your keyboard. You can thank Susan Gantner for this list. READ MORE >


(IBM) Known by the shortened title of "The Modernization Redbook," this sizeable publication covers key trends for application structure, user interface, data access, and the database. In short, it examines modern policies for dealing with existing applications and the creation and maintenance of new applications. READ MORE >


(IT Jungle) Some of the best advice in the business comes from the IT Jungle "Guru." This repository of technical tips and advice related to application and database development, system administration, and more comes from many of brightest minds in the IBM i community including Ted Holt, Mike Sansoterra, Aaron Bartell, Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, Paul Tuohy, Pat Botz and others. This is a free resource--no registration necessary--and it's Google searchable. READ MORE >


Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

See our full calendar of events at


December 9 -- Webinar - IBM Business Partner IT Solutions Group will explain the advantages and disadvantages of software-based and hardware-based high availability during this online session. Topics of discussion include remote journaling and physical mirroring technologies, preventing downtime and data loss, and determining HA objectives and budget parameters. The presentation begins at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. LEARN MORE >


December 9 -- Webinar - Advice on converting legacy applications to Web and mobile applications will be provided during this presentation hosted by IBM i vendors CM First and OpenLegacy. The emphasis of this discussion will be on getting value from legacy applications without investing great amounts of money, resources, or coding time. Rapid response to business initiatives is also a priority topic. The session begins at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. LEARN MORE >


December 15 -- Virtual Conference - A free, one-day, view-on-demand Power Systems virtual conference featuring sessions presented by industry experts is being hosted by COMMON. Educational topics include Linux, DB2, RDi, JQuery, application development, security, and systems management. Session abstracts can be previewed online. Also included is a Virtual Expo where conference attendees can chat with software vendors about their products and solutions. The speaker list includes Four Hundred Guru Ted Holt, IBM's RPG expert Barbara Morris, Pete Massiello, Dawn May, Steve Pitcher, and others. LEARN MORE >


December 17 -- Webinar - Building Web applications without writing a line of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code is the focus of this session, which will also explain how to avoid coding in AJAX, REST, or JSON and still provide read, insert, update, or delete capabilities. The session, hosted by LANSA, begins at 11 a.m. Central Time. LEARN MORE >


December 17 -- Twitter Chat - Subject matter expert Aaron Bartell will be discussing open source languages in this session hosted by COMMON and scheduled from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The agenda will be set by questions from the participants. Tweet questions to @COMMON by December 11. LEARN MORE >


January 14 -- St. Louis, Missouri - Python, an easy to learn scripting language that making its way into IBM i development teams, is the feature presentation at the regular monthly meeting of the Gateway/400 Group, a System i user group serving the greater St. Louis area. The meeting begins with lunch at noon and the presentation following lunch. RSVP no later than Monday before the meeting date. LEARN MORE >


January 19 -- Costa Mesa, California - The regular monthly meeting of the OCEAN User Group will feature Charles Guarino as its guest speaker. Guarino will present a session on REST Web services at 3:45 p.m., followed by a social hour and dinner. At 7:15, there will be a discussion on what to expect from IBM i in 2016, followed by a Q & A session. The meeting location is the Avenue of the Arts Hotel located at 3350 Avenue of the Arts. LEARN MORE >


May 15-18 -- New Orleans, Louisiana - The 2016 COMMON Annual Meeting and Exposition is the largest IBM i educational event of the year. It includes in-depth sessions related to IBM i, as well as AIX and Linux. The agenda includes all-day pre-conference workshops, open labs, and a variety of regular-length sessions. A discounted registration offer that saves $400 is available through December 31. LEARN MORE >


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