Volume 12, Number 1 -- January 10, 2012

RJS Goes Single Sign-On with i OS App

Published: January 10, 2012

by Alex Woodie

Logging onto RJS Software Systems products is about to get a whole lot easier and more secure. This month, the Burnsville, Minnesota, company plans to ship a new release of WebDocs--iSeries Edition that's equipped with the vendor's new RJS Single Sign-On (SSO) technology. RJS plans to enable several other products with SSO throughout the year.

SSO technology enables a user to log onto her computer once and access multiple client or server applications with that first authentication, doing away with the need to log onto each application separately. SSO eliminates the hassle of remembering multiple user IDs and passwords and streamlines workflow, and can improve security by reducing a user's temptation to write down logon information.

RJS stated its intent to deliver SSO capabilities last July, and the technology will debut with WebDocs-iSeries Edition, one of its most popular products.

WebDocs is an "electronic filing cabinet" of sorts that can capture, store, manage, and route all kinds of electronic documents, including IBM i spool files, invoices, work orders, faxes, reports, scanned documents, and even non-structured data like video and audio files.

Having just one product enabled with SSO doesn't make a lot of sense, so RJS is bringing the technology to other products that customers use in conjunction with WebDocs, including WebForms, Enterprise Workflow, Scan Workstation, Image Viewer, and Batch Import Utility. The Windows version of WebDocs is also getting the SSO feature.

RJS president and CTO Richard Schoen says the company prides itself on delivering a good user experience. "RJS Single Sign-On will save our customers time and money, while enhancing their security presence," he says in a press release.

RJS SSO is Windows-based. The company says it combines user authentication in Windows domains with a means of mapping user authorization in those applications or servers.

RJS SSO will be discussed in an upcoming RJS webinar. To register for the webinar, go to www.rjssoftware.com/Company/Events/2012-Kickoff-Webinar.


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