Volume 11, Number 2 -- January 18, 2011

LogLogic Updates Security Event Manager

Published: January 18, 2011

by Alex Woodie

LogLogic last week unveiled LogLogic version 5.1, a new release of its log data management designed to help organization track logs for compliance purposes. It also unveiled a new release of its security information and event management (SIEM).

LogLogic sells a range of log data offerings, including pre-configured appliances geared to different tasks, and virtual appliances that customers can install on their own hardware. LogLogic's offerings do support the IBM i platform, along with more than 300 other log or data sources.

With LogLogic version 5.1, the San Jose, California, company introduced a new Dynamic Dashboards feature that's designed to display reports, queries, and alerts in a user-friendly layout. The other major feature in version 5.1 is an addition to its Web services API that should give customers deeper integration into the company's Compliance Manager component.

The vendor also unveiled a new release of Security Event Manager (SEM), its log correlation engine designed to detect coordinated attacks on an organization's infrastructure. SEM version 3.5 includes tighter integration with other LogLogic products, a new user interface, and support for Security Device Event Exchange (SDEE), which is a new protocol employed by Cisco.

Customers are increasingly looking to get a leg up on security by leveraging their logs, and the new features in LogLogic products help organization achieve these ends, according to LogLogic CEO Guy Churchward. "It reaffirms our clear vision that log management and security are converging toward an end where they are both features in the larger marketplace of IT data management," he says.


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