Volume 6, Number 4 -- January 24, 2006

NetManage OnWeb Streamlines AS/400 Access at StoneFly

Published: January 24, 2006

by Alex Woodie

Employees at Stonefly, an Italian shoemaker, can now spend more time doing their jobs, and less time dealing with computer technology, as a result of an engagement with NetManage. Last week the Northern California software and services firm announced that StoneFly now enjoys streamlined access to OS/400 applications and data as a result of a new Web portal built using NetManage's OnWeb technology.

Prior to the OnWeb implementation, Stonefly sales agents used a complicated combination of Citrix emulation and IBM Client Access technology to access sales data. Within days of deploying OnWeb, Stonefly had a customized Web-based portal that provided direct access to applications and databases residing on its AS/400 server.

"NetManage has helped our sales agents spend less time on administrative tasks and more time selling," said Dr. Mauro Tamai, Stonefly's IT manager. "NetManage OnWeb enables our agents to perform fast and straightforward transactions, delivering Stonefly a rapid return on investment."

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