Volume 6, Number 4 -- January 24, 2006
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Whitepaper: SOA: Managing the Inventory and Development Process with Aldon

If you’re considering SOA, you need to provide an IT environment conducive to crafting quality SOA. Aldon brings your SOA services components into sharp focus with a metadata registry that provides a comprehensive inventory of all service components.

With the Aldon Suite, you have a powerful SCM system that can track and monitor the progress of your SOA development initiatives.


iSeries Clustering Support Added to Workplace Collaboration Suite
by Alex Woodie

IBM added support for iSeries clustering to Workplace Collaboration Services (WCS) version 2.6, the latest release of its flagship suite of collaboration software that started shipping last week. WCS, which was first introduced at version 2.5 last May, is an expandable suite of applications that combines several products that IBM had formerly sold under its Domino product set, such as e-mail server software, calendaring, team collaboration, document management, and Web-based content management.READ MORE >

Steel Producer Logs High Marks on SOX Audit
by Robert Gast

Corporate leaders, once stunned by the draconian implications of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, are beginning to come to terms with it. In fact, some suggest that SOX may even have its high points. Take MACSTEEL, for example. Pre-SOX, the Michigan steel producer would sometimes test changes to OS/400 applications after they'd been rolled into a live environment. As part of its SOX compliance effort, MACSTEEL implemented a suite of testing tools from the Original Software Group, and now every change is thoroughly documented before going live--much to the relief of its auditors. READ MORE >

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COMMON Spring 2006
IT Education Conference & Expo
Minneapolis, Minnesota
March 26-30, 2006

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Attendees can choose from a multitude of sessions and hands-on labs focusing on business strategy, networking, development and systems management with a featured educational focus on Services Oriented Architecture. Explore the latest technologies in the industry's largest iSeries-related Expo and network with peers at COMMON social events.

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Variety Comes to Mobile Users of Lotus Notes/Domino
by Dan Burger

As handheld messaging devices continue to stretch their usefulness beyond e-mail, the fact remains that most users are limiting the requirements to simply e-mail and, to a lesser degree, instant messaging. Stories of business people in the field gaining important new functionality such as being tied to back-end applications are not yet what anyone would consider commonplace despite the hype weighing heavily in that direction. However, higher performance and more product choices proliferate. For mobile users in the Lotus Notes/Domino camp, there is good news streaming from the Lotusphere conference and trade show this week in Orlando. READ MORE >

Centerfield Tightens Noose Around iSeries Performance Problems
by Alex Woodie

iSeries shops that want detailed logs of system events leading up to performance problems should check out the new release of Centerfield Technology's insure/MONITOR. Previously, the tool only worked in real time, but with version 5.3, Centerfield has added the capability to offload data about user and job activity to a separate database, enabling IT pros to track down performance problems on their own time. READ MORE >

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For tough production and warehouse environments, Affirmative introduces the industrial-strength YEStablet wireless thin client.

Featuring a magnesium alloy case and shock protection boot for industrial applications, the new YEStablet supports 5250 and 3270 emulation with built-in GUI and touch-screen keyboard.

The USB port supports barcode scanners and other data collection devices. Vehicle mount and wearable options are also available. Visit www.affirmative.net for more information.

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

Stay-Linked 7.1 Solves Common Barcode Scanning Problems . . . NetManage OnWeb Streamlines AS/400 Access at StoneFly . . . CCSS Foresees Continued Growth for 2006 . . . KemeTech Writes 'API' for Accessing Excel Data from iSeries Apps . . . Manhattan Associates Targets Advanced Planning Solutions at Retailers . . . Newspaper Finds Windows-based Circulation Software Runs Quite Well on AS/400 . . .

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