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Volume 4, Number 4 -- January 27, 2004

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Optimize your Office…
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  • Design templates for your business forms,
          invoices, checks, etc.
  • Electronically merge data from your financial
          system into these templates.
  • Then print, email, fax or electronically
          archive these documents & payments...
          right from your iSeries AS/400.
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    IBM's recommended solution

    IBM partners with Aldon to offer ADM users upgrades to Aldon Affiniti change management. Aldon's 20-plus years of experience, 5,000 clients and future-ready software provide ADM users with the reliability needed to migrate to e-business development.

    No matter the platform (iSeries, Windows, Unix, Web, etc.) or development environment you use, including WebSphere, Affiniti supports it.

    Learn more at:

    Spanning the Digital Divide: The Future of Document Management
    by Alex Woodie

    Over the last few years, people and companies have warmed to the idea of electronic documents. Where once people would have scoffed at the idea of receiving bills or bank statements electronically, today it's becoming a requirement to retain customers. In the iSeries community, software vendors have adapted their forms applications to distribute documents in a variety of ways, and they continue to shape their offerings to meet future demands. READ MORE >


    Customers Benefit from Forms Software in Different Ways
    by Alex Woodie

    If your company is like most OS/400 shops, it's not using a centralized document management system. It's using a good old reliable line printer to generate the checks, invoices, reports, and other documents that your business requires on a daily basis. But many OS/400 shops around the country have stepped up to more advanced forms processing systems that give them better-looking documents that can be delivered electronically, while cutting costs and improving customer service along the way. READ MORE >

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    2003 Magnetic Media
    Reporting System
    For W-2 and 1099

  • Meet federal guidelines
  • Multi company processing

  • Mastery has been providing magnetic media reporting software since 1986. We provide complete DDS for easy file interface. We also provide spool conversion for W-2's, supporting the standard W-2 formats since 1990.

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    Affirmative Computer Products has the most complete thin client product line optimized for IBM iSeries and zSeries users as well as older AS/400 and S/390 models.

    Affirmative provides superior products and services for users of IBM-hosted networks with access to Windows, Unix, Linux and Web-enabled applications.

    For more information on our wide range of thin client and terminal emulation solutions, visit

    Panasonic Brings OS/400 Support to WORKiO MFPs
    by Alex Woodie

    When Panasonic announced last week that it supports the iSeries with its WORKiO multifunction printers (MFPs), OS/400 shops looking to escape centralized printing prison gained another option. With print speeds ranging from 23 to 60 pages per minute, and list prices from $8,500 to $20,300, Panasonic says, its WORKiO line of MFPs eliminates the need to choose between high-volume centralized systems and lower-end printers that don't offer finishing options. READ MORE >


    Bsafe Bolsters OS/400 Security Software with New Logging, Alerts
    by Alex Woodie

    Bsafe Software Solutions this week says it will start shipping a new version of its iSeries security software suite with new features in the areas of tracking changed data and generating security alerts. The company, which is based in Israel and has been trying to break into the North American market, says the changed data tracking feature in Bsafe/iSeries Global Security Version 3.3 can help companies comply with government mandates that call for tighter data security. READ MORE >

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    Automated Report Distribution
    Delivering what you want, when you want it.

    "Timely financial reporting is crucial to a manager… IBM's iSeries runs the reports on the JDE Financial Application, but had no efficient way of electronically distributing individual reports to individual people. The RJS products solved that problem by splitting report spool files and emailing each person the needed report."
    Fay Bryan
    IBM Global Services - Federal

    Download a FREE fully functional demo from our Web site at or call us at 888-RJS-SOFT

      News Briefs and Product Shorts

    Quantum Still On Track to Launch 1.2 TB SDLT Tape Drive This Year . . . adidas-Salomon Uses Magic to Integrate Web Site, iSeries, HP 3000 . . . Original Software Expands Developer Collaboration with TestPLAN 1.3 . . . inFORM Decision Launches New Release of iDocs Document Management Suite . . . LANSA Reports 100-Plus Customer Wins for UCCnet Direct Product . . . Profound Logic Plugs into WDSc with RPG Smart Pages Tool . . . READ MORE >

    Reader Feedback and Insights

    We value your feedback and insights. Feel free to send a letter to the editor. Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

    Editor: Alex Woodie
    Managing Editor: Shannon Pastore
    Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik,
    Shannon O'Donnell, Timothy Prickett Morgan
    Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
    Advertising Sales Representative: Kim Reed
    Contact the Editors: To contact anyone on the IT Jungle Team
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    RJS Software Systems


    Spanning the Digital Divide: The Future of Document Management

    Customers Benefit from Forms Software in Different Ways

    Panasonic Brings OS/400 Support to WORKiO MFPs

    Bsafe Bolsters OS/400 Security Software with New Logging, Alerts

    News Briefs and Product Shorts

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