Volume 12, Number 3 -- February 14, 2012

RODIN Admitted to IBM i Solution Edition Program

Published: February 14, 2012

by Alex Woodie

Thinking of running a data warehouse on the IBM i server? Then you may be interested by the news that RODIN, an IBM i-based extract, transform, and load (ETL) tool from Coglin Mill, has been accepted into IBM's IBM i Solution Edition program, thereby providing you big discounts when buying the software in conjunction with a new Power Systems server.

ETL is one of those workloads that many IBM i shops don't give a second thought to putting on an outboard Windows or Linux server. After all, many customers are using an ETL tool to suck data off the IBM i server and prepare it for data warehousing or business intelligence applications running on some other platform, so why not run the ETL software on some other platform too?

The folks at Coglin Mill flat out reject this thinking and are adamant that IBM i makes a great platform not only for ETL, but for the entire data warehouse to boot. "There's been some misconception and misinformation spread over the last eight to 10 years about where is the best place to put your data warehouse," Alan Jordan, a vice president at Coglin Mill, told IT Jungle in October following the launch of RODIN version 7.

RODIN provides an RPG- and DB2/400-centric way of creating data extracts, transformations, and change data capture (CDC) routines on data residing in production IBM i databases, and also helps to automate the on-going management of ETL workloads, which is a critical component of a successful data warehouses strategy. With offices in Rochester, Minnesota, Coglin Mill has access to IBM developers, which helps to ensure that RODIN is up on the latest IBM i technology.

Customers can save as much as 35 percent off the cost of a new Power Systems server when buying it through the Solution Edition program. To qualify, a customer must purchase one of the qualifying applications from participating ISVs, and run it on one of the Solution Edition configurations. Customers must spend a minimum of $6,500 on software when buying the four-core Model 720 Express server that's part of the program, and spend $25,000 when buying a six- or eight-core Model 740 Express.

Coglin Mill is qualified to sell RODIN as a Solution Edition to customers around the world, joining an exclusive list that includes just 10 other ISVs. There are currently 31 IBM i ISVs qualified to sell Solution Edition bundles in North America.

For more information on RODIN, see the vendor's website at www.thinkrodin.com. For more informant on the IBM i Solution Edition program, see www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/hardware/editions/solutions.html.


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