Volume 13, Number 6 -- February 19, 2013
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HTML5 & IBM i -
Connect, Discover, Create


Everybody is talking about HTML5 but they don't talk about how to actually use it effectively on
IBM i.


It is simple to leverage HTML5 for your new and existing IBM i applications.


Join experts Aaron Bartell, Trevor Perry & Nick Hampson, in this free webcast. Discover just how easy it can be to take your application to the modern web on web and user interfaces. REGISTER HERE



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IBM i Event Monitoring: 5 Secrets Revealed!


Critical events, whether planned or unforeseen, can result in poor system performance, outages, or worse. These events might originate externally, as is the case with severe weather, or within your system--either way, you need to be prepared.


CCSS, a world leader in IBM i performance monitoring, has collected 5 great tips to help you avoid and respond to system failures.

PowerHA Installs Exceed 2,000 Globally, IBM Says
by Alex Woodie

More than 2,000 customers around the world are using PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i, says Steve Finnes, IBM's worldwide product offering manager for PowerHA on AIX and IBM i. And with new HA capabilities for small and midsize businesses arriving with the IBM i 7.1 TR6 release of the software, the number of customers running PowerHA on smaller systems like the Power 720 is likely to grow. READ MORE >

PowerTech Shines a Light on 'Black Hole' Commands
by Alex Woodie

Despite all the auditing and journaling functions in the IBM i OS, it's still possible for a user to issue commands without accountability. For example, when users start an interactive SQL session, they are basically invisible to the administrator until the session ends. To help thwart this black hole of liability, PowerTech has added a new feature to Authority Broker that uses screenshots of the 5250 session to all track activity, regardless of the tool they're using. READ MORE >

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True or False?
Encryption on your IBM i
requires program changes.


Automatic encryption is now possible with our NIST-certified AES/400. It is absolutely the easiest, fastest and most secure way to encrypt data on the IBM i. Easily encrypt fields that contain sensitive information and control how data is decrypted without impacting existing applications.


View our webcast "Automatic Encryption on IBM i" to learn more!


>> View Webcast

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Speed Up Your IBM i Data!
Download "Key Tips for Synchronization
between IBM i and SQL Server 2012"

DBMoto-from HiT Software!


Fast    Easy    No Programming!


Advice on how Change Data Capture can
pass quick updates from IBM DB2
to reduce stress and deliver fresh data!
DBMoto - top features at a low cost for
Data Replication and Change Data Capture
for all IBM DB2 databases.



Vision Launches Cloud Initiative for RaaS
by Alex Woodie

Vision Solutions last week unveiled new software and licensing models that should make it easier for public cloud providers to offer Vision's disaster recovery and high availability solutions to Power and X86 customers. For Power customers, a key element of Vision's new cloud strategy is metered billing for MIMIX, which Vision says will streamline licensing and billing in a cloud environment, to provide recovery as a service (RaaS). READ MORE >

Cilasoft Monitors Additional Exit Points with IBM i Security Tool
by Alex Woodie

IBM i security software developer Cilasoft last week unveiled enhancements to two of its products, including CONTROLER, its exit point monitoring solution, and EAM, its Elevated Authority Manager solution. Cilasoft says the capability to monitor two additional exit points in CONTROLER--the open database file and socket exit points--as well as new commands in the tool, will give IBM i shops a powerful new way to enforce data-centric security policies, which it claims is an enormous breakthrough. READ MORE >

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Unlock The Value Of Your IBM i System


Don't move off of IBM i. Adsero Optima allows you to achieve massive savings by modernizing existing investments rather than starting over on a different platform.


- Reduce maintenance backlog and improve performance
- Enable core business applications to meet new business demands (mobility, cloud, analytics)
- Consolidate workloads incorporating some of the most advanced security features, all managed from a single pane of glass. Optimized for PureSystems


Download 'The Essential Guide to Database Modernization' whitepaper to learn more.

ARCAD Updates IT Service Management Tool
by Alex Woodie

ARCAD Software recently announced the release of ARCAD-Customer version 9.5, the latest release of its IT service management and customer request tracking tool. READ MORE >

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

• Correction: Oracle Does Support Old JDE World on New IBM i

• CNX Officially a Sencha Partner for Services

• Help/Systems Opens European Headquarters

• Boomi Grows Cloud Integration Under Dell

• Pet Food Distributor Benefits from New IBM i Setup

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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Townsend Security
HiT Software
Adsero Optima

PowerHA Installs Exceed 2,000 Globally, IBM Says

PowerTech Shines a Light on 'Black Hole' Commands

Vision Launches Cloud Initiative for RaaS

Cilasoft Monitors Additional Exit Points with IBM i Security Tool

ARCAD Updates IT Service Management Tool

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

Correction: Oracle Does Support Old JDE World on New IBM i . . . CNX Officially a Sencha Partner for Services . . . Help/Systems Opens European Headquarters . . . Boomi Grows Cloud Integration Under Dell . . . Pet Food Distributor Benefits from New IBM i Setup . . .

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