Volume 8, Number 12 -- March 25, 2008

Pat Townsend Turns to Managed Services

Published: March 25, 2008

by Alex Woodie

Patrick Townsend & Associates launched a new program last week aimed at selling its log management and encryption software to managed service providers (MSPs), who in turn will help manage organizations' System i, Unix, Linux, and Windows servers.

Regulations like PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA are leading organizations to collect and analyze logs from their servers and network devices more than ever, says Pat Townsend, president of the Olympia, Washington, company.

"If they have the right tools, MSPs can perform this service more economically and more securely than most companies can do internally. That's where we come in," he says. "MSPs can easily integrate our products into their existing NOC [network operations center] and SOC [server operations center] infrastructure and business model."

Pat Townsend sells a couple of different log management offerings, including Alliance LogAgent for System i, which translates log data from the proprietary i5/OS format into the more widely accepted syslog format, and syslog-ng Premium Edition, an open system log management product developed by BalaBit IT Security, with whom Townsend has an OEM partnership. Townsend also sells i5/OS, Windows, Linux, and Unix encryption solutions, which will be offered through the MSP program.

Pat Townsend will handle a good bit of the work through its MSP program, including presales consultation, installation, training, and on-going software and customer support. That way, the MSP can focus on selling the service and maintaining the client relationship, Townsend says.

Parties interested in the MSP program can register for more information at www.patownsend.com.


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