Volume 12, Number 7 -- March 27, 2012

Solarsoft Gets Boost from Tech Eval.com

Published: March 27, 2012

by Alex Woodie

Prospective ERP buyers who use Technology Evaluation Center's helpful website to research ERP products will now see Solarsoft's IBM i-based ERP software listed among the available options.

Last week, Solarsoft announced that TEC has certified iVP, its RPG-based ERP system designed for discrete manufacturers. Certification by TEC verifies that iVP "supports industry-specific standard business processes chosen by TEC analysts, and that TEC analysts have reviewed Solarsoft iVP RFI data against known benchmarks," the software vendor says.

This could give iVP a needed visibility boost. Compared to its tier-one competitors like Infor and Oracle, Solarsoft doesn't immediately ring a bell to many, even though iVP has been successfully used for decades.

Solarsoft was created following the April 2007 merger of two midmarket ERP software developers: CMS Manufacturing Systems of Ontario, Canada, and XKO Software of the U.K. The two companies were bought by the Los Angeles, California-based investment firm Marlin Equity Partners, which merged them into a single entity. iVP is the new name given to CMS/400, which is used by hundreds of mid-sized manufacturers, including a large number of suppliers to automotive OEMs. Solarsoft's Windows-based ERP system is called mVP.

Solarsoft says that TEC gave iVP a "dominant" rating in several functional categories, including financials, manufacturing management, inventory management, purchasing management, quality management, and sales management.

"The Solarsoft iVP system may be a reasonable and prudent option for manufacturers operating in iVP's sweet spot, and that requires a modern ERP system that is stable, easy to use, and easy to maintain, while costing less than more cumbersome tier-one applications," Solarsoft quoted TEC research analyst Aleksey Osintsev as saying.

For more information on iVP, see www.solarsoft.com.


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