Volume 6, Number 13 -- March 28, 2006

Integrated Custom Software Adds Document Management Features

Published: March 28, 2006

by Dan Burger

Integrated Custom Software has added features to its FormSprint laser-forms generation and document management software package that will convert electronic forms to PDF or TIFF format as well as display forms and data on a PC screen to assist form development. The company calls its latest module FormSprintCV. It becomes an option to the document management package.

FormSprintCV is server-based software designed to eliminate the overhead of the PDF or TIFF conversion from the AS/400 (iSeries or i5), which speeds the conversion process.

FormSprintCV also displays the PCL output of FormSprint on a PC screen, either from the form definition screens or after merging the form with data. If you are a forms developer, this feature allows a quick view of the form (or the form and data) without the extra step of printing it. The company designed it this way to maintain "the precision and ease of use inherent in the FormSprint form editor."

Document management and forms generation software continues to be a popular alternative for companies that bring in-house the printing of forms and the option of delivering forms via print, fax, or e-mail rather than relying on preprinted forms. ICS products help produce laser checks, tax forms, invoices and purchase orders, multi-part forms, bar codes, as well as other forms. The software is compatible with many third-party ERP packages, including the J.D. Edwards collection from Oracle, Infor XA (formerly MAPICS), SSA Global's BPCS, and Jack Henry.

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