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Volume 5, Number 14 -- April 5, 2005

News Briefs and Product Shorts

Bsafe Offers New DB2/400 Lockdown and Reporting Features

Bsafe Information Systems is shipping a new release of its OS/400 security utility, the company announced Sunday. Bsafe/Global Security for iSeries performs a number of security-related functions for OS/400 servers, including managing OS/400 security settings and exit points, detecting and preventing suspicious network activity, and generating reports against the OS/400 system journal. Everything in Bsafe/Global Security is managed from a Windows GUI. Bsafe/Global Security version 3.6 brings several new iSeries access features, including the capability to lock down access to the database according to user ID and IP address, and the capability to replicate the network permission settings from one iSeries server to another. The new version also brings new system inquiry features for checking the state of various system settings, including those for validation lists, object authorities, special user authorities, user profile, and library public authorities. New reporting options have also been added with this release, including the capability to output system inquiry reports to Excel, and to print them on PC printers. Version 3.6 also brings new pre-defined reports for various network activity, including FTP events, FTP client events, database events, DDM events, Telnet logon, file server, and rejected and warning events. Bsafe, which is headquartered in Israel, also announced it has opened a new sales office in Leonia, New Jersey, earlier this year. The New Jersey office will be headed by Itay Karny. Last September, the company opened a sales office in Houston. The company's first office, in Toronto is now the company's North American support center.

Pat Townsend Can Encrypt iSeries Tape Backups with PGP

Companies looking to encrypt their tape backups may want to check out Patrick Townsend & Associates, an Olympia, Washington, software developer that offers an OS/400 implementation of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) that can be used to protect tapes before they're sent to off-site tape storage facilities, customers, or vendors. "Recent news events underscore the importance of encrypting any sensitive data stored on tape or other off-line media," says Pat Townsend, the company's president. "Sensitive data stored on tape for archival, disaster recovery, or transferred to a business partner or vendor, can now be encrypted by our Alliance PGP solution to ensure against this type of loss." Townsend may have been referring to Bank of America, a prominent OS/400 shop that admitted earlier this year that it lost some of the unencrypted backup tapes of its customer--the federal government--while the tapes were in transit to off-site storage (see "Security Niches Filled as Public Security Lapses Mount"). While there's no way of telling whether the lost tapes were from BofA's iSeries operations, the account highlights the importance of encrypting backup tapes. In some cases, encrypting backups may be required by new regulations. "By using PGP encryption with Additional Decryption Keys, the Alliance solution insures data recovery and meets data audit requirements" for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the California privacy notification law, and the medical privacy requirements of HIPAA, says Jeff Atwood, Pat Townsend's marketing director.

i5 and System21 Upgrade to Drive Efficiencies for Irish Brewer

An i5-based ERP upgrade is in the works for Beamish & Crawford, the Irish brewer and distributor that sells such distinctive drinks as Beamish Genuine Irish Stout, Kronenbourg 1664, and Miller Genuine Draft. The plan was announced last week by the company's ERP provider, Studley, England-based Geac. Beamish & Crawford plan to go live on the next generation of Geac's System21 ERP suite, called Aurora, on a new eServer i5 Model 520 by September, Geac says. As part of the upgrade, Beamish and Crawford will be using process.connect, a business process management application within System21 Aurora will enable the company to provide clients with visibility into deliveries and stock levels via the Web. System21 Aurora will also be critical for the Cork, Ireland, brewer's new telemarketing project. "The order capture application is a big bonus for us as it will enable us to develop a much more comprehensive customer database without having to use additional CRM software packages," says Dave Dilloughery, Beamish and Crawford's IT manager. The upgrade will also enable new workflow and triggering capabilities within the 200-year-old brewer and distributor, and keep the drink flowing where it needs to be. "If we recognize an order cannot be immediately fulfilled due to a lack of stock, we can rectify the situation immediately," Dilloughery says. The company has already invested more than 150,000, or about $193,000, in the upgrade, Geac says.

Fine Wire Manufacturer Finds Intentia on iSeries A Good Match

A U.S. subsidiary of a multi-billion-dollar Swedish manufacturer has reported success using Intentia's OS/400-based ERP software to manage inventory, production planning and scheduling, distribution, customer service, financials, and purchasing activities. The company, which is called Kanthal in Palm Coast, installed Intentia's Java-based ERP suite to help manage its business, which is manufacturing precision wire and ultra-fine wire products used in a variety of products in the automotive, chemical, energy production, healthcare, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and food and beverage industries. "We are already experiencing major efficiency and productivity improvements and expect to see even more in the future," said Steve June, the information systems manager for Kanthal in North America, who has overseen several Intentia implementations at Kanthal sites. Kanthal in Palm Coast, which employs 108 people at its manufacturing plant on the east coast of Florida, is a subsidiary of Sandvik, the Swedish technology and engineering giant with annual sales of about $7.8 billion and 37,000 employees in 130 countries.

SSA Global Addresses Regulatory Compliance with PLM 8.0

Manufacturers that use SSA Global's ERP systems will soon be hearing about a new version of the company's product lifecycle management (PLM) software. SSA PLM 8.0, which the Chicago company announced last week, features enhancements in the areas of ERP and computer aided design (CAD) integration, regulatory compliance, and improved workflow. SSA says PLM 8.0 specifically addresses the following regulatory requirements: the European Commission's directives for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and the U.S. FDA's regulation for ensuring the authenticity, integrity, and security of electronic records, called 21 CFR Part 11. "SSA PLM allows manufacturers to close the gap between engineering and other departments so product data is converted to product information that has enterprisewide business benefit," says Cory Eaves, SSA Global's chief technology officer. Analysts say using PLM software--which is designed to help companies manage the complete product continuum from determining requirements, developing a concept, building a prototype, creating a design, and engineering, to procurement, manufacturing, assembling, packaging, distribution, maintenance, and obsolescence--can help manufactures gain a competitive edge. SSA Global's PLM solution runs on Windows platforms.

Ericom Adds Windows Terminal Server to Host Emulation Suite

Ericom Software recently launched a new release of its Windows-based emulation that can connect to Windows Terminal Server 2000 and 2003, in addition to "legacy" OS/400, mainframe, Unix, OpenVMS, Tandem, SCO, and HP-3000 systems. According to Ericom founder and CEO, Eran Heyman, PowerTerm WebConnect version 5.1 is the first terminal emulation solution that can span all these environments and offer Windows Terminal Server connectivity, too. "Until now, IT managers had to implement various connectivity solutions to meet on-demand access to enterprise applications," Heyman says. "No single company could satisfy this real-world need." PowerTerm WebConnect 5.1 uses Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to provide access to Windows applications. In addition to the new Windows support, this release also includes enhancements in the security, administration, and remote host printing areas.

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