Volume 13, Number 11 -- April 9, 2013
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Advanced Query/400: Learn the Secrets


When it comes to Query/400, "advanced" is in the eye of the beholder.


While it is true that the tool can handle functions beyond static queries, the dependent variable functions we detail in this guide represent the limits of Query/400's ability to perform more in-depth tasks. However, many shops still rely on basic query tools, for better or worse, and we want to help you make the most of them.


Download the free Advanced Query/400 Pack.

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Transform SYNON 2E Model to MVC Java


X-2E 9.8


X-2E extracts the business rules, functions, and entities directly from the SYNON model.


Audits the extracted model with graphical documentation, or UML/XML/DDL exports.


Rebuilds as OO MVC Java using modern frameworks and coding standards.


X-2E 9.8



BCD Tackles Mobile App Development with WebSmart Mobile
by Alex Woodie

Business Computer Design Int'l. yesterday unveiled a beta version of WebSmart Mobile, a new component of its WebSmart development environment. The new software, which was announced at the COMMON conference in Austin, Texas, uses jQuery Mobile to enable IBM i developers to create Web-based mobile apps that deploy to smartphones and tablets running iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Blackberry platforms. READ MORE >

Profound Framework Moves to Open Source
by Dan Burger

Application development tool vendor Profound Logic has taken its user interface framework open source citing benefits such as increased capability for users to control their own software, improved integration between the IBM i and other platforms, no-cost opportunities for companies and developers to test the application modernization waters, and a route to development that avoids vendor lock-in. It's Profound's latest step in providing IBM midrange shops with an RPG tool that is more open and transparent. READ MORE >

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BEST Data Replication
and CDC between IBM i
and Netezza, Vertica, others!


Download free paper
"CDC for Big Data"


Fast    Easy    No Programming!


DBMoto-from HiT Software
Compare to InfoSphere CDC!
Real-time Updates - Easy, Low Cost
One Product - One Install!



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*Full Color Graphical Overlays*


KeyesOverlay rapidly converts standard *SCS printer files into eye catching PDF documents.


Create graphical overlays in full color (or black and white if preferred) then easily map your spooled file text with different fonts, sizes and colors! Design beautiful documents and attractive reports VERY QUICKLY! Then let KeyesOverlay create document after document at lightning speed.


Learn more at www.computerkeyes.com
or call 800 356 0203.

VAULT400 Now Available As IBM i Solution Edition
by Alex Woodie

United Computer Group is hoping to give private IBM i clouds a run for their money with the IBM i Solution Edition for VAULT400, which was unveiled yesterday at the COMMON conference in Austin, Texas, and combines UCG's data vaulting software with Power Systems servers. In the near future, UCG plans to unveil a menu of IT services that it says will give IBM i shops many of the advantages of moving to a private cloud, without giving up physical ownership of the box. READ MORE >

Education the First Step in TEMBO's Quest for Database Modernization
by Alex Woodie

It's been nearly a year since TEMBO Technology Lab launched its flagship database modernization tool, called Adsero Optima Foundation, in the US market. Since then, the product has garnered interest from dozens of American IBM i shops, who are intrigued with the prospect of migrating from old DDS to the SQL engine. While the folks at TEMBO would have preferred a warmer reception--and a quicker sales ramp-up--they understand that there's a need for greater education on the topic of database modernization. READ MORE >

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Unlock the value of your IBM i system.


Don't move off of IBM i. Adsero Optima allows you to achieve massive savings by modernizing existing investments and extending application life for many years to come.


- Modernize! Reduce maintenance backlog and improve performance
- Modernize! Enable business applications to meet new demands (mobility, cloud, etc.)
- Modernize! Consolidate IBM i, AIX, Linux, x86 workloads with a fully integrated system that utilize built-in Patterns of Expertise. Ready for PureSystems


Learn how Cape Gate saved significantly by modernizing their database vs. replacing their IBM i.

New Design Tool Coming from look
by Dan Burger

The development of Web and mobile applications in IBM midrange shops is at the intersection of tools and talent. Companies with the talent are looking for the right tools. Companies that are short on talent, or have the talent but the talent doesn't have the time, are looking for turnkey solutions. Either scenario is good for companies like looksoftware, which this week announced the soon-to-arrive version 10 release of its design and development environment known as newlook. READ MORE >

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

• Why Your i Should Never, Ever Be Left Unattended On the Internet

• JDA Unveils New Cloud-Based Supply Chain Platform

• Quadrant Adds QR Code Support to Formtastic

• Help/Systems Gets Its Splunk On with 'InterMapper' Launch

• AURA Equipements Touts its SQLiPlug

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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SEQUEL Software
HiT Software
Computer Keyes
Adsero Optima

BCD Tackles Mobile App Development with WebSmart Mobile

Profound Framework Moves to Open Source

VAULT400 Now Available As IBM i Solution Edition

Education the First Step in TEMBO's Quest for Database Modernization

New Design Tool Coming from look

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

Why Your i Should Never, Ever Be Left Unattended On the Internet . . . JDA Unveils New Cloud-Based Supply Chain Platform . . . Quadrant Adds QR Code Support to Formtastic . . . Help/Systems Gets Its Splunk On with 'InterMapper' Launch . . . AURA Equipements Touts its SQLiPlug . . .

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