Volume 6, Number 16 -- April 18, 2006

Channellock Gets Grip on Business Intelligence with QlikTech Tool

Published: April 18, 2006

by Dan Burger

If you are a regular reader of Four Hundred Stuff, you probably have seen our coverage of Qlik Tech, the company with the easy-to-install business intelligence software called QlikView. The latest news from QlikTech concerns one of its customers, the tool manufacturer known as Channellock. Prior to implementing QlikView, the Channellock sales team relied on a J.D. Edwards system running on the iSeries (AS/400) platform with green-screen interfaces. The Channellock IT department installed QlikView, in this case it's running on a 64-bit Hewlett-Packard Proliant server, so the sales teams have Web browser access and analysis capabilities for data that resides on the iSeries, as well as other repositories.

Mark Yoder, national sales manager at Channellock, has to take care of more than 4,000 wholesale and retail customers in the United States and in 45 countries worldwide. Plus his team is required to grow that business as well. The Channellock sales team not only has a lot of ground to cover, and it needed to improve its access to information on new products, sales, promotional details, and customer requests.

QlikView has become an important tool for him, and he has provided QlikTech with a strong testimonial. "We have found a tool," Yoder says, "that gives each of us instant access to all the data throughout our enterprise, and lets us manipulate that data anyway we need to. For the sales team, this means we can anticipate customer needs, find unanticipated insights, and respond to them faster than the competition. In the end, using QlikView means that nobody has to waste valuable time fumbling through irrelevant data or waiting for reports from the IS staff."

QlikTech's flagship product, QlikView 7.2, has been designed to simplify business analysis and be deployed in a timeframe of several days. The company claims more than 3,592 customers in 58 countries are using QlikView.

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