Volume 11, Number 16 -- May 3, 2011

New VAI Reseller Likes IBM i-to-iPad Integration

Published: May 3, 2011

by Alex Woodie

VAI has signed Maryland-based BDK to become its latest reseller for the IBM i-based ERP suite, S2K, the companies announced last week. BDK cited S2K's support of the Apple iPad as one of the reasons for choosing VAI.

BDK was founded by Bruce Kimball in 1999 as a reseller of IBM AS/400 servers and related offerings. Today, BDK sells Power Systems and storage gear through the Avnet sales channel. It also sells Lenovo PCs and laptops and Cisco networking gear, and provides software and consulting for Microsoft Windows, VMware, Lotus Notes/Domino, Vision Solutions, and LANSA.

The capability to interact with the RPG-based S2K software through the iPad was a big reason for choosing to become a VAI reseller, Kimball says. "I have to believe in a product before offering it to a customer," the CEO said. "We know what our customers are looking for, and VAI's modernized applications and iPad integration were major factors in attracting us for partnership." VAI's reputation for customer service and "reasonable price points" were also factors, he said.

VAI supports the iPad as a client interface with recent releases of S2K. The Ronkonkoma, New York-based company is using a combination of technology, including the Open Access: RPG Edition in IBM i 7.1 and Valence, CNX's ExtJS-based development tool, to create modern-looking interfaces that run in Web browsers and mobile devices like the iPad.

Bob Vormittag, the president and CEO of VAI, is on the record as calling the iPad "a wonderful invention." "I think the iPad is revolutionary," Vormittag told IT Jungle last September. "Many of our customers are purchasing iPads just to be able to do work in the office, in the warehouse, or in a retail store, checking stock or making updates."


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