Volume 14, Number 10 -- May 6, 2014
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- collaborate between teams. . .


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What's New in IBM i 7.2--At a Glance
by Alex Woodie

There's a whole bunch of new stuff in IBM i 7.2, which IBM formally announced last Monday and actually shipped on Friday. Together with the new Power 8 servers and other major software product releases, these are exciting times in the Power Systems and IBM i community. Here you'll find a quick, 30,000-foot view of last week's announcements. READ MORE >

Halcyon Adds Forecasts to IBM i Job Scheduler
by Alex Woodie

Finding quiet time can be a challenge in today's fast-pace corporate environment, for people and servers. With the version 12 release of Halcyon Software's Advanced Job Scheduler, system administrators get a new forecasting feature designed to easily find lulls in the IBM i job schedule in which to run reports or apply updates. The company also used the COMMON conference to unveil features to its new WebSphereMQ offering. READ MORE >

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Looksoftware Introduces Open Access to COBOL Development
by Dan Burger

Time reveals all secrets. RPG Open Access is a good example. It didn't take long for COBOL developers to hear about RPG OA and soon they began asking for an Open Access of their own. So this week, looksoftware, one of the early pioneers in RPG OA, is adding Open Access for COBOL to its product line, which has had a singular RPG orientation up to this point. What's good for RPG is good for COBOL. Makes sense. READ MORE >

BCD Rides Demand for Scrollable Grids to RPG OA
by Alex Woodie

BCD Software yesterday rolled out a new release of Presto--its IBM i application modernization tool--that now supports IBM's RPG Open Access technology. Developing a handler for the RPG OA technology enables BCD to support scrollable grids in Presto, which is something that wasn't feasible before, the company says. READ MORE >

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WebDocs helps you streamline business processes and eliminate paper by digitally managing IBM i spool files, PC and business system-generated content, invoices, emails and more.


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Mincron Goes GUI and Mobile with LANSA
by Dan Burger

Mincron is an old school IBM ISV with its roots reaching back to the days of the System/38 and green screen applications with RPG lineage. It's a niche ERP software vendor serving the durable goods wholesale industry. In the beginning, the suite of applications were all green screen all the time. Then came the day when Mincron executives realized the world was moving beyond text-based data presentation. READ MORE >

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

• CNX Debuts AutoCode Tool at COMMON

• Raz-Lee Rolls Out Business-Item Capture Solution

• Remain Ties TD/OMS Into IBM's Rational Team Concert

• Kisco Hooks SafeNet Into IBM's SIEM

• m-Power Brings 2FA to Web Apps

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Editor: Alex Woodie
Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Timothy Prickett Morgan
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
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Symtrax:  SAP Webinar: Go Paperless with ePayslips for SAP - 13th of May, 4pm EDT
LANSA:  Webinar: Mobile and the IBM i: Why Should You Care? May 21, 9 am PT/11 am CT/Noon ET
BCD:  Watch the 2-minute video: Presto 5.5 Supports RPG Open Access


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ARCAD Software
Linoma Software
RJS Software Systems

What's New in IBM i 7.2--At a Glance

Halcyon Adds Forecasts to IBM i Job Scheduler

Looksoftware Introduces Open Access to COBOL Development

BCD Rides Demand for Scrollable Grids to RPG OA

Mincron Goes GUI and Mobile with LANSA

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

CNX Debuts AutoCode Tool at COMMON . . . Raz-Lee Rolls Out Business-Item Capture Solution . . . Remain Ties TD/OMS Into IBM's Rational Team Concert . . . Kisco Hooks SafeNet Into IBM's SIEM . . . m-Power Brings 2FA to Web Apps . . .

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