Volume 9, Number 19 -- May 12, 2009

Rimini Street Says JD Edwards Support Business Quadrupled Last Year

Published: May 12, 2009

by Alex Woodie

New software license sales may be down across the board. But that's not hurting business on Rimini Street, the provider of third-party maintenance and support for JD Edwards and other ERP suites. Last week at the Collaborate 2009 conference in Orlando, Florida, the company announced a quadrupling of JD Edwards-related business, and unveiled a plan to pump millions of dollars more into its JD Edwards business in the hopes of attracting more customers dissatisfied with Oracle's support.

With Oracle charging annual maintenance fees in mid to high 20 percent range, many JD Edwards shops with old and stable ERP systems may be receptive to getting their maintenance support from a third-party provider. Of course, these shops will be forgoing the types of enhancements that Oracle also delivered last week at Collaborate 2009, including a new release of World and new tools for EnterpriseOne. But many customers only need annual tax updates and the occasional bug fix, making business for Rimini Street and several such companies providing third-party maintenance and support services.

Since it augmented its support for SAP, PeopleSoft, and Siebel enterprise software suites with support for JD Edwards ERP products several years ago, Rimini Street has reported a steady increase in the number of customers. In fact, the JD Edwards customer base increased fourfold from 2008 to 2009, the company says, and customer renewal rates remain over 90 percent.

Seth Ravin, president and CEO of Rimini Street, addressed the growth of his JD Edwards business. "Because of the success and fast-paced growth of our JD Edwards client base and to meet surging demand for our support services, Rimini Street will further its commitment to JD Edwards clients with a multi-million dollar expansion of our global JD Edwards support capabilities," he says in a press release.

That expansion includes the "aggressive hiring" of "many additional" JD Edwards experts, Rimini says.

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