Volume 11, Number 20 -- June 7, 2011

Bytware Releases Japanese Versions of Messaging Products

Published: June 7, 2011

by Alex Woodie

Bytware last week announced that two systems management tools for IBM i, including MessengerPlus and MessengerConsole, are now available in the Japanese language. The new versions were enabled following a development effort to enable double-byte character set (DBCS) support, which is a requirement for displaying Asian languages.

Bytware's Messenger products are power tools designed to save administrators' time and increase response time during unforeseen events. They do this by continuously monitoring the IBM i message queues, logs, and journals for critical messages, and automatically responding to certain events by sending alerts to administrators or automatically running scripts.

MessengerPlus also generates security and compliance reports, and can detect when available DASD is running low. MessengerConsole offers similar capabilities, but for multi-server environments, when remote monitoring and centralized management is necessary.

The new Japanese versions of the Messenger products offer all of the features that are found in the original versions of the software, which are available in English and German. Bytware says it received help with the translation and testing of the Messenger products from SOLPAC, an IBM Power Systems reseller and IT consultancy based in Tokyo.

Bytware noted that the Messenger products are the second set of tools that Bytware has offered for the Japanese market. The first was StandGuard Anti-Virus, which it released in Japanese in 2008. Bytware is now based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, following the acquisition by Help/Systems and its private equity partner.


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