Volume 13, Number 20 -- July 16, 2013
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Curbstone Revamps Card Payment Software to Avoid PCI Exposure
by Alex Woodie

Curbstone, a developer of credit card payment software for the IBM i server, is rolling out a new software as a service (SaaS) credit card payment solution, called Curbstone CorrectConnect (C3) that will shield customers from the most onerous requirements of the PCI DSS security standard. The new offering, which Curbstone customers are already using, features additional options for Web-based merchants, as well as organizations that take payment information over the phone. READ MORE >

Infor Gives BI Tool the 10x Treatment
by Alex Woodie

Infor last week unveiled the 10x release of Infor BI, a business intelligence suite that includes an in-memory OLAP database. The new release brings all of the apparatus associated with Infor 10x, including a shiny new SoHo user interface, mobile capabilities, and hooks into the Ming.le social platform. The company is also close to announcing integration of Infor BI into SkyVault. READ MORE >

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Top 3 IBM i Security Tips
with Patrick Townsend & Patrick Botz


Did you know that encryption no longer requires application changes? Or that you can enable Single Sign On (SSO) using software you already own to implement stronger and secure passwords? How about that compliance regulations require you to collect and monitor your system logs?


Join Patrick Townsend and Patrick Botz as they discuss encryption, SSO, and system logging.


View our webcast "Top IBM i Security Tips" to learn more!

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IEC Protects Internal Systems with Valid Authentication
by Alex Woodie

When it comes to security, there are few groups who take it quite as seriously as the Israelis. And when it came to protecting the systems that control the country's electric grid, it's notable that the Israel Electric Corp. (IEC) is using Valid Technologies IBM i-based VSSA technology to provide strong biometric authentication. READ MORE >

Spinnaker Nabs More JD Edwards Customers, Unveils Siebel Support Service
by Alex Woodie

Spinnaker Support recently announced two new customers for its third-party support service for JD Edwards World, including D+M Group, a manufacturer of speakers and stereos, and an unnamed Las Vegas casino. The Denver, Colorado, company also announced the launch of a new support program for Siebel CRM customers. READ MORE >

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Townsend Gets VMware Certification for Encryption Key Manager
by Alex Woodie

Townsend Security has achieved VMware Ready status for Alliance Key Manager, its encryption and key management product that works with all major operating systems, including IBM i. The certification should give Townsend customers the confidence to use hybrid deployment techniques for their key management software. READ MORE >

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

• Brooks Revs RPM to Bolster Production Printing

• Wayne Madden Hooks Up with iFD to Sell TEMBO Database Tools

• ERP Vendors Delivering Better Value, Nucleus Says

• Informatica Embeds PowerCenter into Zettaset's Hadoop Software

• Liaison Grows EDI VAN Services Business, Thanks to VAN Consolidator

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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Curbstone Revamps Card Payment Software to Avoid PCI Exposure

Infor Gives BI Tool the 10x Treatment

IEC Protects Internal Systems with Valid Authentication

Spinnaker Nabs More JD Edwards Customers, Unveils Siebel Support Service

Townsend Gets VMware Certification for Encryption Key Manager

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

Brooks Revs RPM to Bolster Production Printing . . . Wayne Madden Hooks Up with iFD to Sell TEMBO Database Tools . . . ERP Vendors Delivering Better Value, Nucleus Says . . . Informatica Embeds PowerCenter into Zettaset's Hadoop Software . . . Liaison Grows EDI VAN Services Business, Thanks to VAN Consolidator . . .

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