Volume 6, Number 28 -- July 18, 2006

Ipedo Takes Aim at Accountability of Data Integration with XIP 4.2

Published: July 18, 2006

by Alex Woodie

Ipedo last week unveiled XIP version 4.2, a new release of its integration software for connecting a range of front- and back-office systems, including iSeries servers. With version 4.2, the Silicon Valley startup has focused on delivering "detailed business context," which it says will allow users to better understand the complex relationships among enterprise data sources, as well as a new data service layer for supporting service oriented architectures (SOA).

Ipedo calls XIP an Enterprise Information Integration (EII) product that helps connect and manage the flow of information from disparate and complex data sources, such as relational databases, Web Services, CSV files, legacy applications, message queues, file systems, and documents. The software combines SQL and XQuery data-access techniques with "federated queries across virtual views" to provide a single view of all of an organization's data sources.

With Ipedo XIP 4.2 , the company has refined the product further with new metadata tools. These include a new logging capability for tracking user activity; a new Impact Analysis report for seeing how changes in one place will affect other data views downstream; and a new Data Lineage report that allows managers to trace views back to source data.

In terms of SOA support, this release gains support for the "ingestion" of both SOAP- (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST- (Representational State Transfer) based Web services, as well as a new wizard for streamlining the development of Web services from any back-end data source, the company claims.

Finally, this release also brings an improved team development environment and performance improvements. All told, the enhancements in XIP 4.2 are designed to help keep IT aware of the repercussions its actions can have, says Nick Zhang, CEO of Ipedo. "Organizations are caught between providing wider access to data for better decision making and new regulatory requirements that restrict data access," he says.

Ipedo XIP 4.2 shipped yesterday for Windows 2000, Windows NT, Solaris, and Red Hat and SuSE Linux.

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