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Volume 5, Number 28 -- July 19, 2005

News Briefs and Product Shorts

FastBreed Provides Direct Links to Job Offers at More than 400 iSeries Shops

Out-of-work iSeries professionals looking for a new job may want to check out, a Web page maintained by OS/400 software developer FastBreed Technologies. The Web page currently includes links to the employment Web pages of about 420 companies and governments in the United States that are known to use the OS/400 server. For example, the site includes a link to the Cincinnati division of Formica, which on June 23 posted an opening for an "ecommerce specialist" with experience in BPCS and the Gentran EDI software from Sterling Commerce. There's also a link to the open "Applications Programmer II" position at Fidelity National Financials in Florida, which is looking for an RPG III/IV programmer with five to seven years of experience. John Rockwell, the president and founder of FastBreed Technologies, said he created the Web page as a favor for the RPG programmers he's worked with over the years. "The job market for programmers who specialize in RPG is shrinking, and since I've acquired some knowledge of locations that use it, I thought I'd share it with them," Rockwell says in an e-mail interview. Rockwell, who has decades of IBM midrange server experience, says he spends about five hours a week maintaining the Web site, and hopes to eventually have employment links to 1,000 OS/400 shops listed on his site.

Competitive Cyclist Looks to Grow Business with Full CommercialWare Suite

Competitive Cyclist, a retailer of high-end, custom-made mountain and road bikes, is implementing a suite of merchandise management software from CommercialWare to help grow its business. The bike company, which is based near Little Rock, Arkansas, will be installing CommercialWare's flagship OS/400-based MMS system, called CWDirect, as well as a host of add-ons, including CWData, CWAnalytics, CWIntegrate, and CWStore to get a better handle on customer orders and inventory. The CWIntegrate application will be crucial for integrating the CommercialWare system with Competitive Cyclists' Kit Calculator, an interactive program available on the company's Web site ( that allows customers to compare and compile detailed price and weight information for any bike. CWData will offer visibility into transactions for reporting purposes, and CWAnalytics will convert the raw data into business intelligence through reporting, graphs, and charts, while CWStore captures point-of-sale transactions at the company's retail store in Little Rock. "CommercialWare's system is scalable and will grow with us as we move from our current staff to a customer service department that could easily double by 2007," says Brendan Quirk, Competitive Cyclist's chief executive.

Idokorro Provides 5250 Connectivity from BlackBerry Devices

Organizations looking to manage their OS/400 servers from the wireless comfort of a BlackBerry may want to check out the latest software from Idokorro Mobile. The Ottawa, Ontario, software company recently launched a new release of its Mobile SSH software, which starts at only $95 and provides 5250, 3270, and VT100 Telnet emulation for BlackBerry devices, using the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol for authentication and encryption. The latest release of Mobile SSH, version 2.2, brings the option of having more than one session connected at a time, and the capability to use the Mobile SSH Proxy server. Idokorro brought 5250 support to the product with version 2.0 released in April, followed by support for 3270 and SSH key authentication with version 2.1 in June. Idokorro also recently released Idokorro Mobile Admin version 3.0, which lets administrators manage their Windows, Notes, and NetWare networks from a variety of devices, including BlackBerries, Palm Pilots, Pocket PCs, and Nokia mobile phones.

High-End Men's Shoemaker Stays with Inovis for EDI

Men's shoe manufacturer Allen-Edmonds has given Inovis the nod to continue providing it with EDI software and services. Last week, Inovis announced that the Port Washington, Wisconsin, company will continue to use its OS/400-based EDI translator, called TrustedLink iSeries, and will migrate to Inovis value added network (VAN), called, which lets users monitor B2B transactions and trading partner relationships and provides a customer portal for interacting with Inovis for customer support and other issues. Allen-Edmonds has been a TrustedLink customer for 10 years, and chose to stick with Inovis for its new VAN service. "Based on our longstanding relationship with Inovis, we're confident that the VAN migration process will be efficient, smooth and transparent for our trading partners," says Jason Charapata, an analyst and programmer with the shoe company.

Gallatin Integrates E-Mail Bounce Management with Electronic Publishing Package

As a publisher of electronic content, the IT Jungle can attest to the tedious nature of dealing with invalid e-mail addresses and bounced e-mails. Gallatin, a San Diego-based provider of Lotus Domino-based software for electronic publishers, recently introduced a new release of its flagship kNEWS suite that can automate much of the thankless task of dealing with e-mail bounces. With kNEWS version 4.0, announced in June, Gallatin is bundling its Mail Bounce Assistant (MBA) software with kNEWS, providing kNEWS users with an integrated utility for identifying and categorizing e-mail bounces, and removing invalid e-mails from the distribution list. "The combination of kNEWS and MBA will save customers time and effort by identifying different types of e-mail bounces and then automatically removing subscribers whose e-mail addresses are no longer valid," says Gallatin president, David Brehe. From now through August 1, Gallatin is including a license to MBA with the purchase of kNEWS Professional, which starts at $2,500. MBA normally costs about $600 per Notes mail file.

IBM Launches WebSphere-based Banking Solution for eServers

In late June, IBM launched a new WebSphere-based banking solution for iSeries, zSeries, and pSeries servers. The new solution, which goes by the name Core Systems Transformation (CST), is a collection of transaction processing software and services from IBM and ISV partners that "allows banks to migrate their back-office systems to modern Internet-based solutions in a phased, risk-minimizing manner," the global IT giant says. IBM says its new CST solution includes WebSphere Extended Development technology, which enabled Fidelity Information Services to integrate its banking software with IBM's WebSphere technology. To help WebSphere meet the mission-critical operating requirements of banking systems, IBM says it has boosted WebSphere transaction processing throughput, incorporated new batch processing capabilities, and delivered new system monitoring and management capabilities. IBM also plans to work with other providers of banking software.

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