Volume 13, Number 22 -- August 13, 2013
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New Design Tool Available from looksoftware
by Dan Burger

If you are an RPG programmer with more than a gallon left in your tank and the idea in your head you'll be working for the foreseeable future, taking your development skills from green screen to GUI is advisable. Modern RPG skills are not all about a pretty presentation--plenty of architecting is left to be done--but a modern design tool gets you where you need to go. That's why the latest design tool from looksoftware deserves your attention. READ MORE >

Flexibility is Key in Mobile App Development, Magic Says
by Alex Woodie

As organizations ramp up their mobile development programs, they're faced with decisions. Should they choose Apple or Android? Native, hybrid, or browser-based? Tablet or smartphone? Once an organization chooses a direction, it risks potentially locking themselves in to that approach. With its history in 4GL development techniques, Magic Software realizes that flexibility is a feature in its own right. READ MORE >

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LANSA Goes GA with Ecommerce App for Mobile Devices
by Alex Woodie

Organizations that want to use their IBM i server to deliver e-commerce capabilities to mobile devices may want to check out Commerce Edition Mobile (CE Mobile), a new application that is available now from LANSA. The solution, which LANSA originally announced at the COMMON conference earlier this year, promises to make quick work of the process of exposing product data housed in ERP systems to employees, partners, and customers via iOS and Android devices. READ MORE >

Midrange Dynamics Bolsters JDE World Support, Adds Migration Utility
by Alex Woodie

The era of big, expensive change management systems (CMSes) has come to a close, opening the door for smaller, easier-to-use CMSes such as the MDCMS product from the Swiss company Midrange Dynamics to capture market share. The company hopes to build more momentum in the North American IBM i market with a new version 7.1 release, which brings features like full support for JD Edwards World and a new migration utility to help customers move away from competing CMSes. READ MORE >

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HA4i ~ High Availablity for the IBM i


                         Availability without complexity
                         Cost effective availability
                         Browser-based monitoring
                         Uses IBM trusted technology


Availability can be affordable and easy to implement. HA4i provides the user with all of the required functionality without the complexity.


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IBM Updates HATS to Support Rational 9 Tools
by Alex Woodie

IBM last week took the wraps off HATS 9.0, the latest incarnation of its Host Access Transformation Services product that delivers Web-based GUIs and Web services connections on-the-fly from 5250 and 3270 data streams. The new version of HATS, which is now available as a free download, brings the tool up to date with the latest Rational version 9 releases of the development tools that IBM shipped this summer, but not much else. READ MORE >

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

• IBM i Shop Enjoys Save-Set Flexibility in VAULT400

• GSI Buys JD Edwards Consulting Business from Andrews Group

• Remain Targets Indian ALM Market with New Partner, Globus Labs

• IBM Highlights Critical Security Vulnerabilities with New Tool

• Original Software Tackles ERP Installations and Upgrades

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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ProData Computer Services
United Computer Group, Inc.
HiT Software
Linoma Software
Shield Advanced Solutions

New Design Tool Available from looksoftware

Flexibility is Key in Mobile App Development, Magic Says

LANSA Goes GA with Ecommerce App for Mobile Devices

Midrange Dynamics Bolsters JDE World Support, Adds Migration Utility

IBM Updates HATS to Support Rational 9 Tools

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

IBM i Shop Enjoys Save-Set Flexibility in VAULT400 . . . GSI Buys JD Edwards Consulting Business from Andrews Group . . . Remain Targets Indian ALM Market with New Partner, Globus Labs . . . IBM Highlights Critical Security Vulnerabilities with New Tool . . . Original Software Tackles ERP Installations and Upgrades . . .

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