Volume 13, Number 23 -- August 20, 2013
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A Guide to IBM i Message Management


Managing & making sense of your IBM i messages is an enormous task. And missing a crucial message could result in system failure or significant compliance costs.


Download this exclusive eBook and learn how to selectively monitor & filter messages and intelligently escalate issues before it's too late.


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Transform SYNON 2E Model to MVC Java


X-2E 9.8


X-2E extracts the business rules, functions, and entities directly from the SYNON model.


Audits the extracted model with graphical documentation, or UML/XML/DDL exports.


Rebuilds as OO MVC Java using modern frameworks and coding standards.


X-2E 9.8



Krengel Adopts Tokens in Credit Card Transaction Software
by Alex Woodie

Krengel Technology recently updated its card authorization software to use a token-based approach to accessing sensitive card data. This approach helps Krengel Credit customers avoid the strictest PCI requirements by offloading the storage of sensitive data from its customers' IBM i servers to Cybersource, the company that processes transactions for Krengel Credit customers. READ MORE >

Kisco Gives IBM i Security Tool a Web Interface
by Alex Woodie

Administrators can view information about the security of their IBM i servers from the comfort of a Web browser with the latest release of SafeNet/i from Kisco Information Systems. The new Web-Central interface, unveiled last week, lets administrators do everything they could do under the 5250 green-screen interface, and a few extra things, too. READ MORE >

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New! IBM i Mobile Server


kLink is a mobile application server running on your IBM i providing user initiated secure document retrieval from your IFS to mobile devices. This allows your users to login and view documents that you make available to them.


kLink has built in security to prevent hacking and to quickly deliver private content only to the appropriate authorized end user. Safe and efficient distribution of public and private content to any browser or mobile device.


30 Day Free Live Trial at www.computerkeyes.com
or call 800 356 0203.

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eBook: Encryption Key Management Simplified


Managing encryption keys with a NIST-certified encryption key manager is a fundamental step to securing your encrypted data, meeting compliance requirements, and preventing data breaches.


This eBook is designed for both IT Administrators and Business Executives to learn encryption key management best practices and the business risk of leaving encryption keys on your IBM i.


Download eBook "Encryption Key Management Simplified" now!

Quadrant Launches New Fax Appliance
by Alex Woodie

Quadrant Software went virtual with last year's launch of QuadraDocV, which was designed to provide IBM i shops and other companies with fax over IP (FoIP) serving within the portable confines of a VMware shell. While the virtual application approach is still important to Quadrant, the company gave the physical appliance approach a new shot in the arm with the recent launch of its new QuadrAppliance. READ MORE >

RJS Tackles a 'Screen Jumping' Problem
by Alex Woodie

Tired of jumping back and forth between Windows and IBM i screens? You're not alone. While RJS Software Systems can't erase all cases of screen jumping in the world, the Minnesota software company has worked to eliminate the annoying practice in iForms, its electronic forms and report writing tool for the IBM i server. READ MORE >

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Forms Management Made Easy


Replace your unsupported legacy forms package or simply upgrade to a superior solution with iForms.


Create professional invoices, purchase orders, billing statements and data-driven business reports from any source or platform without relying on pre-printed forms or custom reporting tools.


Visit us at rjssoftware.com to learn more.

Avnet Introduces Utility Pricing on Hardware
by Dan Burger

The capital expense of buying servers and storage has some companies wondering how they can keep up with IT modernization. It's a question that has Avnet eager to talk about pay-as-you-go solutions. The giant IT distribution company has a program called Capacity Now that could be called capacity as a service, if we didn't already have too many as a service offerings to juggle in our lexicon. READ MORE >

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

• PCI 3.0 Gets Positive Initial Reviews from Security Pros

• IBM to Stop Supporting SPSS Statistics Component on IBM i

• Chrono-Logic Offers Full Support for LANSA Version 13

• Agilysys Takes Procurement to the Web

• Capitalware Updates MQ Series Tools

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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Computer Keyes
Townsend Security
RJS Software Systems

Krengel Adopts Tokens in Credit Card Transaction Software

Kisco Gives IBM i Security Tool a Web Interface

Quadrant Launches New Fax Appliance

RJS Tackles a 'Screen Jumping' Problem

Avnet Introduces Utility Pricing on Hardware

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

PCI 3.0 Gets Positive Initial Reviews from Security Pros . . . IBM to Stop Supporting SPSS Statistics Component on IBM i . . . Chrono-Logic Offers Full Support for LANSA Version 13 . . . Agilysys Takes Procurement to the Web . . . Capitalware Updates MQ Series Tools . . .

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