Volume 12, Number 30 -- October 23, 2012
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Raz-Lee Tracks IBM i PTFs, Ships Password Reset Product
by Alex Woodie

Organizations that struggle to keep track of IBM i PTFs manually may be interested in the new automated PTF tracking function unveiled by Raz-Lee Security last week. The company's Change Tracker software can now track all PTF apply and remove actions in the IBM i environment, and report on the status of any PTF and all related objects. In other news, the Nanuet, New York-based company announced the release of Password Reset for IBM i. READ MORE >

Single Sign-On Service Cuts Costs, Complexity
by Dan Burger

The realization of how costly it is to manage user IDs, passwords, and authentication policies can be a shocking experience. If you actually look into this, hanging a Danger! High Voltage! sign outside the IT department may be a good idea. Many companies are looking for places where costs can be cut with IT efficiencies, and an examination in this area might earn you some extra credit. It begins with a technology you may have heard of before: single sign-on. READ MORE >

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Lavastorm Adopts R for Better Big Data Understanding
by Alex Woodie

Among the slew of software vendors that for some reason chose last week to make big data announcements was Lavastorm Analytics, the developer of the versatile Lavastorm Analytics Platform. The company unveiled a new R Analytics Pack that enables the open source R statistical analysis programming language to work within the Lavastorm product. The company says the combination of R and Lavastorm's visual approach of discovering and understanding data and processes will ease the challenges presented by big data. READ MORE >

QlikTech Adapts In-Memory Analytics for External Big Data
by Alex Woodie

QlikTech made its mark in the business intelligence field by simplifying the BI experience and delivering results quickly from an in-memory associative database. But with the advent of big data, the company's total reliance on in-memory technology was challenged. Last week, the company unveiled a new Direct Discovery mode that allows customers to process large data sets stored externally on disk, while keeping the associative data model in tact. READ MORE >

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SAP Sends HANA to the Cloud
by Alex Woodie

SAP last week announced HANA Cloud, a cloud version of its in-memory database that can be used to power cloud applications developed in Java or its NetWeaver technology. SAP also unveiled a hosted version of HANA that lives on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and will allow customers to quickly spin up HANA to run small workloads or for testing proof of concepts. READ MORE >

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

• Kisco Sends IBM i Reports to Google Drive Cloud Service

• LogRhythm Goes Multi-Dimensional in Security Analysis

• Attachmate Excited with Combination of Reflection and Windows 7

• UK Firm Signs On to Resell looksoftware Modernization Tools

• UNICOM Nabs Versant for Object-Oriented Databases

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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HiT Software
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Sirius Computer Solutions

Raz-Lee Tracks IBM i PTFs, Ships Password Reset Product

Single Sign-On Service Cuts Costs, Complexity

Lavastorm Adopts R for Better Big Data Understanding

QlikTech Adapts In-Memory Analytics for External Big Data

SAP Sends HANA to the Cloud

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

Kisco Sends IBM i Reports to Google Drive Cloud Service . . . LogRhythm Goes Multi-Dimensional in Security Analysis . . . Attachmate Excited with Combination of Reflection and Windows 7 . . . UK Firm Signs On to Resell looksoftware Modernization Tools . . . UNICOM Nabs Versant for Object-Oriented Databases . . .

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