Volume 12, Number 31 -- November 6, 2012
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Transform SYNON 2E Model to MVC Java


X-2E 9.8


X-2E extracts the business rules, functions, and entities directly from the SYNON model.


Audits the extracted model with graphical documentation, or UML/XML/DDL exports.


Rebuilds as OO MVC Java using modern frameworks and coding standards.


X-2E 9.8



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Advanced Query/400: Learn the Secrets


When it comes to Query/400, "advanced" is in the eye of the beholder.


While it is true that the tool can handle functions beyond static queries, the dependent variable functions we detail in this guide represent the limits of Query/400's ability to perform more in-depth tasks. However, many shops still rely on basic query tools, for better or worse, and we want to help you make the most of them.


Download the free Advanced Query/400 Pack.

Premise Keeps Tabs on IBM i Cloud with Custom Dashboard
by Alex Woodie

The folks at Premise, a managed service provider (MSP) based in Clearwater, Florida, have built a nifty Web dashboard that tells them all they need to know about the IBM i environments they manage for clients. From ASP usage and MIMIX replication status to rack configs and cache battery status, the dashboard gives Premise engineers and customers instant answers to many of the most commonly asked questions. What's more, the dashboard may soon be available for any IBM i shop to purchase. READ MORE >

CA Opens 2E Arrays to Outside Web Services
by Alex Woodie

A new release of the 2E development environment released by CA earlier this year makes it easier for organizations to expose 2E business logic to the outside world through Web services. The new Enhanced Array support added to 2E version 8.6 marks a fundamental change in the product, and marks the beginning of a new era in how 2E shops will develop and maintain their IBM i applications in the future. READ MORE >

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Need Data in Real-time?
Download free paper "CDC for
Business Intelligence and Analytics"

DBMoto-from HiT Software!


Fast    Easy    No Programming!


Detailed advice on how Change Data
Capture can reduce time and effort
in delivering fresh data for BI, reporting
and analytics!
DBMoto - Data Replication and Change
Data Capture for all IBM DB2 databases.



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Cloud-Based Enterprise FAX Service for
AS/400, System i and Power System Users

Replace your existing Fax Server with CloudFax400. The software is FREE all you pay is a monthly fee.


-Fax server maintenance
-Telephone lines
-Rack space costs
-Support resources

Intelligent enterprise faxing on demand!
Meet all of your compliance or security issues


> Take a brief video tour <
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Tableau Attracts Big Attention for Unique Approach to Data
by Alex Woodie

One business intelligence software vendor that has been garnering big headlines lately is Tableau Software. The Seattle, Washington, company says it has come up with a better way for users to not only explore their large data sets, but to display the information in a visually compelling way. The software is being used with data from IBM i servers, but there's more that could be done to streamline the connection, a Tableau manager says. READ MORE >

RedPrairie to Buy JDA for $1.9 Billion
by Alex Woodie

JDA Software, a publicly held developer of retail management and supply chain planning software, has agreed to be bought by RedPrairie, a privately held developer of supply chain execution and warehouse management software, for $1.9 billion. When fully merged, the new RedPrairie will have about $1 billion in annual revenue, and compete globally with Oracle and SAP. However, a wide mix of platforms used by both companies raises new questions on the long-term plan for JDA's loyal IBM i customer base. READ MORE >

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Preserve and extend your IBM i application investment with database modernization.


The only true, native modernization solution for the IBM i, Adsero Optima transforms your application's database objects from ISAM CQE format to native DB2 SQL with an automatic gradual and non-disruptive migration.


      - Huge performance improvements
      - Enabled for mobile and cloud computing
      - Ready for PureSystems


Take a test drive and reap the benefits of database modernization and learn why IBM recommends SQL as the strategic database interface for IBM i.



MSPs Expand IBM i DR and HA Practices
by Alex Woodie

If there's a silver lining to the giant cloud that was Superstorm Sandy, it's that it has shined a light on the need for companies to establish and practice disaster recovery (DR) plans. IBM i shops are increasingly turning to managed service providers (MSPs) to assist with their DR and high availability (HA) planning. In recent weeks, three MSPs, including Corus360, Recovery Point, and DataStorage Corp., announced upgrades to their DR and HA practices. READ MORE >

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

• Infor Gives EAM an iPad Interface

• Zend Debuts Studio 10 Beta

• Halcyon Delivers Japanese Version of Management Tools

• EMC Grabs Silver Tail to Fight Cyber Crime

• AquaFold Power Tool Gets Hip to Big Data

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights.  Feel free to send a letter to the editor.  Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

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SEQUEL Software
HiT Software
Adsero Optima

Premise Keeps Tabs on IBM i Cloud with Custom Dashboard

CA Opens 2E Arrays to Outside Web Services

Tableau Attracts Big Attention for Unique Approach to Data

RedPrairie to Buy JDA for $1.9 Billion

MSPs Expand IBM i DR and HA Practices

News Briefs and Product Shorts:

Infor Gives EAM an iPad Interface . . . Zend Debuts Studio 10 Beta . . . Halcyon Delivers Japanese Version of Management Tools . . . EMC Grabs Silver Tail to Fight Cyber Crime . . . AquaFold Power Tool Gets Hip to Big Data . . .

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