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Volume 2, Number 11 - February 13, 2002

SQL and Multi-member Files

Hey, Ted:

How can I use SQL to access a certain member of a DB2/400 database file from a Unix system?

-- Jim

Use the CREATE ALIAS SQL command on your iSeries machine to create distinct names for each member.

Suppose you have a physical file called PAYHIST with three members: PAY2001, PAY2000, and PAY1999.

Use interactive SQL, Operations Navigator's "Run an SQL script" database tool, or Howard Arner's SQLThing to enter the following SQL commands:

create alias mylib/pay2001      
    for mylib/payhist(pay2001)   

create alias mylib/pay2000      
    for mylib/payhist(pay2000)   

create alias mylib/pay1999      
    for mylib/payhist(pay1999)  

Now you can access the individual members from any system using select commands like these:

select * from pay1999            
select * from pay2000            
insert into pay2001 (somecolumn) values('some value')

In these examples, I use the *SYS naming convention. If you use *SQL naming convention, adjust the examples accordingly.

If you rename a member, the alias will no longer point to it. You will need to either create a new member with the old member name or create a new alias for the renamed member.

-- Ted

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SQL and Multi-member
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