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OS/400 Edition
Volume 3, Number 72 -- October 24, 2003

Query/400 Determines the Day of Week

Hey, Ted:

Here is another example of date and time formats in Query/400.

These are the result fields I use to make Query display the day of the week.

               Define Result Fields

Field       Expression                         Len   Dec
----------  ---------------------------------  ----  ----
Y           substr(digits(idate), 1, 4)

M           substr(digits(idate), 5, 2)

D           substr(digits(idate), 7, 2)

F_DATE      date(d||'.'||m||'.'||y)

ANYSUNDAY   date('01.01.1950')

DIF_DAYS    days(f_date) - days(anysunday)       9     0

NBR_WK      dif_days/7                           8     2

F_WEEK_DAY  microsecond('2001-01-01-01.01.01.
            '||substr(digits(nbr_wk), 1, 6))
             * 7
WEEK        'MoTuWeThFrSaSu'

DAYNBR      dif_days - f_week_day

WEEK_DAY    substr(week, ( dif_days -
            f_week_day - 1) *2 + 1 , 2)


Thanks for the example, Harald. I admire your ingenuity.

In this example, IDATE is an eight-digit numeric field in YYYYMMDD format. For the benefit of the interested reader, here is an explanation of the result fields:

Y the year portion of IDATE
M the month portion of IDATE
D the day portion of IDATE
F_DATE IDATE converted to the date data type
ANYSUNDAY the date of a Sunday, needed as a base for the day-of-week calculation
DIF_DAYS the number of days between ANYSUNDAY and IDATE
NBR_WK the number of weeks between ANYSUNDAY and IDATE
F_WEEK_DAY the number of days in whole weeks between ANYSUNDAY and IDATE
WEEK a string of day abbreviations
DAY_NBR the number of days remaining after removing whole weeks from the number of days between IDATE and ANYSUNDAY
WEEK_DAY the abbreviation of the day of the week on which IDATE falls


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Query/400 Determines the Day of Week

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