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Volume 2, Number 4 -- February 5, 2003
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AMD Readies 64-Bit Hammer for Servers, Delays Desktop Version
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Advanced Micro Devices late last week set the official launch date for the 64-bit "SledgeHammer" Opteron processor for servers and workstations for April 22, but it pushed out the "ClawHammer" Athlon 64 version of the chip machines until September. AMD also announced a new Athlon 2600+ processor, and said it would debut its "Barton" Athlon XP 3000+ processor on February 10. AMD expects to debut a different Barton chip, the Athlon XP 3200+, in mid-2003. READ MORE >

VMware Makes Scalability Improvements to GSX Server
by Alex Woodie

Companies looking to consolidate their smaller Windows and Linux servers onto bigger Intel iron got a boost from VMware on Monday, when it announced a substantial upgrade of its virtualization software for Intel-based servers. GSX Server 2.5 delivers a number of scalability enhancements over the previous release, including the capability to deliver nearly three times the number of virtual machines, as well as an eight-fold increase in the size of the Intel server that it will run on. READ MORE >

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Server Shipments Up in 2002, But Pricing Pressure Intense
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Analysts at Gartner's Dataquest market research unit have released preliminary unit-shipment statistics for the server market for all of 2002, and the good news is that companies actually bought more servers--good news if you are an IT supplier, not necessarily if you are a system administrator. While improved shipments are a good sign, Dataquest says that pricing pressures remained intense as the year ended. This is good news for server shoppers, but not so good for IT vendors, which need to show revenue and profit growth. READ MORE >

IBM to Attack $300 Billion SMB Market with Partners
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

IBM is known as a leader in computing aimed at big companies, but it has always had products aimed at mom-and-pop shops, like the machines that come out of Rochester, Minnesota, for instance. But IBM's focus has often been fuzzy in the small and midsized business (SMB) market, much to the detriment of the channel partners who help push IBM's products in this space. But now, under a new $500 million program called SMB Advantage, IBM is getting focused to help partners attack this $300-billion-a-year opportunity. READ MORE >

PKWARE Refreshes Entire PKZIP Line with 256-bit AES Encryption
by Alex Woodie

PKWARE brought strong security capabilities to its complete line of PKZIP compression tools last week. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm that ships with the latest releases of its PKZIP for Windows, Linux, Unix, OS/400, and MVS products allows companies to encrypt their compressed files with keys ranging from 128 bits to 256 bits in strength. This new encryption capability surpasses the product's previous 96-bit encryption key, and meets or exceeds IT security requirements being mandated by the U.S. government. READ MORE >

As I See It: The View from the Ivy
by Victor Rozek

Harvard Business Review is not an inexpensive magazine. But what it lacks in economy it makes up for in surety. The same class of folks who populated the halls of Enron, and gave us energy derivatives, charge $16.95 to share their latest theories on business and management practices. They range from the self evident to the monumentally impractical, but all are presented with ivy-league gravity, backed by studies, confirmed by statistics, and garnished with colorful charts. READ MORE >

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We value your feedback and your insights into the Windows and Linux server markets. Feel free to send a letter to the editor. We will consider your letter a candidate for the reader feedback column associated with this newsletter, but we will contact you before we make your email public. READ MORE >

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AMD Readies 64-Bit Hammer for Servers, Delays Desktop Version

VMware Makes Scalability Improvements to GSX Server

Server Shipments Up in 2002, But Pricing Pressure Intense

IBM to Attack $300 Billion SMB Market with Partners

PKWARE Refreshes Entire PKZIP Line with 256-bit AES Encryption

As I See It: The View from the Ivy

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