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Volume 1, Number 21 -- June 26, 2002
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Crystal Decisions to Be an OEM Provider for Microsoft CRM
by Alex Woodie

When Microsoft starts shipping its new customer relationship management application later this year, it will include Crystal Decisions' popular business intelligence software, Crystal Enterprise, as part of the package. Users will get access to more than 100 canned reports at no extra charge as part of Microsoft's new Crystal Enterprise for Microsoft CRM package. For a fee, Microsoft will resell to customers Crystal Decisions' software that will allow them to do even more with their data. READ MORE >

IBM Debuts Killer Power4-Based Linux, Unix Box
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Just as everybody was getting ready for the July 4 holiday, IBM announced the pSeries 630 "Regatta-LE" entry servers, its first small machines using the Power4 processor. IBM has announced these entry servers a little ahead of when it can actually ship them on August 30 so it can build up a decent backlog of sales. The new machines will support IBM's AIX 5L variant of the Unix operating system and popular commercial Linux distributions, both within partitions or as sole native operating systems. READ MORE >

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Sun's New Lintel Server Line Coming in August
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

According to reports in Network World magazine, Sun Microsystems is getting ready to launch its new Cobalt line of Intel-based Linux servers at the LinuxWorld conference. Rumor has it that the new Cobalt LX50s will be announced on August 13, when Sun chairman and CEO Scott McNealy does the opening keynote for the show. The announcement of the machines, which are code-named "Big Bear," will fulfill promises that Sun made back in March about making generic Lintel servers. READ MORE >

Red Hat Partners with HP as It Narrows Losses
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Commercial Linux distributor Red Hat says that it has signed an expanded partnership with Hewlett-Packard that will see the two companies work together to put what they claim will be the first integrated Itanium 2 servers and workstations running the 64-bit version of Linux into the market. Red Hat's Linux Advanced Server edition, which is tuned for multiprocessor machines that scale from two to eight processors, is at the heart of the deal. READ MORE >

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We value your feedback and your insights into the OS/400 market. Feel free to drop us a letter to the editor and we will post them in a reader feedback column associated with this newsletter. READ MORE >

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Key Information Systems


Crystal Decisions to Be an OEM Provider for Microsoft CRM

IBM Debuts Killer Power4-Based Linux, Unix Box

Sun's New Lintel Server Line Coming in August

Red Hat Partners with HP as It Narrows Losses

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