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Volume 1, Number 25 -- July 31, 2002
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Microsoft Puts Out Windows .NET Server Release Candidate 1
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

The XML-enabled version of Windows 2000, code-named "Whistler" and named Windows .NET Server, took one more step that brings it closer to being a real product with Microsoft's announcement late last week at its annual financial analysts conference in Redmond, Washington, that Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of Windows .NET Server was ready for testing. In Microsoft lingo, a release candidate is in limbo, half-way between beta and production release. READ MORE >

Microsoft Loads Silver Bullets for IBM, Linux, and Java
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Microsoft held its annual financial analysts conference in Redmond, Washington, last week, and the top brass of the company spent ten solid hours with Wall Street and IT analysts and members of the press trying to explain what .NET is, why it matters, and when we might see it and spent a lot of time talking about where Microsoft is going and how it is going to make money. The company also identified its two biggest obstacles: IBM and Linux. READ MORE >

Sybase Updates Linux Data Replication Software
by Alex Woodie

Sybase announced Monday it is now shipping the Linux version of the latest release of its data replication software, Sybase Replication Server 12.5. The Linux version, called Sybase Replication Server for Linux 12.5, runs on Red Hat Linux and covers the enhancements Sybase shipped two months ago in its regular Replication Server release, which include support for symmetric multiprocessor servers, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support, and Unicode improvements. READ MORE >

Sterling Commerce Giving Free Upgrades for EDI Software
by Alex Woodie

Sterling Commerce is planning to give away its new Gentran Integration Suite to current users of its EDI (electronic data interchange) software for Windows, Unix, OS/400 and OS/390, the Columbus, Ohio, company has announced. Gentran:Server users under maintenance agreements will qualify to receive the base version of Gentran Integration Suite as a free upgrade, and will be given the option to purchase additional functionality, such as business process management and enterprise application integration modules. READ MORE >

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We value your feedback and your insights into the OS/400 market. Feel free to drop us a letter to the editor and we will post them in a reader feedback column associated with this newsletter. READ MORE >

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Microsoft Puts Out Windows .NET Server Release Candidate 1

Microsoft Loads Silver Bullets for IBM, Linux, and Java

Sybase Updates Linux Data Replication Software

Sterling Commerce Giving Free Upgrades for EDI Software

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