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Volume 1, Number 31 -- September 18, 2002
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Intel, IBM Tag Team for Blade Server Development
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Intel and IBM announced this week that they would cooperate on future engineering work on blade servers. IBM, like other server vendors, has been creating its own blade server designs, and is hoping that closer ties with Intel will give it an edge over Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sun Microsystems, and others. Intel is willing to work with IBM, so it can develop blade technologies that it can in turn sell to its OEM customers, many of whom are IBM's rivals. READ MORE >

IBM, Red Hat Team Up to Push Linux into Enterprises
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

IBM and Red Hat this week announced that they have forged a broad alliance that will see Big Blue push Red Hat's Linux Advanced Server on IBM's entire line of eServer products. The agreement also includes collaboration on services, through Big Blue's Global Services organization, for the companies' respective Linux products. The deal seems to address many of the problems that have kept corporate customers from buying Linux as an alternative to Windows, Unix, and proprietary platforms. READ MORE >

Intel Ships Faster Prestonia Xeon Chips Early
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Intel last week announced that it is able to ship faster versions of its "Prestonia" Pentium 4 Xeon processors for two-way capable workstations and servers. The original Prestonias made their debut in February of this year, and Intel says that it is able to get out 2.6 GHz and 2.8 GHz versions of the chips about three months ahead of schedule. In the modern computer business, shipping a chip on time is a cause for celebration, so doing it early is truly remarkable. READ MORE >

AMD Tweaks Athlon, Opteron Processor Roadmaps
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Advanced Micro Devices, the chip maker who is the upstart rival to Intel in that company's own 32-bit Pentium and 64-bit Itanium processor market, quietly announced a revised roadmap for its future 32-bit and 64-bit X86 processors. The AMD delays affect a future 64-bit desktop chip, code-named "ClawHammer" and sold as the Opteron DP, and a future 32-bit server and workstation chip, code-named "Barton" and sold as the Athlon MP. The roadmap for the initial 64-bit "SledgeHammer" Opteron MP chip is unchanged, but more powerful SledgeHammers may have been pushed out. READ MORE >

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We value your feedback and your insights into the OS/400 market. Feel free to drop us a letter to the editor and we will post them in a reader feedback column associated with this newsletter. READ MORE >

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Intel, IBM Tag Team for Blade Server Development

IBM, Red Hat Team Up to Push Linux into Enterprises

Intel Ships Faster Prestonia Xeon Chips Early

AMD Tweaks Athlon, Opteron Processor Roadmaps

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