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Volume 1, Number 33 -- October 2, 2002
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HP, Microsoft Pony Up $25 Million Each For .NET Push
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft announced last week that they would be throwing about $25 million each into a joint venture to establish a team of sales and services professionals that can create, push and support .NET-based applications for enterprises. Under the deal, HP has been named the first worldwide prime integrator for .NET--it certainly will not be the only vendor with that title--and HP has promised to push .NET as the main application platform for its ProLiant Intel-based server line. READ MORE >

Microsoft Makes Share Gains with Windows on Servers
by Dan Burger

In 2001, Microsoft came within a whisker of commandeering one half all server operating systems shipped. According to market researchers International Data Corp, Microsoft continued to pull away from competitors based on 2001 sales, which show Windows NT and Windows 2000 accounting for 49 percent of all server operating systems shipped that year. IDC's report on year 2000 sales showed Microsoft with 42 percent of the market. READ MORE >

Security Specialist PentaSafe Acquired by NetIQ
by Alex Woodie

NetIQ, a big player in the market for software that helps manage Microsoft Windows server environments, announced Monday that it plans to purchase PentaSafe Security Technologies, a Houston, Texas, company that sells security software for a variety of operating systems and applications. The acquisition, which isn't expected to close until the end of December, should bolster NetIQ's expertise and product line at a time when effectively managing an enterprise computer system and securing it are increasingly becoming to mean the same thing. READ MORE >

IBM Focuses on TCO, Ease of Use with Domino 6
by Dan Burger

IBM this week took the wraps off Domino 6, the next generation of its Notes/Domino messaging, groupware, and application serving middleware. While people will make a lot of noise that IBM is taking the first steps toward merging the Domino programs with its WebSphere middleware and its DB2 databases with Domino 6, the new program is more than that. Domino 6 has a lot of tweaks that customers want, and it is a platform that is easier to administer than prior Domino releases. READ MORE >

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We value your feedback and your insights into the OS/400 market. Feel free to drop us a letter to the editor and we will post them in a reader feedback column associated with this newsletter. READ MORE >

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HP, Microsoft Pony Up $25 Million Each For .NET Push

Microsoft Makes Share Gains with Windows on Servers

Security Specialist PentaSafe Acquired by NetIQ

IBM Focuses on TCO, Ease of Use with Domino 6

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