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Windows & Linux Edition
Volume 2, Number 39 -- October 8, 2003
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Bill's, Andy's, and Linus' Enterprise Adventure, Every Week

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Demand more from IT than ever before.

Demand a new IT architecture that is open, modular and flexible.

Demand an alternative to the way IT and IT services have been purchased, implemented and operated.

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Demand HP

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Featuring the Unisys ES7000 family of servers running new Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003, the Windows Data Center is today's Proven alternative to UNIX. It's a solution that brings revolutionary performance and low-cost standardization to the enterprise.

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HP Targets Sun Solaris Base with Linux on ProLiant
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Hewlett-Packard last week announced that it would be formally gunning for the installed base of Sparc and Solaris servers, the largest target in the Unix market. Instead of attacking this base with its own HP-UX RISC servers, which use either PA-RISC or Itanium processors, HP has decided to push Lintel server iron. Presumably, making the case for a Linux-on-Intel platform is the path of least resistance among CIOs who are loathe to spend money. READ MORE >

SuSE Targets SMBs with Linux 8 Standard Edition
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Commercial Linux distributor SuSE announced yesterday that it will begin shipping a cut-down version of its SuSE Linux Enterprise 8 software aimed specifically at small and midsized businesses. The new edition is obviously aimed at rival Red Hat's Enterprise Linux ES Basic Edition, its lowest-priced Linux for servers, as well as the customers that Microsoft is shooting for with its new Small Business Server 2003, which starts shipping any day. READ MORE >

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· Proven Reliability and Scalability
· Integrated, E-mail & collaboration solution
· Central Directory and LDAP Services
· Web Based E-mail and Administration
· Standards-based (POP, IMAP, HTTP, SMTP)
· Secure (SSL/TLS) connections
· Advanced Spam and Anti-virus protection

Over 30 supported OS/hardware combinations


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Mainframe to PC and Windows TCP/IP Network Printing Solutions

The RPM Remote Print Manager and INTELLIscribe product lines have redefined print management software by giving users control of their Windows printing environment.
· Broadcast Printing
· Fail-over Printing
· Page Range Printing
· Printer Finishing Options
· Archiving Data (Print to File)
· Character Output Reduction (COR)

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HP Lands $500 Million Army Contract
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Hewlett-Packard last week announced that it has landed a $500 million contract with the U.S. Army that includes desktop and server hardware, software, and services to help it modernize and integrate its disparate IT services. The three-year contract, which has two optional two-year extensions, essentially makes HP an internal PX for Army installations and facilities. READ MORE >

Retail CIOs Say Tech, Outsourcing Critical to Cutting Costs
by Timothy Prickett Morgan

According to a survey of chief information officers performed by IBM and Executive Technology magazine, outsourcing and upgrading outdated point-of-sale terminals look like the hot tickets among retailers who are hesitant to commit big bags of money to new IT projects in 2003 but who are looking ahead over the next few years. READ MORE >

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Mainframe Linux for IBM
Midrange Systems

· Available for i/p/z/x Series
· Mainframe stability
· Access to legacy data

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server lets you keep your current environment and add the power of Linux. Utilize the best of both worlds, exchange data between each OS, all on one system.

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As I See It: There's a Man with a Visa Right There Telling Me I've Got to Beware
by Victor Rozek

What globalization did for manufacturing, it is now doing to IT. The reckless race to the bottom in which manufacturers sought third-world relief from livable wages, ethical regulations, and responsible environmental protections has now expanded to include the information technology sector. Under the all-justifying banner of competitiveness, tens of thousands of IT jobs are being outsourced overseas where pay is low and benefits are expendable. If "jobless recovery" sounds like an oxymoron to you, it's just outsourcing by another name. READ MORE >

But Wait, There's More

Intel Cranks Clock on Xeon DPs . . . Veritas, Intel Work Together on Blade Servers . . . IBM Acquires Sector7 for Linux Porting Tools . . . Siebel Takes Another Stab at Hosted CRM for Companies with IBM's Help . . . Microsoft Sued Over Windows Security, Class Action Might Be in the Works . . . IBM Bests EDS for Lead in Outsourcing . . . READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights. Feel free to send a letter to the editor. Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Editor: Timothy Prickett Morgan
Managing Editor: Shannon Pastore
Contributing Editors: Dan Burger, Joe Hertvik, Shannon O'Donnell,
Victor Rozek, Hesh Wiener, Alex Woodie
Publisher and Advertising Director: Jenny Thomas
Advertising Sales Representative: Kim Reed
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HP Targets Sun Solaris Base with Linux on ProLiant

SuSE Targets SMBs with Linux 8 Standard Edition

HP Lands $500 Million Army Contract

Retail CIOs Say Tech, Outsourcing Critical to Cutting Costs

As I See It: There's a Man with a Visa Right There Telling Me I've Got to Beware

But Wait, There's More

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