OS/400 Edition
Volume 3, Number 3 -- January 21, 2003

News Briefs and Product Shorts

  • Business Computer Design Int'l last week announced the general availability of ProGen WebSmart Original Edition 3.03, the latest release of the common gate interface (CGI) based version of its Web application development and deployment environment for OS/400 servers. New features in WebSmart OE 3.03 include a new character conversion program, enhanced security features, and new password management capabilities. The new character converter, called URLENCODE, enables WebSmart applications to convert characters, such as slashes, ampersands, and colons, to neutral characters so a Web browser doesn't interpret them as control characters. It should be easier for administrators to maintain security on WebSmart programs with the new Verify User feature, which allows WebSmart programs to validate users against existing iSeries user profiles, eliminating the requirement in previous versions for administrators to maintain a hand-built user profile database or validation list. Finally, the new Change Password feature in WebSmart OE 3.03 allows technicians to use an HTML form to change a password, which, BCD says, allows developers a way to customize the look and feel of the sign-on page and provides more flexibility than HTTP protection directives. For more information, go to
  • Metaserver, a developer of business process integration software, last week launched its first packaged offering, a product called the P/C Carrier Integration Solution, designed to help insurance companies streamline their operations. P/C Carrier Integration Solution is designed to eliminate data re-entry, cumbersome batch jobs, and other inefficient activities that many insurance carriers must perform in order to keep transactional data flowing to their policy administration, quote calculation, and other key line-of-business applications. The solution's key features addressing this problem are support for ACORD, the insurance industry's accepted data format for transactions occurring among agencies, insurers, rating bureaus, and service providers, and pre-built interfaces to many Insurance Value Added Network Services (IVANS), or insurance industry intermediaries. The application, based on the company's core Metaserver 4.0 product, has already been installed at Providence Washington, a Providence, Rhode Island, insurer. There are approximately 3,200 property and casualty insurers in the United States, according to the New Haven, Connecticut, software company.

  • Crossroads Systems last week announced the general availability of a new storage router that allows users of older AS/400 technology to participate in Fibre Channel-based storage area networks (SANs). The new device, ServerAttach SA40, can simultaneously connect up to four SCSI servers to Fibre Channel storage subsystems, including 1 gigabit per second and 2 gigabyte per second SANs. Crossroads, based in Austin, Texas, announced its new ServerAttach line in November. The SA40 is the company's first ServerAttach offering to ship, but a smaller version, called the SA20, is expected to be available shortly. (See "CrossRoads Aims to Bring SANs Within Reach of AS/400 Masses" for more about Crossroads' ServerAttach line.) The SA40 has a list price of $27,599 and is available now from registered Crossroads resellers and distributors.

  • Transaxiom, a developer of multi-modal transportation software, and INTTRA, a provider of B2B e-business services for the global ocean carrier market, have successfully integrated their offerings. Now axsFreight--Transaxiom's application, which runs on OS/400, Unix, and Windows NT servers and is used by 10,000 companies--can directly access INTTRA-LINK, an application that helps manage the booking, documentation, and tracking of more than half of the world's global ocean containerized shipments. The joint offering is expected to streamline the booking process and the sending and receiving of shipping instructions across multiple carriers, as well as providing tracking of ocean-going cargo.

  • 360Commerce, a developer of enterprise software for retailers, and labor management software provider Kronos last week announced the creation of an interface that links 360Store and 360Enterprise, 360Commerce's Java-based software for retailers, and Workforce Timekeeper, Kronos' Java-based attendance management and payroll creation software package. The new XML-based interface will allow retail store employees to clock in and clock out directly from the 360Store and 360Enterprise applications. The next step of integration will allow employees to launch Workforce Timekeeper from 360Commerce's Back Office suite. Workforce Timekeeper is part of Kronos' flagship Workforce Central suite of labor management software for Windows and Unix servers. The company has a long-range plan to gradually blend its OS/400-based labor management suite, iSeries Central, with Workforce Central.

  • California Software has announced a competitive upgrade promotion for BABY/ACCESS, its Web-based terminal emulation software for accessing applications on OS/400 servers and mainframes. The company says that, for a limited time, users of competitive 5250 and 3270 emulation programs, such as those offered by Attachmate and NetManage, can get "free" licenses for BABY/ACCESS, provided they sign a maintenance contract with California Software. The offer gives access for one-and-a-half users from one workstation, the company said. For more information, go to

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News Briefs and Product Shorts

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