OS/400 Edition
Volume 3, Number 5 -- February 4, 2003

inFORM Decisions Updates Software for Fighting Check Fraud

by Alex Woodie

inFORM Decisions recently started shipping an enhanced version of iSeries Positive Pay, a check-fraud-fighting application that improves the communication between companies and their banks in identifying authentic and forged checks. iSeries Positive Pay 4.0 integrates with any OS/400-based check-writing application, not just inFORM Decision's check software, the company says.


Dan Forster, president of Irvine, California, based inFORM Decisions, says check fraud is a growing problem. "According to a top U.S. accounting firm, 500 million checks are forged annually, with losses totaling more than $10 billion," he says. "The law generally allows merchants and banks to seek restitution from the payee, so it's important to do everything you can to limit your exposure and liability. That's what iSeries Positive Pay 4.0 does."

iSeries Positive Pay works by capturing pertinent check information, such as check number and amount, from the check-writing application (such as inFORM Decision's iCheck and other MICR check applications). This check information is saved in a cash handling file and is summarized in a Positive Pay Report, which is periodically sent to the bank.

Once the bank receives the information, it is forbidden to pay out on any check not included in the Positive Pay Report. If the bank does pay for a fraudulent check, it is responsible for the funds, not the company. "By implementing this powerful security module, a company is offloading accountability and responsibility of check fraud to its bank," Forster says. "If for any reason the bank cashes a check that was not on the report, the bank is liable."

iSeries Positive Pay was initially developed as an add-on module for inFORM Decisions' iCheck software.

There are two new connectivity features in iSeries Positive Pay 4.0 that are expected to reduce companies' network maintenance costs and bank fees. In previous releases, users initiated multiple sessions if they wanted to send the bank check data for more than one bank account. With the new Account Stacking feature in version 4.0, the product can send data for multiple accounts in a single session.

iSeries Positive Pay 4.0 also supports sending check data via FTP. In previous releases, Positive Pay used the iSeries server's Electronic Customer Support (ECS) modem to send data directly to the bank. inFORM Decisions says many banks have begun accepting transmissions via FTP over an asynchronous line, thus making that form of communication an attractive alternative to using the ECS modem, which costs more to buy and maintain.

iSeries Positive Pay 4.0 is available now, for OS/400 V3R7 and higher. License fees for the product cost $3,000 regardless of the iSeries or AS/400 model. This fee also includes configuration assistance and testing services from inFORM Decisions. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

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