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Volume 2, Number 13 -- April 2, 2002

SSA GT to Purchase PRMS from Computer Associates?

by Alex Woodie

SSA Global Technologies is in talks to purchase the PRMS ERP system from Computer Associates, according to an industry source. An official with SSA GT, a Chicago company that supports and sells the popular OS/400-based BPCS ERP system for manufacturers and distributors, would not confirm whether the rumor was true. The official did, however, allow that such an acquisition would possess "synergy" and that the industry is in a period of consolidation.

There are, in fact, obvious synergies between the two offerings. PRMS, one of two OS/400-based manufacturing suites held by CA's interBiz business unit, serves roughly the same manufacturing segments as BPCS, which, with about 6,500 installs, is one of the most successful ERP systems for AS/400 and iSeries servers.

Such an acquisition could also make financial sense for SSA GT, which was acquired by Gores Technology Group, following its 2000 bankruptcy, and which is beginning to make new deals under its new majority owner, New York-based Cerebus Partners.

An official with Islandia, New York, based Computer Associates had no comment on the rumor at press time.

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