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Volume 2, Number 13 -- April 2, 2002

MKS Broadens iSeries' Role in Change Management

by Alex Woodie

MKS has announced the availability of Implementer 5.3, the latest release of the company's software change-management solution for AS/400 and iSeries servers. While this release provides numerous enhancements to the ways in which application developers can control the updating and installing of software on OS/400 servers, company officials say the highlight of this release is the tighter integration that MKS has built between Implementer and Source Integrity Enterprise, its flagship change management solution for open systems.

The tightened integration between Implementer and Source Integrity Enterprise has several benefits, says Marty Acks, the iSeries product manager at MKS. For starters, AS/400 and iSeries developers can now use Implementer, via Source Integrity Enterprise, to control the development and rollout of applications built using IBM's WebSphere Studio Application Developer and WebSphere Studio Site Developer.

A month ago, MKS announced that the latest release of Source Integrity Enterprise supported IBM's WebSphere Studio Application Developer and Site Developer, two development environments that IBM released in November 2001 for creating J2EE applications and Web services that use the new UDDI, SOAP, and WSDL Web services protocols. As a result of the tighter integration between Implementer 5.3 and Source Integrity Enterprise, AS/400 and iSeries developers who use Implementer now have support for those new WebSphere tools, MKS officials say.

"That's significant for the '400 base," Acks says. "We're finding the top tier of our customers is starting to look at it [WebSphere Studio Application Developer] more seriously than VisualAge for Java. Before, they looked at it and got their hands wet. Now they feel they need to do something to get it into production."

The heightened integration between Implementer and Source Integrity Enterprise will also pay dividends for developers who manage the writing of Unix or Windows applications with Source Integrity Enterprise and other MKS change management tools and have an AS/400 or iSeries in their shops. According to Acks, developers are now able to use the iSeries as a multiplatform control point for rolling out code to other servers through Implementer.

"When the developer is done developing, we actually tie everything together," he said. "When you're done writing the source code, you hand it over to Implementer for deployment."

Using a stable and secure platform from which to manage code changes for other servers should appeal to users, Acks said. "The analysts see we have great opportunity to leverage '400 customers into the enterprise," he said. "They like the idea of having one vendor to manage all their products."

Implementer 5.3 features a number of other enhancements, including improved support for DB2/400, improved promotion flexibility, and menu enhancements, the Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, company said. For more information, visit

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