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OS/400 Edition
Volume 3, Number 23 -- June 10, 2003

Brooks Internet Software Updates Print Client Software

by Dan Burger

Does your company have a method that allows Windows users to send print jobs to your network or iSeries printers? If the answer is a Windows NT server, you should take a look at the option provided by Brooks Internet Software and its INTELLIscribe Version, released last week. INTELLIscribe eliminates the need for a network print server. And not only does it provide an economical alternative to centralized spooling, it also frees system resources and provides greater printing control than network servers.

INTELLIscribe does this by using Internet protocols, which provide the capability to spool and print data to any networked printer, including any IP addressable AS/400 LPD, Windows LPD, Unix LPD, or mainframe LPD. INTELLIscribe offers such features as broadcast printing (sending one print job to many printers), round-robin printing (letting users decide when and where a job will be printed), and destination balancing (sending jobs to the least-busy printer).

Additional features include the capability to send--with drag-and-drop ease--printer-ready files without launching the original application; failover printing that automatically reroutes and reschedules failed print jobs; print queue consolidation that eliminates job conflicts on the print device by directing print jobs to a central print queue, which has a positive effect on LAN/WAN efficiency; and an advanced user interface that allows users to reschedule jobs and view on-screen status information, including start and completion times, error messages, and job status.

Implementing INTELLIscribe is a fairly easy procedure. A user prints a file from any application to a Windows printer, configured to print through the software. Using the print driver, the application formats the data specifically for the printer. When finished, the formatted print file is placed in the Windows print manager. INTELLIscribe then intercepts the print job from the Windows spooler. This method allows it to print to virtually any type of printer without affecting either the application or the Windows print manager. Finally, the print job is spooled to the configured destinations. Almost any TCP/IP addressable printer or print server will work.

INTELLIscribe runs on all Windows platforms and runs as a service on Windows NT/2000/XP. It is particularly useful for enabling and enhancing printing capabilities in environments where a domain server is used or when a server is not available.

Numerous enhancements have been added to the latest version of the software. The highlights include support for shared printers, an export feature that saves configurations in XML, and an import feature that supports XML and configuration files from previous versions. Also, the configuration is now stored globally, rather than requiring a separate configuration for each user. Additional aspects include the capability to remove failed jobs, improved destination management, print scheduling, and integration with the Windows Print Manager. The user interface has also been upgraded with a log viewer, a destination window, a virtual printer port wizard, and redesigned menus and toolbars.

Customer feedback from earlier releases have resulted in improvements, such as the capability to print files larger than 2 GB, to print data from IBM Lotus Notes even when attachments are included, and to eliminate ISTMan.exe errors.

Pricing for INTELLIscribe begins at $69 per install, which includes one year of technical support. Discounts are available for educational and governmental organizations.

Brooks Internet Software, based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, maintains an informative Web site called Network Printing, where you can learn more about its products (and obtain free trial downloads) and about network printing in general.

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Brooks Internet Software Updates Print Client Software

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