OS/400 Edition
Volume 2, Number 27 -- July 23, 2002

News Briefs and Product Shorts

  • "Operation Green Streak," IBM's new campaign that offers discounts of up to 50 percent on certain new iSeries Model 270 and 820 servers, is the topic of an iSeries Nation chat being held this morning. The one-hour chat will be hosted by Kim Stevenson, IBM's vice president of marketing for the iSeries. To participate in the chat, you must register by calling 800-289-0579 and referencing confirmation code 265719.
  • SuSE has announced a new version of its PowerPC Linux distribution for iSeries and pSeries servers. The most notable enhancement in SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for iSeries and pSeries is the ability to support the DB2/400 database from Linux applications, thanks to the ODBC driver for Linux that IBM is developing. SuSE says this version will also bring security enhancements, include all the latest Linux patches, and introduce new features for ensuring stable and smooth system operations. SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for iSeries and pSeries will also support IBM's latest Power4 processor-based servers, including the p670, p690, and i890 systems.

  • Better On-Line Solutions' BOScom subsidiary last week announced it has launched a new print protocol converter called e-TwinPrint. This new hardware device allows AS/400 and iSeries shops to keep their twinax-connected IPDS and SCS printers while they move forward into an IP LAN environment. e-TwinPrint allows twinax-connected printers located in remote locations to be supported and managed over the Web, from a dumb terminal or other AS/400 or iSeries client. B.O.S. says the advantage of this approach is that users no longer need a full-fledged PC to initially set up the printer, and IT staffers can address problems directly without having to lead users in remote locations through complex diagnostic procedures. The e-TwinPrint ships with support for one legacy printer and can be upgraded, via a software key, to support up to 10 devices.

  • Merrill Lynch Bank (Suisse) is using an iSeries banking application, developed by Swiss software developer SAGE (not to be confused with The Sage Group plc, the British ERP giant), to help modernize its mainframe system. The news was announced by Magic Software Enterprises, the Irvine, California, company that provided the fourth-generation-language development tool, Magic eDeveloper, with which SAGE built its iSeries banking application, called Prospero. Since installing Prospero, Merrill Lynch Bank (Suisse) is able to give its investment banking customers access to reports, statements, trade confirmations, in real-time over the Internet using Web browsers. The new system works by accessing legacy data running on an IBM mainframe and transferring it to the iSeries-based Prospero system, which handles the computations, transaction processing, and output of statements and confirmations.

  • iSeries application provider Infinium Software looks to be continuing its recovery, despite the shaky economy and extremely rocky stock market. Last week the company reported that the total revenues for its fiscal third quarter ending on June 30 were $16.7 million, compared with $17 million for the previous quarter and $16.6 million a year earlier. More promising, however, was the increase in software license fees, which totaled $3 million, compared with $2.9 million for the previous quarter and a dismal $1.3 million reported last year. Overall, Infinium reported net income of $4 million, or $0.27 per diluted share, besting last quarter's income of $3.5 million. Despite the good news, Infinium's stock, which is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock market, was down about $.10, or close to 2 percent, in late trading Friday.

  • iSeries banking software provider Jack Henry & Associates last week announced it has signed a multi-million-dollar outsourcing deal with Federal Express' credit union, FEC Credit Association. The outsourcing services will be provided by Symitar Systems, a Jack Henry' subsidiary that provides data processing services for more than 300 credit unions around the country. Symitar runs its core banking applications on iSeries and pSeries servers, and uses the Intel-based xSeries as a network server. FEC Credit Association provides banking services for 67,400 Federal Express employees and their families and currently has over $175 million in assets. Jack Henry will also announce its fiscal 2002 financial results today, via a live broadcast on its Web site.

  • Information Builders and its subsidiary iWay Software have joined the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration project, an organization comprised of 220 hardware and software companies hoping to influence the development of an open UDDI specification that will help companies and applications to quickly, easily, and dynamically find and use Web services. iWay Software, which is developing and selling a large collection of adapters and connectors that allow various applications to share data, has recently formed partnerships with several OS/400 software vendors. (For more information about iWay, see "All Aboard the iWay Bus!")

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  • Java-based applications that create a large number of objects but that do not get reclaimed because of dangling object references
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  • Users who create copies of data in IFS as backups not realizing how much disk space they consume
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  • Applications that write to log files that do not get cleared often or at all
  • Data collected by IBM performance and trace tools

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