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OS/400 Edition
Volume 3, Number 38 -- September 30, 2003
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All the Product News That's Fit to Print.

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Definitive iSeries Security

As the number of security incidents reported has increased dramatically, new IT security-related regulatory bills are being passed with increased frequency.

We understand the difficulty involved in assuring compliance with these laws.

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More UCCnet Apps on the Way as Product Data Registry Grows
by Alex Woodie

The rapid adoption of UCCnet's GlobalRegistry is spurring software vendors to get their UCCnet products out the door. During the first half of this year, the number of companies subscribing to UCCnet's data synchronization service increased six-fold compared with 2002, and that number is now believed to have surpassed 1,000 companies. Several new products have been announced recently that enable suppliers to hook their ERP systems into the online repository to synchronize their product data with retailers. READ MORE >

Biometrics Ready to Replace Passwords, Vendors Say
by Alex Woodie

Biometric security technology, which involves scanning fingers, voices, eyeballs, and faces, holds great promise for strong authentication purposes at corporations and government sites. That's the word emanating from Key Information Systems, a Southern California iSeries reseller, and its Irish partner, software developer Daon. The two have teamed up on a series of recent Webinars that explore the potential of biometric technologies, especially fingerprint scanning, as a replacement for the ubiquitous and less-than-secure combination of a user name and password. READ MORE >

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Superior iSeries Replication
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Invenso Brings XML-to-DB2/400 Conversion Tool to U.S. Market
by Alex Woodie

One of the new vendors exhibiting at the recent COMMON conference in Orlando, Florida, was Invenso, a Belgian software company that sells OS/400 and Windows .NET development tools. The company attended the show to demonstrate its new product, XB/400, a native OS/400 data exchange engine that the company touts as an easier-to-use alternative to IBM's DB2/400-to-XML parsing software, and to begin developing a U.S. reseller channel for the product. READ MORE >

Konica, Inventive Designers Update Document Management Software
by Alex Woodie

OS/400 document management received a boost this month from photo and imaging giant Konica and Belgium software developer Inventive Designers. Konica's new DocuBreeze offering is an any-to-any document router that supports complex business processes, as well as iSeries data. Inventive Designers, meanwhile, announced the release of Scriptura 2.0, its XML-based document design and output management tool, which features new OS/400-specific commands. READ MORE >

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Print any iSeries document
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IPS offers the OnePrint solution for
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IBM Updates Fat and Thin Client 5250 Emulation Offerings
by Alex Woodie

IBM last week shipped new releases of Personal Communications for Microsoft Windows and Host On-Demand, two of its 5250 emulation products, which are for fat and thin clients respectively. The new releases include enhancements to improve networking, security, and session management, among other areas. The new products are available in Host Access Client Package for iSeries 4.0, which shipped last Friday, as well as an upcoming release of Host Integration Solution that ships next month. READ MORE >

News Briefs and Product Shorts

The Robot Prepares a Wizard for Delivery . . . Premiere Manufacturer of Seed Treatments Goes Global for BPCS Analysis . . . Teamstudio Updates Suite of Domino Development Utilities . . . City in Michigan to Install Government Apps on iSeries . . . Attunity Web Services Gateway Extends 'Legacy' OS/400 Apps . . . Toshiba Takes New iSeries System to Heart . . . Consumer Product Safety Commission Issues Voluntary iSeries Recall . . . READ MORE >

Reader Feedback and Insights

We value your feedback and insights. Feel free to send a letter to the editor. Letters may be printed, unless otherwise specified, and edited for clarity or length. READ MORE >

Editor: Alex Woodie
Managing Editor: Shannon Pastore
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Shannon O'Donnell, Timothy Prickett Morgan
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More UCCnet Apps on the Way as Product Data Registry Grows

Biometrics Ready to Replace Passwords, Vendors Say

Invenso Brings XML-to-DB2/400 Conversion Tool to U.S. Market

Konica, Inventive Designers Update Document Management Software

IBM Updates Fat and Thin Client 5250 Emulation Offerings

News Briefs and Product Shorts

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